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10 Creative Hygge Gifts for Best Friends

Hygge Gifts for Best Friends will help you find the perfect cozy present for that special person in your life. This list will help you find the perfect gift to add a little slice of comfort to your friend or family member.  

Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, housewarming gifts, another special occasion, or just a “your friendship means the world to me gift,” these great gift ideas will help spark your imagination.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to add hygge to your life, How to Hygge: 31 of the Best Cozy Ideas and What is Hygge? will help you on your journey.

Hygge Gifts for Best Friends - Fabric Wrapped Gift with Pinecones and Evergreens
Hygge Gifts for Best Friends

Finding the perfect gift for your best friend that reflects a cozy lifestyle is a heartwarming endeavor. Consider your friend’s preferences and passions, whether it’s curling up with a good book, sipping on herbal teas, or creating a cozy atmosphere at home.

A thoughtful gift for your friend not only nurtures their love for comfort and tranquility but also embodies the warmth and comfort of your friendship.

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Best Hygge Gifts for Best Friends

1. Four Season Candles

Hygge Gifts for Best Friends - Seasonal Candles
Hygge Gifts for Best Friends – Seasonal Candles

One of our gifts in this world is our sense of smell. Every season has its own bounty of scents.  

Why not put together a small wooden crate with shredded paper and nestle four different luxury candles in the box?  

Each candle could represent a different season. Be sure to pick candles with different colors. Attach a sweet message to each candle with your wish for your friend or family member for that season.

For spring, a delicate floral-scented candle with notes of blooming lilacs or the scent of fresh rain captures the essence of renewal and growth.

Transitioning into summer, a tropical coconut and citrus blend evokes warm beach days and sun-soaked adventures.

Embrace the coziness of fall with a rich, spicy pumpkin or cinnamon candle reminiscent of crisp apple-picking excursions.

Finally, for the serene beauty of winter, a comforting evergreen or peppermint candle brings to mind snow-covered landscapes and holiday gatherings by the fireplace.

This gift of candles not only offers a fragrant representation of the changing seasons but also provides a comforting and aromatic experience throughout the year.

Hygge Gifts for Best Friends - Seasonal Soaps in a Box with Shredded Paper
Hygge Gifts for Best Friends – Seasonal Homemade Soaps Make Amazing Gifts

You could also do seasonal soaps instead of the candles if you prefer.

It’s one of those custom gifts that will have your friend thinking about your thoughtfulness all year long.

2. Restful Sunday

Hygge Gifts for Best Friends - Restful Sunday - Teapot, Votive Candle Holder, Book, and Blanket
Hygge Gifts for Best Friends – Restful Sunday

Giving a gift basket filled with carefully selected items for a restful Sunday is a gesture of genuine care and thoughtfulness.

Each item in the basket embodies the desire to create a tranquil oasis for the recipient. It’s a way of saying, “Take a break. You deserve it.”

This gift is a reminder that amidst life’s hustle and bustle, it’s essential to pause, unwind, and nurture oneself.

Ideas on what to include in this gift basket

  • Cozy blanket: Start with a soft and plush throw blanket for wrapping up in comfort.
  • Crossword Puzzles with new pencils: Crossword puzzles offer a delightful mental exercise, allowing the recipient to unwind while engaging their mind in a fun and relaxing way.
  • Hygge Puzzle Scene: I love this Merry Moonlight Skaters puzzle. Puzzles are perfect gifts for best friends.
  • Aromatherapy candles: Include scented candles in calming fragrances like lavender or chamomile.
  • Comfy socks or chenille slippers: Cozy socks or slippers for extra warmth and comfort.
  • Assorted Books or Magazines: Add a book or magazine tailored to the recipient’s interest.
  • Mindfulness journal: Include a journal for reflecting, jotting down thoughts, or practicing gratitude.
  • Snacks: Include gourmet snacks like chocolates, nuts, and popcorn.
  • Peaceful note: Write them a heartfelt note wishing them a peaceful Sunday. A personal note is one of the best gifts you can give.
  • Pajamas: Everyone could use a new comfy pajama set.

