31 Simple Ways to Add Flavor to Mashed Potatoes

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31 Simple Ways to Add Flavor to Mashed Potatoes

31 Simple Ways to Add Flavor to Mashed Potatoes will give you some ideas on jazzing up your mashed potato recipe with some fun add-ins.

“Nothing like mashed potatoes when you’re feeling blue. Nothing like getting into bed with a bowl of hot mashed potatoes already loaded with butter, and methodically adding a thin, cold slice of butter to every forkful.” – Nora Ephron 

I’m a member of a frugal living group, and the question was asked, “How do I add more flavor to plain mashed potatoes?” 

It turns out lots of people had an opinion on the best way to make mashed potatoes, and I thought their answers were brilliant.  

Who knew there were so many different ways of making mashed potatoes?

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Here are the 31 Simple Ways to Add Flavor to Mashed Potatoes: 

1) Add dry onion soup mix to your mashed potatoes for a unique twist on standard fare.  

2) One of the top answers for flavoring mashed potatoes was to add some cream cheese.  It adds richness and a creamy texture.  

You could also use flavored cream cheese to take it up even another notch.  

Some different flavors of cream cheese you can add to mashed potatoes are chive cream cheese, vegetable cream cheese, smoked salmon cream cheese, jalapeño cream cheese, and garlic and herb cream cheese.  

3) There were a lot of fans of making loaded mashed potatoes.  Adding sour cream, cheddar cheese, green onions, and crumbled bacon for a yummy alternative.  

4) To get some extra vegetables in, some group members add sautéed vegetables to mashed potatoes.   You could also roast some vegetables instead.  

5) Something I never heard of was group members swapping out milk for Duke’s mayonnaise.  They said once you tried it, you would never go back to regular mashed potatoes.  

6) One innovative person added creamed corn, fried onions, and black pepper to her mashed potatoes.  She said it was the ultimate comfort food.  

7) How about adding a can of Cream of Mushroom soup to mashed potatoes?  That sounded interesting.  

8) Adding some salsa to mashed potatoes sounded pretty good.  I pretty much eat salsa with everything anyway, so why not mashed potatoes.  

9) One member like to mix sweet potatoes with her russet potatoes a twist on regular mashed potatoes.  

10) Adding sliced mushrooms and garlic to olive oil and sautéing to a golden brown made the perfect addition to give your mashed potatoes an elevated taste.

11) A packet of dry ranch dressing would give the mashed potatoes a flavorful kick.   

12) One person substituted buttermilk for milk and added garlic and parmesan cheese.  That sounded delicious!  

13) The Dutch have a mashed potato dish where they add cooked apple, nutmeg, and top with bacon for a favorite side.  

14) Instead of boiling potatoes in water, how about cooking them in chicken stock?

15) You could also add some pesto sauce to add a touch of summer to your favorite mashed potato recipe.   

16) Several people also mentioned adding Wasabi powder to mashed potatoes.  Talk about spicing things up!  

17) One group member from Texas liked to add barbecue sauce and fried onions to his mashed potatoes.  

18) A southern member added cooked corn and gravy to her mashed potatoes.  She described it as the perfect comfort food.  

19) Adding some cream cheese and Caesar dressing made one group member’s mashed potatoes perfect, according to her taste buds.  

20) How about adding some caramelized onions to your mashed potatoes?  

21) A chunk of Boursin or herbed goat cheese would also add a fun flavor to mashed potatoes.  

22) Pickle lovers will love this idea – adding some pickle juice to your next batch of mashed potatoes.  (I’m not so sure about this one!) 

23) Adding French onion dip to mashed potatoes might be interesting.  

24) I was surprised how many people mentioned adding horseradish to mashed potatoes as their favorite way of spicing things up.  

25) A dollop of whole-grain mustard to mashed potatoes will give them additional flavor.  

26) Roasting some garlic cloves and adding those to mashed potatoes will help keep vampires away.  

27) Seasoning salt, cayenne pepper, and smoked paprika were just some of the seasonings mentioned to add flavor to mashed potatoes. 

28) I like to add different types of cheeses to mashed potatoes for a variety of flavors.  Blue cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, Swiss cheese, Smoked Gouda, and Asiago cheese are just some different ideas.  

29) How about adding some sun-dried tomatoes to your mashed potatoes?   

30) You can add olive oil and fresh herbs to mashed potatoes for a rustic taste.  Herbs such as parsley, oregano, sage, or thyme are just some of the herbs you can add.  

31) Finally, you can add your favorite hot sauce to your mashed potatoes for a flavorful addition.  

We’ve reached the end of 31 Simple Ways to Add Flavor to Mashed Potatoes.

Has the variety of flavor combinations got your imagination going to add pizazz to your mashed potatoes?  

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite way is to eat mashed potatoes or if you tried any of the ideas and how you liked them.  

Thanks for stopping by!  

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31 Simple Ways to Add Flavor to Mashed Potatoes

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