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7 THE BEST Detox Teas for a Flatter Belly

7 Best Detox Teas for a Flatter Belly will help you find the right beverages with natural ingredients to help you look your best, whether you’re looking to aid in weight loss, do a cleanse, or just for a flat tummy.  

If you’re looking for more information about tea, Best Stress Relief Teas to Try and How to Grow a Tea Garden will help you on your journey.  

7 Best Teas for a Flatter Stomach
7 Best Detox Teas for a Flatter Stomach

Why spend your precious calories drinking sugar-loaded drinks when instead, you could be whittling down your waistline by drinking detoxifying teas? Not only are herbal teas good for you, but they taste good too!

Healthy teas are an easy way to be good to your body and add a variety of tasting drinks to your day. By sampling them all, you can find the best detox tea for you, one cup of tea at a time!

Drinking tea that detoxifies the system isn’t enough to lose a substantial amount of weight, but by trading your high-calorie sugary drinks for some delicious tasting teas along with a healthy diet – you will start a new habit that will help speed up the process.

What all these teas have in common, is that they all help detoxify your liver.  Having a healthy digestion system has numerous health benefits.

The liver’s primary duty is to process everything you eat and drink and clean the blood.

Your liver is one of the hardest-working organs in your body, so make sure you take care of it!

A variety of herbal teas and a healthy diet in your daily routine, will give you the confidence to take charge of your life.

I always add a couple of drops of liquid stevia to my tea, and a healthy creamer, for even more deliciousness. Stevia is an excellent alternative to sugar that won’t affect your blood sugar levels like other sweeteners.

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Here are 7 Best Stomach Detox Teas to try for a Flatter Belly:

1) Jasmine Green Tea

Stomach Detox Tea - Brewed Jasmine Green Tea
Stomach Tea Detox – Jasmine Green Tea

We all know that drinking green tea is good for you, but by adding Jasmine to green tea – makes the taste simply divine. This is my favorite green tea. Here are some things you might not know about green tea:

It helps give you an increased metabolic rate. Enough said. If that doesn’t make you want to drink down a few mugs of this every day for a flat tummy, I don’t know what will.

Green tea helps regulate glucose levels. This can help you prevent spikes in your insulin and preventing of fat storage. It also reduces the bad cholesterol in the blood.

Jasmin green tea an excellent stomach detox tea that doesn’t have that “grassy” taste that most green teas have. You can also try the white tea version. It is milder in flavor and is said to have more nutrition. It will also give you a boost of energy.

You can find Numi Organic Jasmine Tea Bags here on Amazon.

Buying bulk loose leaf tea and tea bags to make your own is the best way to save money. Just add hot water, and have a cup of bliss with a wide range of health benefits.

Bulk Organic Jasmine Green Tea

Loose Leaf Tea Bag (600 Count)

Best Herbal Teas

Here are some of the different types of tea featuring herbs for a healthy lifestyle:

2) Peppermint Tea

Belly Detox Tea - Peppermint Tea
Belly Detox Teas – Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is a wonderful tea to drink because it tastes divine in addition to having cleansing qualities. It’s the perfect iced detox tummy tea on a hot day.

It’s one of the best beneficial herbs that also help reduce stress. Who wouldn’t be happy with that?

Peppermint aids digestion and prevents bloating, making it a good detox tea.

It helps contain cravings which help you keep a healthy weight.

Peppermint tea also helps boost the immune system.

You can find Traditional Medicinal Organic Peppermint Tea Bags here.

Buying bulk tea leaves and tea bags make your own is another option.

Bulk Organic Peppermint Tea

Loose Leaf Tea Bag (600 Count)

3) Chamomile Tea

Stomach Detox Tea Chamomile Tea
Stomach Detox Teas – Chamomile Tea

Not only does Chamomile Tea help you get better sleep, but this herbal detox tea also helps with your stress levels.

This herbal remedy helps your digestive system because it aids in liver detoxification.

Helps move things along in the intestines for better bowel movements, which makes it a wonderful flat tummy tea.

Offers laxative properties.

You can find Organic Traditional Medicinals Chamomile Tea Bags here.

Buying loose leaf tea and tea bags to make your own is another option.

Bulk Organic Chamomile Tea

Loose Leaf Tea Bag (600 Count)

4) Dandelion Tea

Stomach Detoxing Tea Dandelion Tea
Flat Tummy Detox Teas – Dandelion Tea

This detox tea will help with the cleansing of your liver and will assist with a healthy digestive tract.

Dandelion tea helps remove toxins, reestablish hydration, and electrolyte balance. It also helps fight diabetes.

You can find Traditional Medicinals Roasted Dandelion Root Tea Bags here.

Buying loose leaf tea and tea bags to make your own detox drinks is another option.

