Path to Simplicity: 25 Simple Living Ideas

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Path to Simplicity: 25 Simple Living Ideas

Path to Simplicity: 25 Simple Living Ideas.  Simplicity…it sounds like such an easy breezy thing to do.

But…if you’ve lived a certain way for most of your life, it can feel like you’re climbing Mount Everest…alone…with no shoes…and one heavy gigantic backpack.

“Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child’s eye – it is very beautiful.” – Kailash Satyarthi

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Just begin with a few simple living ideas and put one foot in front of the other…it’s not a mountain we’re climbing.

And while we’re at it, toss that heavy backpack and put on some shoes because it’s time to start.

Here’s the list of 25 Simple Living Ideas to get you going on your path:

1) Simple Style.

Create a wardrobe you love. Keep only the items that are comfortable and you feel great in because everything else is just taking up room.

Sell or better yet…donate those unwanted items to someone else that needs them.

2) Perfect Pantry.

Clean out your freezer, refrigerator and pantry. Seriously…when was that last time you went through everything?

I cannot point any fingers here because the dates on some of the stuff I found was inexcusable.

3) Farm Fresh Food.

Buy your produce from farmer markets. Your food will be fresher and you will be supporting small businesses at the same time.

4) Deductive Reasoning.

Watch your finances for a month and calculate how much you spend on each category.

Challenge yourself the next month to decrease the amount by 15% for non-fixed cost categories.

5) Clean Habits.

Make your own household cleaners. It’s time to ban those toxic chemicals from your home and save some money to boot!

6) Gardening Guru.

Start your own garden. Even if you have a black thumb you can grow herbs.

Fair warning though…keep mint in pots – otherwise it will take over your garden!

7) Pinching Pennies.

Challenge yourself to a week without spending.

Ok, maybe you don’t start with this one unless you’re the type that likes to dive in.

Simple living ideas take discipline, but you will love the results.

8) Less is More.

Donate or sell one item per day. If you’re a dip-your-toe in the pool type of person – then this is the one for you.

Finding one item a day is easy.  It can be a card or a paper or even a bookmark.

I promise you as you let go of things, you will feel lighter and happier…and it gets easier.

At the end of the year, you will have 365 fewer items to dust, organize and fix.

9) Better Life.

Decrease your television time 10% each week until you reach your desired goal.

Yep, it’s time to cut the entertainment umbilical cord because you have stuff to do.

10) Love Sweets.

Eat at least two pieces of fruit a day. Who doesn’t love fruit? This is also an easy one!

11) Trip Ninja.

Combine all your errands together in one trip per week. Save gas and save time. Enough said.

12) Master Learner.

Learn a new skill. Teaching yourself to make cheese, unclog your drain or grooming your dog are just some ways to expand your talents.

13) Veggie Lover.

Say “Heck yes!” to more vegetables on your plate.

There are lots of simple living ideas on how to grow your own vegetables and save even more money.

14) Nature Girl.

Spend more time outside in nature. Because…nature rocks!

My picnic table has become a part-time office for me recently.

15) Plan to Move.

Pretend like you’re moving across the country.

Decide what you wouldn’t want to bring along and edit them out of your life now.

You get pretty clear about what you need when you factor in the cost of hauling it all in moving trucks.

16) Time for Bliss.

Make the time to do what you love at least once a week. Isn’t it crazy that this isn’t a priority for most people?

17) Week of Nourishment.

Create a weekly simple dinner menu. Try a fun new recipe on the weekends, but for the busy week stick to the easy meals.

Find what works and then rinse and repeat.

18) Borrow Not Buy.

Start a tool exchange with your neighbors.

I borrow one of my neighbor’s hedge trimmer and he uses my paint sprayer whenever he has a project.

Seriously…why do we all think we need to own every tool ever made?

19) Vintage Treasures.

Buy used whenever possible. This is a simple way to save money on most things you purchase.

20) Project Party.

