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The BEST Hygge Home Decor Ideas and Tips

31 Hygge Home Decor Ideas to Cozy Up Your Space will give you recommendations on making your living space become a welcoming space.

Hygge decor ideas will help you infuse you and your family’s personalities into every corner of your home. If you’re looking for more tips to live the hygge lifestyle, take a look at How to Hygge: 31 of the Best Cozy Ideas and What is Hygge?

Hygge Home: 31 Ways to Create Cozy Ideas - Woman with her back to the camera in a comfortable chair in front of a fireplace
Hygge Decor starts with a cozy chair

What is a hygge home?  

A happy, hygge home design is all in the details.  You want to create an environment that speaks to your soul and exhibits warmth for all that enter your front door.  

If you look at influencer’s homes, you can see the trends that come and go.  One year dark granite countertops are all the rage.  The next year, white marble is the favorite choice.  

Instead of trying to keeping your home styled with the latest trends, how about decorating hygge style? 

It’s the way of making your home beautiful through cozy elements that you and your family love.  Trends come and go, but cozy is forever.

Hygge Home - Dining Room with church pew bench, antique mirror over bench, window with green drapes, and antique marble table with plants in the window

“Home is shelter from storms, all sorts of storms.”

William J. Bennett

What is Hygge Decor?

Whether you’re partial to the modern farmhouse, English cottage, cottage, modern, minimalist, country, traditional, rustic, French Country, Shabby Chic, coastal, Scandinavian, bohemian, or industrial decor style – cozy elements are easy to incorporate. 

One of the Cozy Living members has a warm created a hygge home her family loves with a warm interior design.  Her decorating style is a combination of four different styles, all rolled into one that add up to pure coziness.  

Hygge Home Cozy Corner with tulip lamp on a table, vase with flowers, and three books - lamp is lighted at night

Imagine that the snow is falling outside, and you start to prepare stew on the stovetop.  The bread is in the oven, making your entire home smell intoxicating.  You set your table and light the candles because friends are on their way over for dinner.  

As you glance around your rooms, they warm your heart because you know they were created with love.  The ultimate hygge experience.

Write down what you think this hygge space looks like.  What are you feeling when you imagine this hygge style home? That’s YOUR vision of creating hygge at home.   Now, it’s time to bring that vision to life.  

I’ve been to several hygge homes that just oozed coziness.  You can feel the warmth the moment you walk in the door.  

My aunt and uncle’s house in Vermont was the ultimate example of a hygge decor.  Her kitchen bay window had glass suncatchers that a local artist made.  She had one of those large antique black cast iron stoves in her kitchen and homemade candles everywhere.  

A cousin that lives in Montana grows lots of fresh basil in her home, and it smells like spring, even in the middle of winter.  

You can take bits and pieces of what you love in other people’s homes and weave them into the perfect recipe for a happy hygge home.  

If you decide to create a home that looks and feels cozy, it doesn’t have to cost much to achieve.  You just have to look at decorating differently.  

Creating a home that nurtures your soul and provides shelter from the world’s harshness is a goal worth achieving.  Home is where the hygge is.

How do you pronounce Hygge?

Hygge is not pronounced the way you think it is. “Hoo-gah” is the correct way to say it.

YouTube video
How to Pronounce Hygge

Where did Hygge originate?

The Danish word hygge originally came from Norway.  It’s translation loosely meant well-being. 

The Danish adopted the word as their own, and they embody the hygge lifestyle.  Danes are among the happiest people in the world, and they attribute their happiness in part to hygge.  Danish homes are part of that lifestyle.

Now that the rest of the world has been let in on this Danish secret, everyone wants a little more happiness in their lives too.

What is a Hygge Lifestyle? 

Instead of living your life on autopilot, the Danish concept of hygge is a way of life that brings deep contentment to your soul. 

Sometimes the outer things in life (money, power, achievements) aren’t the things that will make us happy.  A hygge home and life encourages us to look at what truly brings us joy and make sure we include those things in our days. 