3. Tea Garden Gift Basket for Tea Lovers

Cozy Gift Ideas for Best Friend - Tea Garden Gift Basket - Cup of Chamomile Tea
Cozy Gift Ideas for Best Friend – Tea Garden Gift Basket for Tea Lovers

Creating a gift basket centered around the idea of a backyard tea garden is a delightful and thoughtful gesture for tea enthusiasts and garden lovers alike.

To craft the perfect tea garden basket, start with a charming container that reflects the garden theme. Include items like seeds or young plants like chamomile, mint, or lavender to get their garden started. You could also include a gift card for their favorite nursery instead.

Add gardening essentials like gloves, a small trowel, and plant markers for a practical touch. Enhance the experience with beautifully designed tea cups or mugs, a tea infuser or strainer, and a selection of high-quality loose-leaf teas or herbal blends and tea candy.

Did you know Amazons sell Tea Advent Calendars? This would make a great gift idea!

You can also include a gardening book with tips on growing and harvesting tea ingredients. To complete the theme, consider adding some decorative elements like floral tea towels.

This tea garden gift basket not only encourages the joy of gardening, but also provides the ingredients for a relaxing and aromatic tea experience.

I wrote an article on How to Create a Tea Garden that will help you come up with even more ideas for your themed gift basket. It’s one of those friendship gifts that will delight any tea drinker.

Tea Gardening Books on Amazon

Growing Your Own Tea Garden: The Guide to Growing and Harvesting Flavorful Teas in Your Backyard

Homegrown Tea: A Homegrown Guide to Planning, Harvesting, and Blending Teas Tisanes

Herbal Tea Gardens: 22 Plans for Your Enjoyment and Well-Being

4. Secret Family Recipe

Hygge Gifts for Best Friends - Secret Family Recipe - Rustic Savory Tart
Hygge Gifts for Best Friends – Secret Family Recipe

Surprising your best friend with a homemade tart and your secret recipe is a gift that lets them know you consider them family. Not only does it showcase your culinary talents, but it also carries the warmth and comfort of a home-cooked meal.

To make the gift even more unique, you can include a personalized recipe card with a heartfelt note sharing the story behind the dish and the cherished memories associated with it.

Consider pairing the tart with a beautiful oven-to-table baking dish or a set of cozy oven mitts, adding practicality and style to their kitchen.

As a finishing touch, include a bottle of wine or a bouquet of fresh flowers. This thoughtful gesture goes beyond just a meal; it reflects the love and appreciation you have for your best friend, making it a truly remarkable and heartwarming gift.

5. Cozy Bath Gift Basket

Hygge Gifts for Best Friends – Cozy Bath Gift Basket

Surprising your best friend with an at-home spa gift basket is a gesture of self-care and relaxation that can truly brighten their day.

Start with a luxurious assortment of scented bath salts, essential oils, and plush towels to create a spa-like atmosphere.

A towel warmer is probably something they won’t buy for themselves. Their nightly bath with warm towels and flannel jammies is even more amazing now.

Enhance the experience with a beautiful bath tray to hold the new book you gave them to read while they unwind in the tub. You can also include a small box of gourmet chocolates to indulge in while they soak their cares away.

6. Cozy Read

Hygge Gifts for Best Friends - Magazine Subscription - Two Victoria Magazines Displayed
Hygge Gifts for Best Friends – Magazine Subscription

Giving a gift of a magazine subscription to your best friend is a thoughtful and wonderful idea for several reasons.

It shows that you’ve taken the time to consider their interests and hobbies. You can choose a magazine that aligns with their passions, whether it’s fashion, cooking, travel, or any other subject.

Secondly, it’s a gift that keeps on giving, offering a monthly dose of inspiration, entertainment, and knowledge. Each issue arriving in their mailbox is a reminder of your friendship and thoughtfulness throughout the year.

A magazine subscription can also provide a welcome break from the world, encouraging your friend to relax and unwind with the pleasure of flipping through the pages.

It’s a personalized and enduring gesture that brings joy, surprises, and a little piece of your friendship into their life regularly.

