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About Montana Happy

About Montana Happy
Hello, I’m Kelly.
For years, I put off visiting my cousin because I couldn’t find the time.  Finally, after becoming completely stressed out from a horrible commute, demanding job and lack of being able to do all the thing I really wanted to do, I went to see her in Montana. 

For the first time in years, I felt the stress leave my body and I was able just to breathe. The natural beauty of the area and wide, open spaces and the quaint slow-paced small towns transformed me for a few days, and I knew I wanted to feel that way forever.

I named my blog, “Montana Happy” so I would never forget the moment I knew that creating a comfortable life that nurtures body and soul was my new mission.

Immediately, I started making changes to my life so I could recreate that amazing feeling everyday. Now, I work from home with my puppies at my feet and I’m on my way to creating a life I love.

Through comfort food recipes, simple living ideas and even helping you dream up your own cottage industry business, I’m here to help give you ideas on how you can become part of the cozy revolution!

While I don’t live in Montana, I will never forget the impact visiting that beautiful state had on me. I didn’t end up moving there because I want to be closer to my family, but I want to bring a slice of Montana to each of my days.

The picture you see on this page was taken by me on my first visit to my cousin’s house. (Are you relaxing just a bit..just by looking at it?)

Join me on my cozy journey and grab a sled and come along. And mittens. Don’t forget your mittens! Thanks for stopping by.

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