The Scandinavian lifestyle prioritizes creating a feeling of coziness in our hygge home, cultivating a rich family life, developing deep friendships, and nurturing ourselves.

Creating a hygge home is one of the ways you can bring these Scandinavian traditions to life. has the definition of hygge in reference to the Danish lifestyle: “the feeling of coziness and contentment evoked by simple comforts, as being wrapped in a blanket, having good conversations, and enjoying food.”

Resources on Hygge Life: 

I love a YouTube channel with a host that actually lives in Denmark and talks about the Danish culture.  You can find it here.

Creating a Cozy Life Group

Since you found this article on how to add hygge to your home,  I’m guessing you like all things cozy living. I created a Facebook group called Creating a Cozy Life with over 64,000 like-minded souls.

It’s a group where we share recipes, pictures of things that leave you in awe, and ideas on how to make your life just a little bit more snug.  Join here to be part of the virtual cozy cabin.

Here are the Hygge Home Decor Ideas:  

1. Create a nook with Hygge Decor 

Close-up of white chair with pillow and tea tray on an ottoman with a vase of flowers

Putting together a cozy space for you to curl up in at the end of the day is wonderful hygge experience on a cold winter evening.  

You’ll want to have a large, sink-into comfortable chair, rocker, loveseat, or chair with an ottoman. I like using neutral colors for my chairs and add pops of color with accessories.  Add a few pillows and a cozy blanket that you can grab when nights get chilly.  

Add a small side table with a lamp and tray filled with a few of your favorite things for a cozy winter evening.

No hygge nook would be complete without a candle or two.  Did you know they have candles with wood wicks, and when you light them, they sound like a crackling fireplace?  You can find one here on Amazon.  

I have an old breadboard on my side table that serves as my tray.  A large soy candle, antique silver serving pieces with succulents inside, a miniature picture of my grandfather, and a book all share the spotlight on my side table.  

My lamp is a pale blue tall toleware lamp from Italy that I recently found in an antique store.  It is simple and yet stunning at the same time.  

When creating your cozy nook, what types of things are must-haves for you?  How can you make it feel like a safe space for you after a busy day? 

2. Add a Library

Hygge Home - Library - set of four brown vintage books on a shelf

You don’t have to have a room dedicated to books to have your own library inside your hygge home.  

It can be as small as a shelf or as large as multiple bookshelves next to each other to give your favorite books a place of honor.  

I think books are a window to the soul.  You can look at someone’s bookshelf, and in just a couple of  minutes, know more about them than you would with hours of conversation.  If you’re looking for a new book, Best Hygge Books to Inspire a Cozy Life will help you find the perfect one.

“Books, for me, are a home. Books don’t make a home – they are one, in the sense that just as you do with a door, you open a book, and you go inside. Inside there is a different kind of time and a different kind of space.”

Jeanette Winterson, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal

I can’t imagine a hygge home that’s not filled with books.  Whether it’s cookbooks, novels, or memoirs you collect – they are treasures that should take center-stage in your home.   

Another idea is to have one of those “Free Library” stands in front of your hygge home.  It’s a book exchange for your entire neighborhood to enjoy.  One of my neighbors in my last neighborhood made one, and it had frequent visitors!  

If curling up with a good book at the end of the day is important to you, creating a mini-library would be a perfect interior design element to include in your hygge decor.

Here are some Book Lover Quotes to inspire you.

I have a reading nook that I retreat to on particularly hectic days. Reading is a simple thing that I look forward to whenever I’m frazzled and having a space that has the coziness factor to enjoy the books makes life a lot easier.

3. Coffee/Tea/ Hot Cocoa Station

Hygge Home - Tea Tray - Clear teapot filled with tea on a slate tray with clear teacup and saucer with tea, herbs, honey, and flowers

In the Cozy Living Group, several members have shown off a small kitchen area dedicated to their love of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.  

One member likes to decorate the beverage station according to the season.   She even changes the add-ons for warm beverages when the seasons change.  

