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Create a Hygge Bedroom You NEVER Want to Leave!!

Are you looking to create a hygge bedroom you never want to leave but don’t know how to start? These Hygge Cozy Bedroom ideas will help you begin creating a retreat from the rest of the world.

How to Create a Hygge Bedroom

How to Create a Hygge Bedroom - Photo of Cozy Bed with Wooden Headboard
How to Create a Hygge Bedroom

To find more ideas on living the hygge lifestyle, Hygge Home Decor: 31 Ways to Make it Cozy and 31 ideas on How to Hygge are both excellent sources for beginning your journey.

What is Hygge?

Instead of living your life on autopilot, the Danish concept of hygge is a way of life that brings deep contentment to your soul.

The Scandinavian lifestyle prioritizes the feeling of coziness in our hygge home, cultivating a rich family life, developing deep friendships, and nurturing ourselves.

Creating a hygge bedroom is one step on the path to living a life you love that reflects the Scandinavian way of life. describes the word “hygge” about the Danish lifestyle: “the feeling of coziness and contentment evoked by simple comforts, as being wrapped in a blanket, having good conversations, and enjoying good food.

Creating a Cozy Bedroom - Photo of a Cozy Bed with a Wooden Bed and Lights
Creating a Cozy Bedroom

What are Hygge Bedrooms?

You will spend a large portion of your life in your bedroom, so making it as comfortable and peaceful as possible is essential for your well-being. The Danish word hygge is about creating cozy surroundings, as well as enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

The world has become increasingly more uncertain and stressful. Learning how to relax has become a foreign concept to our bodies and souls with our busy lives.

We save our money to find the peace we search for elsewhere during our vacation weeks.

There’s no need to escape on vacation when you find that deep place of peace in your bedroom eight to ten hours a day.

You want the day’s stresses to melt away when you enter your bedroom. Interior design is a personal choice that should put comfort at the top of the list.

Your goal is to turn your bedroom into a personal sanctuary where prayer, connection, relaxation, solitude, and a restful sleep give us the energy to bring what the daylight hours bring. It’s the perfect way to begin and end each day.

Creating a Cozy Life Group

Since you found this article on creating a hygge bedroom, I’m guessing you like all things cozy living. I made a Facebook group called Creating a Cozy Life with over 185,000 like-minded souls.

It’s a group where we share recipes, pictures of things that leave you in awe, and ideas on how to make your life a little more snug. Join here to be part of the virtual cozy cabin.

“The bed has become a place of luxury to me! I would not exchange it for all the thrones in the world.”


Here’s How to Create a Hygge Bedroom You Never Want to Leave:

1. Layer your bed with cozy blankets and bedding

Hygge Bedroom Ideas - Cozy Blankets and Bedding
Hygge Bedroom Ideas – Cozy Blankets and Bedding

Having the right bedding that reflects the season is essential to creating a cozy bedroom. In the summer, you want cool sheets and a light cover.

Fall is when the heavier layers of bedding come out of the linen closet. Having a variety of textures looks good and feels good at the same time. Make sure you have enough blankets for even the coldest winter night.

I have a down comforter on my bed that has turned into my dog’s thunder blanket. She’s terrified of thunderstorms and dives under the blanket whenever a storm begins.

Grayson has become quite attached to her comforter and bunches it all up for cloud-like bedding. We all deserve the cozy vibe Grayson gets every night sleeping under her special cover.

Hygge Bedroom Textured Blanket with Mug of Coffee
Hygge Bedroom Textured Blanket

Did you know that the homemaker made their plain, white bedsheets for centuries until the 1920s? According to the book The Sacred Bedroom, it wasn’t until the 1930s that bedsheets became mass-produced.

At the end of World War II is when patterned sheets became popular. The interest in patterned sheets was due to the Duchess of Windsor picking out silk printed sheets in Paris and showing them on her bed.

The popularity of printed sheets helped revive American mills, failing due to the durability of the white linens they were producing.