Here are some magazine subscription gift ideas

Bella Grace Magazine

Bella Grace magazine is a captivating and inspirational publication that celebrates the beauty of everyday life. Through its beautifully designed pages, heartfelt stories, and stunning photography, Bella Grace encourages readers to find joy, gratitude, and creativity in the simple moments.

Tea Time Magazine

Tea Time Magazine is a delightful publication that captures the timeless charm and ritual of tea culture.
This magazine is not just about tea: it’s a celebration of the art of tea, featuring exquisite tea recipes, table settings, and stories that transform readers into a world of refined indulgence.

Victoria Magazine

Giving a subscription to Victoria magazine is a truly enchanting and thoughtful gesture. This publication transports its readers to a world of timeless elegance, gracious living, and all things beautiful. It has captivating articles on home decor, fashion, travel, and fine dining.

7. Soup Lover

Hygge Gifts for Best Friend - Soup Lover Gift Basket
Hygge Gifts for Best Friend – Soup Lover Basket

If your best friend is a soup lover, they will be thrilled with a gift dedicated to a nourishing meal. A carefully curated gift basket is designed to enhance their soup-making experience.

You can buy your friend a stockpot and use it as the base for your gift. Fill the pot with a soup ladle, homemade croutons or breadsticks, oversized table napkins, and the dry ingredients of your favorite soup layered in a Mason jar along with the recipe.

A certificate for pottery lessons for your friend to make their own soup bowls would also be a nice touch. You can tie a plaid neck scarf around the soup pot for a festive look.

This gift basket is not only a celebration of their love for soup but also an invitation to explore new flavors and savor cozy moments with a steaming bowl of homemade goodness.

8. What’s Cooking?

The Best Hygge Gifts for Best Friend - Cookbook with Kitchen Gadget - Basket with Wooden Spoons, Cookbook, and Spices
The Best Hygge Gifts for Best Friend – Cookbook with Kitchen Gadget

Presenting your best friend with a cookbook wrapped in the newspaper’s food section is a thoughtful gift idea combining print media’s charm with the joy of cooking. Top the gift with a kitchen gadget that pairs with the theme of the cookbook.

This gift is not just about the recipes; it’s an invitation to embark on a culinary adventure.

Examples of these culinary gift pairings are:

Cookbook: Baking Bread Kitchen Gadget: Bread knife or bread warmer

Cookbook: Mexican Street Food Kitchen Gadget: Tortilla press or taco holders

Cookbook: BBQ Recipes Kitchen Gadget: Grilling tongs

Cookbook: French Cuisine Kitchen Gadget: Corkscrew opener

Cookbook: Vegetarian Recipes Kitchen Gadget: Vegetable peeler

Cookbook: Just Desserts Kitchen Gadget: Measuring spoons or pastry brush

Cookbook: Thai Cuisine Kitchen Gadget: Mortar and pestle for grinding spices

Cookbook: Italian Cuisine Kitchen Gadget: Garlic press

Cookbook: Sushi Kitchen Gadget: Sushi Rolling Mat

You can also tie clear glass tubes with stoppers to the package with various exotic spices.

These cookbook and kitchen gadget pairings make a thoughtful and practical gift for culinary enthusiasts. They are also a simple gift idea for a long-distance friendship.

9. Adventure Awaits

Hygge Gifts for Best Friends - Adventure Awaits Gift Basket - Vintage Map with Magnifying Glass
Hygge Gifts for Best Friends – Adventure Awaits Gift Basket

Giving your best friend a gift basket filled with items related to a city, state, or country they’ve always dreamed about visiting but haven’t had a chance to explore is like handing them a treasure chest of dreams waiting to be unlocked.

With each carefully chosen item, you’re not just giving them tangible souvenirs but igniting their wanderlust and inspiring future adventures.

From local delicacies to travel guides, the gift basket promises exciting experiences yet to come.