This small space lets her family know they are loved and embrace the flavors that take centerstage each month.  

If you don’t have much space in your kitchen, don’t worry – there are other options.  How about getting a three-tiered tray organizer to hold all your supplies?  You can find one here on Amazon that has that farmhouse look.  

The first tray can hold a teapot, a couple of mugs, measuring spoons, a tea strainer, a small basket of teas, or cocoa packets.  The second tray can hold your add-ons like small jars of herbs for teas, jars of marshmallows, and crushed peppermint candies.  The third tier can hold shakers with cinnamon, chocolate sprinkles, and nutmeg.   

I wrote an entire article on how to create a hygge kitchen you’ll love – you can find that article here.

4. Home Hygge Centerpieces for Your Table

Hygge Home - Fruit Centerpiece Close-up of a silver plate of peaches on a rustic table

I was watching a Masterclass cooking show that Alice Waters had made.  She talked about centerpieces for the table and how important they are to create a beautiful environment.  

Alice loves creating centerpieces that were made of nature and showed off its simple elegance.  

She took a wooden bowl and lined it with persimmon leaves from her backyard tree.  The leaves had green, red, and orange colors.  She laid fall fruit like persimmons, oranges, and pomegranates on top of the leaves.  

It was effortless – yet stunning.  

If you don’t know about the Masterclass series, you can find the Alice Waters classes here. It’s an amazing cooking class. One fee gives you access to all the classes and all the instructors. I love it!

Some other ideas you can use for table centerpieces are a mason jar filled with fresh seasonal flowers, a cluster of three candles on a large slice of wood,  an antique silver bowl filled with nuts and a nutcracker, and a white cake stand with a pile of lemons stacked on top.  

You don’t want to make your centerpiece tall because it obstructs everyone’s view of each other.  

Simple pleasures can be as easy as creating centerpieces for your table that reflect the bounty of the season.

5. Hygge Your Home with Happy memories  

Hygge Home Idea - Happy Memories - Footstool with fringe

Our lives are full of happy memories.  Why leave them tucked away in the corners of your mind when you can add some sentimental touches to your home at the same time?  

One of my favorite people I’ve ever met in my life was my grandfather.  This man was the very definition of “good.”  I love to see his pictures grace my home.  

My favorite picture of him is with my sister and me at the dinner table.  He was eating a piece of cake, and I crawled across the table and took some of his cake.  He was laughing at the audacity of his grandchild, taking some of his treats.  

That picture is on a shelf in my kitchen.  I get to see it every single day and smile.  

I recently read a story on Facebook of someone’s mom that passed away.  Her daughter took the burnt orange suede skirt that she wore for special occasions and commissioned a local upholstery shop to cover her ottoman with her skirt.  

What things do you have that should be taking center stage in your hygge home that can add another layer of contentment?

6. Creating Hygge at Home with Natural Views 

Hygge Home - Herb Window - Pots of herbs lining a windowsill with a small orange watering can

Your home is filled with windows.  What is your view of the world, and how can you improve it?  

I recently moved into a new home and was recently stunned by a camellia bush bursting into bloom in front of my bedroom window.  Its hot pink flowers are now something I’m greeted with as I begin each day.  

There are so many bushes and plants surrounding the house, and I haven’t had the time to figure out what each plant is and what they would look like through the changing seasons.  

Before me, there was only one homeowner who took care of it for thirty years.  She had the wisdom to want to see something magical outside her bedroom sanctuary.  

It got me thinking of how I can improve the views out every window?  

Whether you add a hanging plant, strategically place a bird feeder, or add a window box – they will each add an element of beauty to your hygge decor.  

I love the idea of adding a bird feeder outside a window.  My neighbor put her bird feeder outside her kitchen table window.  She enjoyed her breakfast each morning, watching the birds gorge themselves on tasty seeds.  

Keep all your windows sparkling clean to let the natural light shine through.

