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Best 31 Hygge Hobbies to Try in 2022

31 Hygge Hobbies to Try will give you the inspiration to start a new cozy leisure-time activity.  The problem is, there are way too many hobbies to choose from!

If you’re looking for more ways to add coziness to your life, Hygge Ideas on Ultimate Self Care and Best Hygge Movies to Watch will help you with that goal.

31 Hygge Hobbies to Try - Wicker Basket with gray and cream balls of yarn
31 Hygge Hobbies to Try

“To be really happy and really safe, one ought to have at least two or three hobbies, and they must all be real.” – Winston Churchill

Sometimes life can feel like a never-ending freeway.  We are always racing from place to place with a never-ending to-do list.  We forget to put ourselves on the list of things to do.  

Hobbies allow us to carve out some time to nourish ourselves.  When we master a skill, we become more confident in all aspects of our lives.  

Mental health is important and having hobbies destress our bodies as well as our minds.  Hobbies also enrich our lives because when we are passionate about something, we become more alive and will impact everything you do.  

Doing something you enjoy will not only benefit you, but it will touch everyone you come in contact with because you’re nourishing your soul.  

What are Hygge Hobbies? 

Just because you don’t see a hobby on this list doesn’t mean it’s not a hygge hobby.  I put together this list as a starting point to get your creative juices flowing.  

Some of the ideas will jump off the page, and others will fall flat.  This list is meant to help you find out what speaks directly to you.  

You can also try different hobbies and see which ones you like the best.   Don’t feel bad if you try something and it doesn’t quite fit your life.  We’ve all done that.  

Hobbies are also a great way to socialize with like-minded people.  Once you get started on a hobby, look for groups or individuals that have the same passion.  

Don’t be afraid to be a beginner.  We all have to start somewhere.  Learning a new skill takes some time.  

You can subscribe to a magazine that features your hobby, check books out at the library, look at tutorials on YouTube, take online classes from experts, or you can even volunteer to help someone that does what you want to learn as a living.  

Paint brushes with paint on them on top of a paint splattered paper

Creating a Cozy Life Group

Since you found this article on hygge hobbies, I’m guessing you like all things cozy living. I created a Facebook group called Creating a Cozy Life with over 60,000 like-minded souls.

It’s a group where we share recipes, pictures of things that leave you in awe, and ideas on how to make your life just a little more snug. You can join here to be part of the virtual cozy cabin.


Learn new hobbies from masters

My favorite way to learning new hobbies was a subscription to Masterclass. For one annual fee you have access to all their classes taught by the best in their fields. I originally bought the subscription to have access to Alice Waters classes. I had no idea how great the treasure trove of classes would be. Gardening, cooking, guitar, and writing are just some of the classes you can take. You can find out more about it here.

Here are the 31 Hygge Hobbies to Try: 

1. Animal tracking 

Animal tracks in the snow

There’s an entirely different world right outside our front doors.  Wild animals are going about their day-to-day business.  We sometimes forget we are co-existing with these magnificent creatures.  

One of the most hygge things you can do is add nature awareness to your life.  This is one of those hygge hobbies that helps keep you outdoors, and you discover which animals live in a particular area.  

You can follow wildlife tracks in the sand, mud, and snow – each season offering a window into this beautiful natural world.  

2. Board and Card Games 

Scrabble board with wooden letters on top - Hygge Hobbies Idea

Board games and hygge go hand-in-hand.  It’s a great way to connect with family and friends.

Hosting a weekly game night might be the secret ingredient in creating memories that warm your soul.  

Some ideas on hosting a board game night: 

1) Potluck 

When everyone brings something to game night, it takes the financial pressure off the host.  Some of the best ideas are to have a simple meal of homemade chili and cornbread, soup and salad, charcuterie board, baked potato bar, or a taco bar.  

You could also strictly have finger food, so cutlery is not needed.  

2) Have several games to pick from.  

When you’re first starting out creating a game night, it’s best to have multiple games to pick from for the best results.  Your friends and family will be pick the games they like the best to make everyone happy.  

3) A roaring fire. 

If you have a fireplace, now is the time to get it going in cooler months for the perfect backdrop for your weekly hygge hobbies event.  

3. Making terrariums 

Large Clear Glass Jar with Terrarium inside

Bringing a small sampling of the great outdoors into your home is easy when you learn how to create beautiful terrariums.  