Textile mills hired designers to make patterned sheets, and by the 1970s, printed sheets were outselling standard white sheets.

2. Comfortable Mattress

Hygge Style Bedroom with Comfortable Mattress
Hygge Style Bedroom with Comfortable Mattress

Hopefully, you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night, and you want to do it in a cozy bed. Look into a pillow-top mattress pad if a new bed isn’t in the budget.

Years ago, my back kept going out, and I spent quite a bit of money at the chiropractor to fix the problem. It turns out it was my mattress. After I replaced it, I haven’t had a problem since.

Think of your mattress as the foundation of a good night’s sleep. It is one of the most important things you should invest in your bedroom.

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, here’s an article on How to Choose a Mattress from

3. Choose Soothing Colors

How to Create a Hygge Bedroom - Layered Bed
How to Create a Hygge Bedroom – Layered Bed

Picking the right color palette is essential for creating a cocoon-like atmosphere. Soft greens, blues, lavender, greens, and pink are all excellent choices for the color of a bedroom.

Neutral colors will also work well in your hygge master bedroom. White, ivory, taupe, gray, and black give you the ability to add more color to your bedding and accessories.

Vibrant colors are best suited for other rooms of the house. Your bedroom is a place of rest, and you want the paint color to reflect that mood.

Different tones of the same color create a soothing effect in decorating this bedroom.

4. Picking the right headboard

Hygge Master Bedroom - Photo of Pink Fabric Headboard in a Bedroom
Hygge Master Bedroom – Headboard Inspiration

Finding a headboard that matches your bedroom style is vital in designing your cozy bedroom. The bed is usually the focal point of the room, and the headboard sets the look of the rest of the room.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a headboard. One made of pallet wood can be just as stunning as a French country bed frame. I found a chippy hand-painted headboard in a thrift store that gives my bedroom a Paris vibe for $65.

Cozy Bedroom Decor Ideas - Fabric Headboard
Cozy Bedroom Decor Ideas – Fabric Headboard

Ornate folding screens, vintage doors, padded material, iron bed, poster bed, and tapestries can be transformed into headboards with success.

Using a bookcase as a headboard would make reading a very convenient activity.

5. Throw Pillows – Lots of Them!

Photo of Pretty Throw Pillows for a Hygge Bedroom
Pretty Throw Pillows for a Hygge Bedroom

I’m the type of person that thinks there can never be enough pillows. I have two backrest pillows with ticking, two long pillows, and two regular pillows on my bed, and sometimes I think even that isn’t enough.

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to add color to your room, tie the decor together, and provide comfort at the same time.

The pink pillows pop against the white pillows and the dark gray tufted headboard in the photo above.

Cozy Bedroom with Plants

Here are three different pillow patterns: floral, gingham, and faux fur fluffy pillow in light gray and white colors. They give visual interest leaning up against the dark gray headboard.

Layering throw pillows with varying patterns and different textures will give your bed visual interest and provide comfort at the same time.

6. Cozy throw rugs

Photo of Cozy Rug in a Hygge Bedroom
Cozy Rug in a Hygge Bedroom

If you don’t have carpeting in your hygge master bedroom, then having either one large rug or multiple throw rugs on your wooden floors will help create a hygge atmosphere.

Having hygge area rugs to put your feet on a cold winter morning when you get out of bed is also an incentive to find the right one for your home.

The perfect rug can also tie all the colors of your room together. It also adds another layer of design to your room.

7. Natural Materials

How to Make Your Bedroom Hygge with Natural Materials
How to Make Your Bedroom Hygge with Houseplants

Bringing nature into your decorating plan is always a winning strategy in my book. Plants, fresh flowers, wood elements, seashells, rocks, bamboo, and even pinecones can add warm textures to your bedroom that makes a heart happy.