7. Hygge Home Accessories – Welcome mat 

Welcome mat that says "welcome" in front of a wood glass paned door

My welcome mat says, “home.”  I found the mat when I was exploring an island with my cousin’s child.  I hadn’t found my new home yet, but I knew that the welcome mat would be the one that greeted me when I returned home each day.  

Your days can be filled with business, but when you get home the right welcome mat will signal the entrance to your hygge haven.

One of the Creating a Cozy Life members just showed off her vintage truck welcome mat with a Christmas tree in the truck’s bed.  She was looking for the perfect mat to create the right look for her hygge home.  

You can also change out your welcome mat to compliment the seasons.  It’s an easy and inexpensive way to give your home a fresh look whenever the seasons change.  

8. Hygge Home Decor Projects – Coat/Peg racks   

Hygge Home - Wooden peg rack with large antique hooks

What is it about peg racks that make my heart swoon?  I especially love the racks made out of vintage and antique materials.  

You can complement any decor with these racks, and they add such a cozy element to every room they grace the walls.  

Not only are the racks themselves wonderful to look at, but you can hang so many fun items from the racks.  I have an antique sweater resting on one of my hooks.  I’m sure you have a favorite cozy sweater you would love to have out in the open.

I love the vintage feel a hook rack gives the living room.  

You can change your racks seasonally.  You can hang an old-fashioned straw hat and summer tote to the rack in the summer, for example.  

9. Cozy Your Home with Romantic Touches 

Floating candles and flowers in waterHygge Home - Romantic Touches

Adding a bit of romance to your hygge room is a fun way to making things even more beautiful.  

Romantic touches don’t have to cost very much money.  Do you have any crystal bowls hidden away in cupboards?  Dust them off and float some floating candles and fresh flowers for a stunning effect.  

A collection of candlestick holders or a candelabra transforms an ordinary room into one that is swoon-worthy.  

One of my favorite things that adds a romantic touch to anything it touches is velvet.  I like to use velvet in the matting of my pictures and paintings.  

Velvet throws also adds a luxurious touch to a chair or couch.  

10. Adding Hygge to Your Home with Houseplants

Hygge Home Idea - Houseplants - Small wooden box with houseplants and a succulent and a small basket with silverware

Houseplants are one of the most wonderful things you can add to your hygge home.  Since my recent move, I’ve been on the hunt for some fun new house plants.  

I took some of my tarnished vintage silver serving pieces and turned them into planters with a little gravel at the bottom and potting soil.  The serving pieces take center-stage on top of an old rustic breadboard in the center of my coffee table.  

At my local grocery store, I found two Norfolk Island Pine Trees each four feet tall.  I’m going to use them to hang seasonal ornaments on the branches.  

Old tins with advertising graphics, vintage colanders, teacups, and colorful bowls would make beautiful planters.  

Terrariums are also a beautiful option for adding houseplants to your hygge home decor.

11. Ideas to Make Home Hygge with Artwork 

Hygge Home - Artwork - tan macrame on a stick

Having things in your home that an artist poured their heart into is hygge, in my opinion.  Whether you add paintings, prints, sculpture, pottery, handmade quilts, weavings, or woodwork – each piece adds a touch of originality and warmth to any home.  

I collect vintage paintings that are time-worn.  I love the look of something that has been around a while, and that’s not in perfect condition.  

My favorite painting I bought at a thrift store for $25.  I just walked into the store and saw it out of the corner of my eye.  I couldn’t get to it fast enough.  

I’m going to put together a gallery display of vintage paintings on my stairway wall.  Artwork adds a lot of character to every room they grace.    

I know someone that likes to collect whimsical sculpture pieces.  She likes to have at least one piece in every room.  

Another art dealer I’m acquainted with collects primitive pieces made out of wooden matches.  He loves looking at the pieces and imagining the artist painstakingly gluing each match in place.  

Framing old botanical artwork from vintage books is a simple way to add beauty to your walls.  You could add visual interest to picture mats by covering them with the material, dictionary pages, or even maps.  

Whatever artwork you put in your hygge inspired home, make sure it speaks to your soul.