Terrariums are works-of-art that has its own eco-system for your entire family to enjoy.  They also make one of the best hygge hobbies gift ideas.  

Some of the things you will need to get started on this hobby are a container, a variety of plants that have the same sunlight and water needs, potting soil, pea gravel, and decorative items.  

You can make a few terrariums for your office and co-workers too.  Why not share your hobby with people you’re around most of your days?  

4. Candle Making  

Homemade candles with twine label on a tray

When you love to live a cozy life, candles a must to have around.  Instead of purchasing your candles, why not learn to be a master candlemaker?  

I remember my aunt making beeswax tapers in her rustic kitchen in Vermont.  Our dinners were eaten by candlelight from the tapers she made.  

Candles are a beautiful item that constantly needs replacing and also makes the best gift idea.  Who wouldn’t love a box of homemade candles scented with their favorite essential oils?  

5. Reading 

Close-up of a woman's hands and body cradling a book with a plaid blanket

Reading is a hobby that gives you the ability to live in another world without leaving the comfort of your own home.  It will help you improve your imagination and let you escape everyday life pressures for a little while.  

The best thing about this hobby is you can read for as little as 10 minutes or take an entire afternoon to delve into your favorite memoir, romance, historical, or even decorating book.  

I always carry a book in the car with me if I end up with an unexpected wait for something.  You can also share your hygge hobbies with others by joining a local club or starting one online.  

If you’re looking for some ideas on books to read – I gave you some ideas here Best Hygge Books to Inspire a Cozy Life 

Book lovers are a worldwide club.  Here the terms for people who read a lot in each country:

English: Bookworm 

Danish: Reading horse 

French: Ink drinker 

German: Read rat 

Romanian: Library mouse 

Indonesian: Book flea 

6. Candy Making 

Pot with Melted Chocolate Cracked eggs on the side with cocoa powder scattered

Once you start making your own homemade candy, you’ll end up with more friends than you can count.  Who doesn’t love to indulge in a piece or two of fine chocolate every day?  

There’s so much to learn about this wonderful craft. Your friends will all appreciate you picking this activity as one of your hygge hobbies. Whether you prefer to make old-fashioned hard candy, truffles, fudge, or even salt-water taffy – this skill satisfies all your senses.  

7. Origami

Origami birds hanging from wire in front of rustic boards

There’s something so simple but beautiful about origami.  Transforming paper into magical birds taking flight and flowers are just some ideas to do with this wonderful craft.  

Origami means the art of folding paper and is primarily associated with Japanese culture.  Hygge hobbies are the perfect way to let your mind relax as you create works-of-art.

I knew someone that loved to make origami birds and leave them for strangers to find.  She felt the right person who needed an uplifting message from the world would find each of her creations.  It was her way of making her neighborhood a better place to be.  

8. Homemade Soaps 

Bar of homemade cream soap tied with twine with thyme on top and a bottle of essential oil

Soap making is one of those hygge hobbies you can’t get enough of. Good thing everyone loves homemade soap, so finding people to gift your creations to won’t be a difficult thing to do.  

Loaves of soaps are works-of-art.  There are soaps for everyone, including even the men in your life.  One of my blogging friends created a soap that was geared toward manly men, and it became one of her most popular posts.  

9. Hiking/Walking 

Woman in hiking attire with backpack and Golden Retriever in front of a lake

Two of my favorite hygge hobbies are hiking and walking.  

I found a path near my home that a new neighbor pointed out.  It’s a large dirt road that leads to homes in the country.  There are barely any cars on this road, and the path takes you through acres of trees.  

Every day brings new changes to the forest I walk past with one of my dogs.  A new spider web glistens with dew on an early morning walk, chestnuts fall from oak trees when squirrels scurry on their branches, and the sunlight takes on a magical hue as it peeks through all the leaves.  

Not only are walking and hiking good for your stress levels, but they are also good for your health.  

10. Genealogy  

Drawing of a family tree with leaves shaped like hearts

How much do you know about your family’s history?  Genealogy is a rewarding hobby that can help preserve the past for future generations.   

Genealogy uses historical records, oral records, and genetic analysis to obtain the history of a family, according to Wikipedia. 

You can use the information you glean to plan a vacation to where your ancestors lived, creating a family cookbook and traditions that were lost along the way.  

11. Canning 

Three jars of homemade canning with wooden spoon

There’s something about a well-stocked pantry that makes me swoon.  A pantry filled-to-the-brim with homemade canned goods takes it to a whole new level.  