Got a huge task you’ve been putting off? Make it a party.

Invite your friends to help paint, garden or clean out that garage and return the favor for their projects.

Does anyone want to come to my floor sanding party? Pretty please…

21) Staycation.

Plan your vacation close to home.

Go see nearby towns and attractions that you never seem to have found the time for instead of a whirlwind trip far away.  Here’s a post I wrote with Winter Staycation Ideas. 

22) Vision Board.

Create a personal board on Pinterest that shows what you really want to make time for in your life and look at it often.

23) Book Lover.

Read those books that have been lying around and donate them once they’ve been read.

I found a book I bought 20 YEARS AGO that I hadn’t read. It took me one night to finish it and the next morning it was in my donation box.

24) Buy a Kindle.

You cannot believe how much you’ll love one if you don’t have it!  I put it off because I love the feel of a book in my hand.

A couple of books I wanted to read was only available on Kindle.  I caved and bought one and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  I bought this version .

Now instead of having books laying all over the place, they are all stored in my new toy. Easy Peasy.

25) Lifelong Learner.

Learn something new every day.

I hope you enjoyed this list of simple living ideas. The hard part is getting started.

Once you start seeing positive results in your life, you’ll become addicted to how lighter you feel!

We’ve reached the end of Path to Simplicity: 25 Simple Living Ideas.  I hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know in the comments below how you started on your simple living journey.

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REALISTIC ideas/ approach. I’ve been working on minimizing & simplifying my home (approximately 1 year now) and it has literally changed my life. Best decision ever.


Loved this post!

#15 has a monumental amount of value in it. With so much clutter (technology, personal belongings, etc…) pretending like you’re moving across the country is a great way to downsize.

How many times a year do you do this?

Paula Niziolek

What a great and simple list! These are all fairly easy things to do if we just buckle down and do them. I love that you included doing something you love every day. I’ve been working on that one for about a year now and most days it actually happens now. Such a great way to relieve stress! Now I need to work on a week of not spending. That’s huge! Love your great pictures with this post too!


Yep, that closet sure needs to get cleaned out and organized. My fridge and freezer could use a good go-over too! Seriously, it’s almost like you’ve been in my house;-) Great article!


This is a great post! And yes, cleaning out your fridge and freezer is epic :). I also like your tip on buying fresh produce from a local market. It’s a great way to not only eat better, but to also build relationships within your community. That and it most definitely beats the stress of shopping at the supermarket!


So when we decided to move cross country and old take the things we LOVED it was the best experience ever. It also seeped into our daily lives; we no longer buy in excess, we keep a clean pantry and we try to not spend so much time at home. This is such a great list and full of some really amazing and approachable ideas. Thanks for sharing!


Wonderful suggestions. Too much stuff inherited from both sets of parents. I am having a hard time letting go of items which remind me of my parents.


Hi Kelly,
Love this post! We’ve been in our present home for 28 years and with all the old folks passing on we’re getting crowded out with stuff. (Husband and I are packrats too which doesn’t help.) We have been talking about all the crap we could sell and donate recently, though. Your post says buckle down, and it’s time. Thanks for the push!
PS–You know you can wifi and blog if you secure your wifi, right? Also if you have a smartphone you can get an app to detect how far outside your house the wifi signal goes. We have secure wifi, and I blog and do all sorts of stuff safely.


Just ran across your post. After surgery in December 2017, that required an 18 day stay in the hospital, I had plenty of time to think about making changes in my life. Love your list and ideas to get me started now that I’m healing up. Thank you, tons, T.


These are all techniques that I grew up with 🙂 and still enjoy. Thanks for spreading the word to more generations 🙂

Shar F

This is a very thoughtful and helpful article. I love the outdoors, I make time for a couple of camping trips on my own over Summer, nature is a cure-all. I have several books sitting in my bookshelf I need to read, perhaps a new years resolution? There are definite steps I can take to simplify.


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