12. Hygge at Home with Baskets 

Basket of pussy willow branches next to a paned window with copper curtains

Baskets are a wonderful accessory for your hygge home. They make storing items easy and look good at the same time.  

I have a basket with three different compartments that hold my remote control to the television, coasters, pens, and a notepad.  I keep it in my living room on the side table.  

A basket is also next to my fireplace, holding my favorite English Cottage magazines.  

One of my friends has a large basket under her hygge living room side table that holds extra blankets and pillows.  

13. Unique dishes make great Hygge Decor

Hygge Home - Beautiful Dishes - White teapot with roses on it and a teacup with roses on a rustic table

Unique dishes are a great way to celebrate every meal you have in your home.  

Some of us like a neutral color of dishes like white to showcase the food we serve, and others like the variety look of patterned pieces.

Personally, I have both.  I love having mismatched dishes that have character.  I also use the serving pieces to decorate my shelves and home because I love them so much.  

Some of my transferware plates hang on my wall as hygge home decor in my dining room.  

Homemade pottery dinnerware is also a wonderful way to add charm to your kitchen tables.  I love thinking about the love and pride that went into every piece made by the artist.  

When a kitchen store near me went out of business, I bought their hand-forged mug display rack to house my pottery mug collection.  

By having mismatched pieces, you have a memory associated with every “find.”  

14. Cozy hygge decor is a nature table or bookcase  

Hygge Home - Nature Table - Close-up picture of basket with pinecones

In one of the online groups I belong to, a woman had a small table in her home dedicated to nature.  She went on daily walks with her children, and they would look for treasures to add to the bounty.  

One of my favorite hygge decor ideas is having a small table or bookcase that showcases each season.  

The idea is to collect nature items that you retrieve on your walks or vacations and display them on your table or bookshelves.  

Here are some ideas:

A small wooden bowl filled with acorns adds a fall touch to a room.  

Pinecones or pretty rocks heaped in a small basket or tray add a rustic element.  

A tray of seashells if you live near the beach.

Plants that you propagated from plants you encountered on your nature walks.  

Fall leaves that you iron between wax sheets, so they hold their beauty. 

A jar of your daily nature stories that you captured on paper. 

Branches of pussy willows in a vase. 

15. Adding a Cozy Backdrop with Wall paint 

Hygge Home - Wall Paint - Roller on white wall painting it apricot

Paint is one of the easiest ways to transform your hygge home for little expense.  

How much thought do you put into the color of paint that you use in each room?  

When I bought my house, it had a cream-colored paint and wood elements.  I ended up painting the house white to brighten the space and take advantage of my windows’ views.  The living room was painted in a pale blue that changes color depending on the weather.  

Spas use blue and green colors on their walls because they know these soothing colors calm the mind.   

Warm colors on your walls are welcoming and nurturing.  Oranges, yellows, and red hues are more stimulating.   

Neutral tones on your walls allow you to add more pops of color throughout the hygge home with accessories.

If you’ve ever stood in a paint store trying to figure out what is the best color to pick, I know your pain.  

Joining decorating groups online will help you with this problem.  They have tried different paints and colors and know which ones work best.  

Whatever hygge color palette you pick, make sure it soothes your soul.

16. Old-Fashioned Fixtures that Warmth to Your Hygge Decorating

Hygge Home - Old Fashioned Faucets with bathroom sink with mirror

Old-fashioned fixtures are back in style, and they are a fun way to give your hygge home character.  

You can either use real antique fixtures or easily purchase reproductions for the same amount of money as modern fixtures.  

There’s something about having a gooseneck faucet in your kitchen that can easily rinse out deep pots that appeals to all of us that spend time in the kitchen.  

They have the fixtures in various finishes, so matching your hygge decor isn’t a problem.  

17. What is hygge decor without lighting?

Orange wingback chair with a pillow, side table with an unusual weaved lamp

Lighting is one of those things that is overlooked when decorating a home.  It’s one of the most important elements when you’re looking to create a cozy home.  