Cracking open a jar of fruit preserves made from a harvest of fresh peaches from your tree in the dead of winter makes one warm and toasty inside.  Everything tastes better when you know it’s homemade.  

Lately, I’ve been making Quick Pickled Red Onions and Bread and Butter Zucchini Pickles.  

The possibilities are endless for creating your own favorite combinations of preserves.  You can also make boozy jellies and jams for homemade gifts everyone will love.  

If you’re looking to make a change in your career, I wrote a post on how to start a jelly and jam business. Turning your hygge hobbies into money making endeavors may mean creating a career that you’ll love.

12. Woodworking 

Close-up of male hands shaving a piece of wood with a woodworking tool

I wish this were something I was interested in doing.  The possibilities are endless for making things for my home.  But…I’m resigned to be simply a curator of handmade wooden items because I’m way too absent-minded to saw anything and add this skill to my hygge hobbies.

Learning how to build your own shelves, furniture, and accessories is a hobby that pays back in spades.  

A friend has a wooden picture with pieces of  different kinds of wood laid out in an intricate design.  Each piece of wood was from a different world area and represented the countries and states that their ancestors had lived. 

When you look at all the different grains of wood side-by-side, they each tell a different story.  Imagine all the things you can create with this skillset.  

13. Quilting 

Close-up of quilt with colorful fabric

Quilting is a wildly popular hobby now.  There’s a reason for it…it’s such a relaxing thing to do after a stressful day.  It also lets you use your creativity to make a variety of designs.  

An bonus of taking up quilting as a hobby is that you’ll make lifelong friends.  Quilters are a tight-knit group that loves to share their techniques with newbies.  

Shopping for fabric is one of the bonuses of starting this hobby.  There’s so many beautiful colors, designs, and materials to pick from.  

Quilting truly is the hobby that allows you to cover your friends and family with love.  

14. Camping 

Close-up of marshmallows on sticks being roasted over a fire

Exploring our beautiful world is a wonderful hygge hobby.  Spending time out in nature and bonding with your friends and family creates memories that that will keep us warm our entire lives. 

Being present for a gorgeous sunrise and sunset  in the mountains, watching snow land on a cluster of pine trees, and hearing the rustle of leaves crunching as you step are just some of the things you will experience.  

Not only do you get to spend time in nature, but you get to cook over a campfire.  There’s something about campfire food that makes your tastebuds dance.  

15. Napping 

Beagle sleeping on the floor

I have a confession to make.  I’ve never been a napper.  I couldn’t understand people that were able to go to sleep in the day.  It was a skill set I didn’t have.  

That all changed when I started getting up at 4-5 in the morning to write.  The earlier I started writing – the easier it was for me to get into the flow.  

Now napping is my jam.  I work for a few hours in the early morning, while the rest of the neighborhood is still peacefully asleep.  Even my tribe of four dogs find that the 4 AM hour is way too early for them.    

Later in the morning, I take an hour’s nap.  Now, I get it.  I wake up refreshed from my nap, ready to take on the rest of the day.  I’ve found I work way more after I started this habit.  

If you don’t work from home, you can still become a master napper on the weekends.  Your body will thank you for it!   

16. Baking Bread 

Bread dough in vintage mixing bowels with striped dish towel on top

Freshly baked bread and rolls are just something that makes everyone’s mouth water.  

I know one of the keys to making great bread is a culinary scale.  You get better results from weighing the ingredients versus measuring them.   Here are some good books to get started on this hobby The Bread Baker’s Apprentice and Flour, Salt, Water, Yeast.  

Making homemade bread with your children teaches them life skills that they will use in their lives and pass it on to future generations.  Making your own bread is healthier than buying bread because you know every ingredient that goes into your recipes.  

17. Collecting antiques 

Table with antique pottery pots with vintage utensils and wooden bowl

Collecting vintage treasures is one of my favorite hobbies.  Antique mixing bowls, vintage paintings, and toleware lighting are just some of the things I love to look for at antique shops and garage sales.  

I think vintage and antique home decor items make a home seem a little bit cozier.  Decorating your cottage with vintage items gives your home a unique look.

The weathered patina on an antique copper pot makes cooking in it even more special.  You wonder who had this pot before me, and how many meals has this copper pan produced?  

Hunting for vintage treasures is part of the fun.  You can do this hobby solo, or invite a few friends along for the trip.  