Bulk Organic Roasted Dandelion Tea

Loose Leaf Tea Bag (600 Count)

5) Lemon and Ginger Tea

Stomach Detox Tea - Lemon Ginger Honey Tea
Stomach Detox Tea – Lemon Ginger Honey Tea

I make my own homemade lemon and ginger tea. You can find the recipe here. It’s one of my favorite detox teas. It’s a natural blend of a little lemon juice, ginger root, and honey. I drink it daily first thing in the morning as one of my overall health practices.

Lemon ginger tea helps normalize sugar levels, improve fat absorption, helps prevent inflammation, and it helps reduce motion sickness. It also makes your skin smooth and beautiful.

The lemon peel makes a great addition to my tea when I buy organic lemons because of all the extra nutrition.

This delicious blend of ginger and lemon contains powerful antioxidants and will help reduce bloating.

You can find Steep by Bigelow Organic Lemon Ginger Tea Bags here on Amazon.

6) Turmeric Tea

Stomach Detoxing Tea Turmeric Tea
Flat Stomach Detoxing Teas Turmeric Tea

We all know that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, but did you know it can assist with the breakdown of fats?

Turmeric tea is one of the best detox teas to help with joint pain, detoxify the liver, and regulate blood pressure. It’s also loaded with nutrients.

If you make turmeric tea at home, be sure to add black pepper. It helps the body absorb the nutrients to aid in liver support.

You can find Numi Organic Turmeric Tea Bags here on Amazon.

Best Floral Tea

7) Rose Petals Tea 

Stomach Flattening Tea Rose Tea
Flat Stomach Detox Teas – Rose Tea

Not only does rose tea have a delicious flavor, but it helps clear toxins from the body. (This has turned out to be one of my favorite herbal tea!) 

Rose tea also helps your digestive health by eliminating waste through the kidneys. It cleanses the gall bladder and liver and helps relieve insomnia.

Rosebud tea contains high amounts of vitamin C, which will help your body’s healing process and combat free radicals.

You can find Tulsi (my favorite rose tea bags) here.

Buying organic loose bulk tea and tea bags is another option. Be sure to buy organic ingredients for best results because rose bushes can be heavily sprayed with pesticides.

Bulk Organic Rosehips

Loose Leaf Tea Bags (600 Count)

For more information on how you can take care of your liver and detox teas to help you cleanse:

Healing Herbal Teas:  Learn to Blend 101 Specially Formulated Teas for Stress Management, Common Ailments, Seasonal Health, and Immune Support. 

YouTube video
The Art of Making Tea – Detox Teas

That’s the end of the List of the Best Detox Teas for a Flatter Belly.  Have you tried all these teas yet?

Drinking healthy tea instead of sugary drinks is a better way of taking care of your body that’s easy to do along, with a balanced diet. A healthy immune system will keep your body strong.

The great thing about drinking detox teas is that they are perfect for warm weather and cold winters. I can’t wait to start making flat tummy detox sun tea.

Don’t forget to join the Creating a Cozy Life Group. You’re not going to believe how amazing it is!

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Thanks for stopping by! I’m so glad you found us.

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7 Best Detox Teas for a Flatter Belly - If you're looking for a detox tea, here are 7 different teas to try.
7 Best Detox Teas for a Flatter Belly Pin for Pinterest

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Monday 19th of June 2023

Here it is, the heat of the summer in Michigan and we're cool and I had forgotten about ice I bad. I love ice tea in the summer so I will be making some post haste. I always eat healthy and make my own foods, I never eat out as I use to be a cook In restaurants 😅. Your blog is about the only one I follow now. Great job.


Monday 19th of June 2023

Hello Jeanne! Wow! What a compliment. Thank you for following me. I really appreciate it. I've been making homemade tea from my garden all year. I love it. Thank you again for writing in! - Kelly

Bruno maxima

Saturday 3rd of November 2018

the tumeric tea taste wonderful, it's also help me a lots to recover from GERD disease


Saturday 3rd of November 2018

I've been drinking it too recently. I'm so happy you found something to help you. Kelly


Sunday 8th of July 2018

Hi, every morning I use a Jasmine tea back and a cinnamon stick to steep for 3-4 minutes. Then I squeeze in a half of slice of lemon and a top of raw honey. Is this a good detoxifying tea and does it help Constipation? I have a cup about a half hour before each meal, is this good for my health? Thanking you in advance,


Sunday 8th of July 2018

Is the Jasmine tea green tea? Lemon juice helps the liver. There are teas that specifically help with constipation - one called Smooth Move. I would try that tea out and see if that helps you. The lemon ginger tea that I have the recipe for is fabulous for you. I drink it all the time.

Gina L Kiep

Sunday 8th of April 2018

Because of rosacea I am unable to drink a lot of hot beverages. Does anyone know if drinking the same teas listed in the article are as effective cold? Thanks.


Sunday 8th of April 2018

They are just as effective cold as hot. Thanks, Kelly

Sarngy correll

Thursday 8th of June 2017

Where can i buy Numi organic teas


Thursday 8th of June 2017

Hello Sarngy! Amazon sells Numi organic teas. Here's a link to Jasmine Green tea - Thanks, Kelly

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