Ideas like using schoolhouse lights in your kitchen can provide light for tasks or ambiance when you have them on a dimmer switch.  Hanging vintage lanterns from your front porch can create a magical setting to relax and enjoy the evening air.   

Even curtains now have fairy lights sewn in to create a starry background to any room.  

Adding small lights in bookcases, cupboards, and shelves are easy ways to establish a cozy mood throughout your home.  

One of my favorite hygge home lighting tips is to have a small light hanging over important pictures or paintings in your rooms to showcase their style.  

Using vintage items that weren’t originally meant for lamps and having them repurposed into them is a fun way to add whimsy to your home.  

Old tins, silver coffee pots, garden statues, old toy metal trucks, antique typewriters, galvanized buckets as chandeliers, and antique fans can all be transformed into lighting.  

Candles are also a must in any cozy home.  Electric candles, chunky candles, wood-wick candles, candlesticks, and votive candles are just some of the possibilities to explore.  

And last but not least are fairy lights.  I don’t know if you can ever have too many fairy lights.  They transform every hygge home space into a magical getaway.  

18. Grouping collections together

Hygge Home - Collections - Two kitchen shelves with a collection of vintage coffee pots

I’ve always thought it funny how so many people have collections of things that mean a great deal to them, and they end up tucked away in a closet or garage – never to see the light of day.  

Collections of smaller items have a greater impact when grouped together, like these vintage coffee pots displayed.  

I love to show off my collections and have them in full view for everyone to see.  My vintage paintings are in every room of my house.  

The blue-tinted mason jars I collect hold my grains and dried beans and are displayed on a shelf.   My collection of cookbooks are pretty much everywhere in little stacks that I can pick up and browse through.  

Is there a way you can display the things you love and make them part of your hygge home decorating plan?

19. Hygge Home Decor – Curtains

Hygge Home - Curtains - Lace curtains in front of a wood framed window

Curtains are such a beautiful accessory to your windows.  They are also a wonderful way to draw out the colored accessories in your room.  

I absolutely love my hygge living room curtains.  They are white with a coral-colored pattern weaved throughout them.  They look faded with time (even though they are new) and add such simple elegance to the room.  

I’m looking for the perfect curtains to switch them out within the winter months.  I  want curtains that look a little heavier, like velvet.  It might take me years to find the right pair, but I’m ok with that because decorating a hygge home is a process. 

White lace curtains that let sunlight peek through the panels create a kaleidoscope of light on your floors and walls can also create a little magic in your rooms.  

In my last home, I used three vintage pillowcases folded in half on a curtain rod as my hygge kitchen window’s valance.  

Vintage tablecloths, bedspreads, handkerchiefs strung together, and blankets have all been repurposed into new drapes and valences.  

20. Layering Your Room with Cozy Rugs 

Close-up of folded over Oriental red and blue wool rug on wood floors

Rugs are such a wonderful way to cozy up your hygge home.  They can add a pop of color and warm texture to any room that needs a little love.  

If you want to define a space in your house, rugs are a great way to accomplish that mission.  This works well, especially for larger rooms or small spaces. 

A plush rug is also a great way to warm up a hallway or otherwise dead space.  If you have wood or tiled flooring, rugs will also help with sound absorption.  

Like curtains, switching out rugs is a great way to change the seasonal decor with your hygge design style. 

A thick, antique wool jeweled colored rug would look beautiful in winter, and a natural jute rug could be a way to usher summer touches into your hygge decor.  

21. Hygge Focal Point – Fireplace 

Hygge Home - Fireplace - red brick fireplace with wooden mantle and green vintage chair and floor lamp with small wool rug

Whenever I think of the word “cozy,” the first image that springs to mind is a fire roaring in a rustic fireplace.  There’s a reason for that.  

Warming yourself in front of a fire is one of the most relaxing things you can do for yourself.  Add a book and a cup of tea, and it’s a match made in heaven.  

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, it’s one of the easiest ways to create a more hygge home by making sure to use it as the focal point of the room.  