My sister and I went to a barn sale recently that had antiques from Europe.  It was amazing.  One of the treasures I walked away with was a Maine blueberry box that I now have on my coffee table.  

18. Heirloom gardening  

Heirloom tomatoes an eggplants in cast iron pan

Gardening is a hobby that has endless variations.   At my last home, I had a massive flower garden, an herb garden, and a tea garden.  

I’m planning on putting in an heirloom garden at my new house.  I want to have fruits and vegetables that you can’t get at the grocery store.  

I think it’s important to bring back varieties of fruits and vegetables that have been forgotten about.  Just the amount of heirloom tomatoes alone would make your head spin.  I want to grow and taste them all.  

If you don’t have much land to grow your own food, you can still have herbs on your windowsill or balcony to add to flavor your food.  

19. Watercolors/Painting/Drawing  

Watercolor paints, paintbrushes, and painting on rustic table

If you’re looking to tap into your creative side and create beauty at the same time, watercolors, painting, and drawing are just a few ways you can express yourself.  

They are all ways to learn a new craft and not spend a lot of money doing it.  Landscapes, flowers, portraits, animals, and small-town scenes are just some of the things you can learn to paint.  

20. Photography 

Vintage camera with old-fashioned photos and dried lavender

Photography is the hobby I will be diving into in the next year.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn to do better but never took the time.  

I bought a couple of different photography classes that I’ll be taking to take my photographs to a new level.  Whether you use photography to document your family’s life, for business, or to capture moments in time around you – this is a hobby that will enhance your life.  

Most areas have Facebook groups where everyone shares their photographs of beautiful places locally that you can find.  It’s an easy way to make friends with people that have the same interests as you.  

I will mostly be photographing food, and my home to share on my blog.  What are some of the things you like to photograph?  

21. Rock painting 

Young hands holding a painted rock that says I love You

Painted rocks are the perfect hobby for those of us that want to spread kindness in the world.  There are worldwide clubs on Facebook that share photos of found rocks and dropped off rocks.  

You paint a rock with a flower, a bird, or even a positive saying.  On the back of the rock, you write your local Facebook rock painting group.  Then it’s time to seal the rock and hide it for strangers to find.  

People of all ages can take part in the fun, from young to old.  To learn more about How to Get Started Rock Painting – check out my article.  

If you want to read an article featuring a rock artist, you can find one here on Cindi Riley.

22. Knitting 

Close-up of woman's hands knitting with two balls of yarn in a wooden bowl in front of her. She is wearing an orange shirt and the yarn are burnt orange and brown

When most people think of hygge hobbies, knitting is one of the first ones we think of.  I think knitting is one of the most relaxing things you can do for yourself.  

You can make a variety of items such as mug cozies, stuffed animals, scarves, hats, and blankets – and give gifts made with love.  

One of the best things about knitting is that you can take your hobby anywhere with you and indulge in your passion while waiting for something else.  

Other hygge hobbies that are similar in nature that you can try are crocheting and embroidery.  

A cozy knitting book is Faerie Knitting – 14 Tales of Love and Magic by Alice Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman

23. Foraging 

A variety of wild mushrooms

Foraging is a wonderful skill to learn that has medicinal and financial benefits.  Who wouldn’t like free food?  

My neighbor at my last house bought an acre of land.  She planted hundreds of native plants in the area that would produce some of her food – on top of having a fenced garden.  She also went on adventures in the woods, gathering things to make soups and teas with.  

I will be looking at my new home in the same light as she did and see what things I can forage to do the same.  

24. Calligraphy

Close-up of calligraphy pen drawing the letter R

I admire anyone that can do calligraphy.  I think letter writing will make a come-back, and learning calligraphy is a wonderful way to put a unique stamp on your letters.  

You can also write keepsake letters in calligraphy documenting your children’s lives to leave as keepsakes for future generations.  

25. Raising chickens 

Four chickens and one rooster in front of straw

My sister and I did an urban farm tour around Seattle a few years ago.  One of the farmers we met stood out from among her peers was because of her love for her chickens.  

Her entire yard was dedicated to making her chickens happy.  She planted their favorite foods, and they even had their own balcony they liked to hang out on.  She told us she used to watch a lot of television, but now that she had her flock of chickens – her family loved to sit out in the backyard and watch their  feathered friends.  