Vermont-Themed Gift Basket

Hygge Gifts for Best Friends - Vermont-Themed Gift Basket - Vermont Maple Syrup
Hygge Gifts for Best Friends – Vermont-Themed Gift Basket
  • Map of Vermont – Start your gift basket with a map of Vermont to set the theme and encourage exploration.
  • Maple Syrup – Vermont is famous for its high-quality maple syrup, so include a bottle made in Vermont. This leaf-shaped maple syrup bottle is adorable.
  • Local Cheese – Cabot Cheese has a factory in Vermont and offers tours and samples of its cheese varieties.
  • Vermont-Themed Mug – A cozy mug representing Vermont will have your friend dreaming of adventures.
  • Local Artisanal Goods – Look for locally made candles, soaps, or pottery.
  • Vermont Hiking or Nature Guide – If your friend enjoys the outdoors, a guidebook about Vermont’s natural beauty will be an excellent addition. Here’s a Scenic Driving Guide to Vermont.
  • Picture Frame – The perfect vessel to showcase memories of your friend’s future trip.

Paris-Themed Gift Basket

Hygge Gifts for Best Friends - Paris-Themed Gift Basket with Eiffel Tower Snow Globe
Hygge Gifts for Best Friends – Paris-Themed Gift Basket
  • French Pastries – Add some gourmet French pastries or macarons.
  • Travel Guide to Paris – A travel guidebook will help your friend plan a future trip.
  • Paris-Themed Journal – Encourage your friend to jot down their travel dreams and plans in a new journal.
  • French Wine – Include a bottle of French wine, perhaps a Bordeaux or Champagne.
  • Eiffel Tower Decor – A miniature Eiffel Tower is the perfect centerpiece for your gift basket.
  • French Perfume – A small bottle of French perfume can be a luxurious touch.
  • Paris-Themed Puzzle – A jigsaw puzzle featuring a famous Paris landmark, like the Louvre or Notre Dame.
  • French Poetry Book – Include a book by a famous French poet.
  • French Cooking Class Voucher – A cooking class focused on French cuisine could be a fantastic experience. It’s also the perfect present you can do together.

The best gift ideas are a gesture of love, friendship, and a longing for the adventures that await us in a place we’ve only dreamt of and will one day turn that dream into a reality.

10. Gift of Nostalgia

Hygge Gifts for Best Friends – Gift of Nostalgia

Presenting your best friend with a gift of nostalgia is like handing them a time capsule of cherished memories and shared experiences.

To create your friendship gift, gather mementos that evoke a sense of your history together. The gift would be a heartfelt reminder of the bonds that time and distance can’t diminish, a testament to the enduring strength of friendship, and a source of joy in reliving those cherished moments.

Here are just some ideas to include in your Gift of Nostalgia:

Hygge Gifts for Best Friends - Champagne Toast
Hygge Gifts for Best Friends – Champagne Toast
  • Vintage poster of a travel destination you went to together.
  • A framed photo of the two of you together.
  • Concert or theater tickets for an event you both would love.
  • A personalized wooden cutting board with a quote that means something to both of you.
  • A new book by a favorite author you both enjoy reading.
  • Jar of 365 happy memories of your friend and the qualities you love about them.
  • “Open When” Letters: A collection of letters for them to open for future events.
  • A bottle of champagne and glasses to open when your friend accomplishes the dream she always talks to you about.
  • Matching friendship bracelets.
  • You could also include small gifts, each representing an experience you had together that strengthened your friendship.

We’ve reached the end of Hygge Gifts for Best Friends. I hope you enjoyed it.

Let me know in the comments below how you liked the article and what your favorite cozy gift ideas have been. I hope one of these gifts reflects the special bond you have with your friend.

Be sure you join our Creating a Cozy Life group. You’re not going to believe how amazing it is!  

I created a pin for hygge gifts for best friends to add to your hygge board on Pinterest so you can refer back to it again.

You can follow me here on PINTEREST. If you give any of these best friend gifts during the holiday season and take a photo, be sure to tag me here on INSTAGRAM.

Thanks for stopping by! I’m so happy you found us.

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10 Creative Hygge Gifts for Best Friends
10 Creative Hygge Gifts for Best Friends

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