The mantle is also the perfect way to add touches of your personality in each season.  Changing the mantle decor like pictures, pottery, boxes, plants, and vases is easy for a fresh new look.  

Add a seasonal garland to the mantle for even more character.  Dried orange slices on a string for fall, garland with white lights for winter, flowers for spring, and seashells strung together for summer looks beautiful.  

22. Home Accessories with Character

Hygge Home - Accessories with character - vintage red tins, faux picnic basket tin, candle, thermos, cotton branch

Home decor that has patina from time-worn use adds visual interest throughout your home.  

Some examples of time-worn pieces are rustic chalkboards, old metal signs, silhouettes, garlands and banners, architectural salvage like chippy corbels, reclaimed railings, wooden dough bowls, mason jars, vintage tins, and stained-glass windows.  

I love my pig cutting board I found at a garage sale.  He’s got that aged look and adds a whimsical touch to my hygge kitchen.  My little pig probably has many stories to tell of all the meals he assisted with preparing.  

There’s a wooden chainsaw carved bear that stands guard on my front porch steps, welcoming all that pass by.  I found him at a thrift store a couple of years ago.  

23. Textures are the Perfect Cozy Home Decor

Hygge Home - Textures - Close-up of tan cable-knit blanket

Adding a variety of textures in our homes is a great way of creating a cozy look with minimal effort.  

Think about how many different ways you can add a variety of texture to every room. Flannel, linen, cable-knit, velvet, faux fur, wool, cotton, lace, and silk are different fabric choices for home decor.  

You can even add texture to your walls with plaster, brick, shiplap, and paneling.

I love to add ceiling medallions before installing chandeliers.  Painting the ceiling medallion the same color as your ceiling lets the ornate elements of the medallion stand out.  

A leather couch or chair can add warmth to a room that you want to add a rustic touch.  Velvet vintage side chairs add romantic elements to any space.

The possibilities are endless to create your perfect hygge home design.

24. How to Hygge Your Home with Comfy Blankets and Throws

Hygge Home - Beagle sleeping on a orange, tan, and white blanket

Blankets and throws are a must in any hygge home.  Snuggling under the covers on the couch, in your favorite chair, or bed is one of life’s greatest pleasures when there’s a chill in the air.  

Make sure you have throws and blankets that give you that cozy vibe. A chunky knit blanket is the ultimate element of coziness.

One of my dogs Grayson, has claimed her favorite warm blanket as the one that my sister gave me.  I call it “Grayson’s thunder blanket” because whenever there’s any thunder – she dives under it for safety.  

If the thunder blanket is in the bedroom, that’s where you’ll find Grayson.  When the blanket gets moved to the living room – she’s parked there.  The other morning I woke to find the thunder blanket was almost off the bed.  Only  a corner of the blanket was still there.  Grayson was lying on top of that little corner, practically falling off the bed.  

Grayson is on to something – every hygge home deserves a thunder blanket.  

Having a variety of throw blankets with different textures and colors standing by is the perfect way to warm your home and body at the same time.  

25. Beautiful Throw Pillows

Hygge Home Decor - Pillows on a bed in tan colors with nightstand and lamp on

Throw pillows are an inexpensive way to transform your space if you’re looking for ideas on how to add hygge to your home. 

Would you like a pop of color?  Add a fluffy pillow to your couch or chair that gives you that in an instant.  

The great thing about pillows is they can add a layer of luxury, art, whimsy, rustic, beauty, or homespun novelty, depending on what pillows you pick.  

Pillows are one of the easiest ways to change your hygge room design to match the season, along with blankets and throws.  

26. Cozy Little Luxuries

Hygge Home - Wooden bath tray on the top with sea sponges and soaps

Little luxuries – don’t you love those two words together?  When it comes to your hygge interior design – what are little luxuries?  

I’m glad you asked.  

They are items you have in your hygge home that leave you feeling pampered.  We all deserve to be spoiled.  Often we forget to give ourselves those simple indulgences.  