26. Master tea blender

Wooden bowl with mixed tea on a wooden cutting board

I’m pretty obsessed with tea.  Making my own blends is another hobby I will be adding in the next year.  (My hobby list is getting pretty long!) 

There are so many different combinations you can make to make amazing teas. I once tasted an herbal tea combination that tasted like root beer!

Herbal teas also have health benefits, so there’s a happy bonus to this hobby.  You just want to make sure you use organic ingredients to make your blends.   

Some of the ingredients I will be growing myself, and others I will be buying online in bulk.  I will be featuring some tea combinations, so make sure you follow me on Pinterest for new posts.  

27. Beekeeping 

Close-up of bees making honeycomb

Beekeeping is something you can do for yourself and help save the planet at the same time.  As an extra bonus, beekeeping has the sweetest reward – honey!  

You can keep bees anywhere near the area where flowers bloom and it doesn’t require much space.  

Teaching your children how vital bees are to our food supply is a life lesson that’s worth learning.  It’s such a gift to be able to see these hardworking creatures up close.  

Just think of all the honey you will have when you start this rewarding hobby!   You’ll have a never-ending supply of honey for your tea, to drizzle on cheese and fruit, to cook with, make salad dressings, and even pour warm honey over ice cream.  

28. Stargazing 

Shadow of a Woman with a telescope and starlight behind her

There’s a magical world right outside our front door.  All you need is a telescope and a little time to take in the wonder that dances above us in the night sky.  

You can print off star maps from online (google star maps), and you’ll start to navigate the stars.  

Bring some chairs and blankets outside, along with some hot beverages.  Share your passion with friends and family members.

I found this YouTube video on the history and myths of The Constellations.   The word constellations means a grouping of stars.  

29. Jewelry Making 

Close-up of stone-beaded necklace on rustic boards

If you love wearing jewelry, why not learn to make your own creations?  

Finding the right jewelry to go with your outfits will be easy when you learn to make your own.  Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings can all get your special touch with this fun hobby.  

There are so many different styles of jewelry to try. From traditional to trendy, you’re sure to find a look that is both fun to make and pleasurable to wear.  

You can find tutorials on how to create your own jewelry on YouTube or check out a book at your local library to get started.  

30. Mosaics 

close-up of glass mosaic table with red and yellow tulips

My sister taught herself to make mosaic stepping stones out of antique plates.  I still have them in my garden.  They are so beautiful!  

One garden tour I went on featured the work of a mosaic artist throughout her backyard.  She had mosaic birdbaths, sculptures, and tables dotted among her plants.  She let us peek inside her house to see her mosaic fireplace mantle.   

31. Cheese Making 

An array of homemade rounds of cheese with herbs on top

When you think about making your own cheese  at home, it can seem daunting.  You don’t have to have your own homestead to make your own cheese.  

In fact, you can be a cheesemaker even if you are living in a small apartment.  Some types of cheese are easier to make than others, but you can dive into this intriguing world to supply your family and friends with a little slice of heaven.  

There are even cheese-making kits available.  Here’s the Ultimate Cheese Making Kit on Amazon that teaches you to make 10 different kinds of cheese.  

You can also learn more about pairing cheese properly.  Cheese and hygge make the world a better place to live and it’s one of the best hygge hobbies.  

Some other hygge hobbies you can try are:





Cake decorating


Balloon art 

Study of Architecture 



Wine tasting 






Kite flying 

Jigsaw Puzzles 

Scale Miniature Building 

Beer brewing 

Wine making 


Song writing 





Ice Skating 





Needle Felting 

Spoon carving 

Rug Hooking 


Card making


Visiting museums and galleries

Sea glass, seashells, or rock hunting

Flower pressing

Dining at unique restaurants

Listening to old records

Making paper

Writing pen pals

Crossword puzzles


Memory keeping

Wreath making

Diamond art painting



Observing bird feeders

We’ve reached the end of Best Hygge Hobbies to Try Today.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Let me know in the comments below how you liked the Best Hygge Hobbies to Try Today post and what your favorite hobbies are.  

Make sure you join our Creating a Cozy Life – Hygge Style Facebook group.  You’re not going to believe how amazing it is.  Join here to be part of the virtual cozy cabin.

Please pin this hygge hobbies post below on your simple living board on Pinterest to refer back to it again.  

If you would like to learn more about having more hygge in your life, The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living is the perfect way to get started.

Thanks for stopping by!

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