For some, a little luxury would include having a bath tray for your tub, so when you’re relaxing in the tub, you have somewhere to put your book, sponges, soap, and bath salts.  

Maybe breakfast trays for your bedroom would speak to your heart.  Who says we have to jump out of bed to start our day?  Why not take one morning a week to enjoy your breakfast in bed with your significant other?  

Other luxurious simple things for your home include having a cozy robe to slip into after a hard day’s work, English teacups for an afternoon tea break, Artisan food tucked away in the cupboards for when you want a little pick-me-up, and fresh flowers in cut-crystal vases throughout your hygge home.

Little luxuries can bring a feeling of contentment to your entire family.

27. Creating a Cozy Front Door

Hygge Home - Front Porch - Front door with four windows with orange wreath

When you arrive at home, you want to be able to release any tension you might have encountered in your day the moment you turn your key into your front door lock.  

Having a welcoming front door is one of  the best ways to add curb appeal and create a hygge home environment at the same time.  

Some of the ways to make your front entrance more cozy are adding a whimsical door knocker, painting your front door a different color than the rest of the house, adding a seasonal wreath to the front door, buying a unique porch light, and adding fairy lights around the entrance of your hygge home.

28. Adding Natural Woods  

Hygge Home - Natural Wood - Rustic Farm Kitchen table with mismatched wooden chairs

Natural wood adds rich rustic depth to any area.  In my house, I have both painted wood furniture and natural wood furniture.  Mixing the two is a look I absolutely love.  

Kitchen tables, side tables, coffee tables, bookshelves, and wood kitchen countertops are all options for adding natural wood to your hygge home decor.  

If you want to add accessories peg racks, wooden bowls, wooden boxes, wooden stools, and wood framed mirrors or pictures, add those rustic touches to your rooms.  

Using natural materials in your hygge design is a quality of coziness that is good for the soul.

29. Hygge at Home with Gathering Spots 

Hygge Home - Gathering spots - two chairs outdoors with faux fur throws, a small fire plate, and a string of fairy lights between the trees

Are you able to add more hygge gathering spots at your home?  Adding a fire pit and chairs to your backyard is a simple way to spend quality time with your loved ones and enjoy the outdoors.  

A friend of mine had no carpentry skills at all and decided to build her own small deck.  It’s now the gathering place for her friends.  They helped her create a lush garden around the space, added some outdoor chairs, fire pit, and string lights.

They are rewarded from their effort with the perfect place to catch up on their lives.

30. Adding Depth with Wallpaper 

Black and white ornate wallpaper with a clock and vintage books on a table with an antique typewriter and lamp

Recently, I’ve become obsessed with wallpaper.  The great thing about it is you don’t have to wallpaper every wall.  Just wallpapering one wall can create a whole new look for any room.  

If you live in a rental home or apartment or don’t like the look of wallpaper on your walls – you can also opt to wallpaper the inside space of a hutch or bookshelves to achieve still the hygge home appearance you desire. 

There are so many wonderful wallpaper patterns, and the hard part will be picking which ones to use!  

31. Creating Vignettes in your Hygge Home Decor

Hygge Home - Creating Vignettes - Cream table with silver framed mirror behind it with a tray with a cactus, ceramic jar, candle, and clear glass sculpture with a table lamp

You know how you go into a home decor store and they have little displays of how their items look placed together?  Those are called vignettes.  

There’s an art to making hygge home vignettes, but with some experimenting, the look they give your space is well worth the time invested.  

I rearranged the shelf in my kitchen over ten times before I balanced the pieces I was showcasing to achieve the right look I wanted.  

You want to create varying heights with your vignettes, so your display is interesting.  To add height to your displays, you can use small boxes, step stools, trays, and books.  

A light source should also be on your vignette if that works.  

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We’ve reached the end of 31 Hygge Home Ideas.  I hope you enjoyed it.

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Let me know in the comments below how you liked the 31 Hygge Home Ideas post and what your favorite ways to decorate your home are.  

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