Cozy Bedroom with Houseplants
Cozy Bedroom with Houseplants

Houseplants also help purify the air in addition to creating a hygge atmosphere. Some of the best air-filtering plants are Boston fern, English ivy, bamboo palm, Chinese evergreen, and heart-leaf philodendron.

The bright green foliage can make your space feel more inviting to your soul. Bringing the natural world into our homes instantly transforms them into a more serene space.

Hygge Bedroom with Houseplants

8. Fairy Lights

How to Hygge Your Bedroom with Fairy Lights
How to Hygge Your Bedroom with Fairy Lights

Fairy lights and bedrooms go together like bread and butter. Hanging fairy lights above your headboard will provide the warm atmosphere that only soft lighting can offer.

You could also put fairy lights in large Mason jars for a warm glow. Sometimes it’s the little things that have the biggest impact in transforming a room.

Cozy Bedroom with String of Lights
Cozy Bedroom with String of Lights

9. Sweet dreams with the right scents

Hygge Bedroom Ideas - Scents
Hygge Bedroom Ideas – Scents

Infusing your hygge style bedroom with scents that lull you into a deep sleep will pay dividends.

Did you know that rubbing a little bit of lavender essential oil on your pillowcase before bedtime is one of the best-known cures for insomnia?

If you sleep with a hot water bottle in winter, slip a sachet of dried chamomile or lavender inside the cover or keep a small bowl of the herbs on your bedside table.

In my article on Cozy Hygge Bedtime Rituals to Try Tonight, I share a study that smelling roses before bedtime lead to three times happier dreams.

10. Natural Light

Cozy Bedroom with Natural Light
Cozy Bedroom with Natural Light

If you’re lucky enough to have natural light in your bedroom, the best way to show it off is to have both sheer curtains and cloth drapes.

The sheer drapes let you flood the bedroom space with natural light and still have some privacy during the day.

11. Add texture to your walls

Hygge Bedroom Decor Ideas - Photo of Wall Texture in a Bedroom
Hygge Bedroom Decor Ideas – Texture on Wall

I recently toured decorated high-end homes in a local Parade of Homes. I found hygge bedroom inspiration with the design element of adding wood texture to just one of the walls in the bedroom. It’s an easy way to add beauty and dimension to a plain wall simultaneously.

In one bedroom, they painted the one wall a different color. The wall was painted white in the other bedroom below, like the other three walls.

You eliminate the need for a headboard when you have such an interesting architectural element.

How to Make Your Bedroom Hygge - Photo of Texture on the Walls
How to Make Your Bedroom Hygge – Wall Texture

12. Wallpaper

Photo of Hygge Bedroom Sanctuary with Wallpaper
Hygge Bedroom Sanctuary with Wallpaper

The right wallpaper can change the whole ambiance of the room. You don’t even have to wallpaper the entire room, and just one wall can create the feel of the space you want.

Hygge Design Bedroom Wallpaper
Hygge Design Bedroom Wallpaper

I love how this floral wallpaper comes alive with the complimentary-colored accessories throughout the bedroom. This bedroom has two primary colors, cream, and dark gray. The accent color is a dark blush.

13. Cozy Lighting

Hygge Bedroom Light
Hygge Bedroom Light

One of my favorite hygge bedroom design ideas is to replace your ceiling light with a chandelier. It adds such a romantic touch to any room.

You can also maximize space with wall-mounted light fixtures above the headboard.

How to Make Your Bedroom Hygge with Lighting - Photo of Cozy Bedroom with End Tables with Lights
How to Make Your Bedroom Hygge

A pair of silver lamps flanking the bed on side tables adds simplistic beauty to this bedroom. Adding soft bedside lamps are functional as well as beautiful. A photo, book, doves, and a small bouquet accessorize the look.

Hygge Bedroom Chandelier
Hygge Bedroom Chandelier

A bedroom chandelier is a beautiful way to light up your room and add elegance at the same time. Changing a flush-mounted ceiling light for a beautiful chandelier is an easy way to transform your bedroom.

If you want a unique look, look for vintage and antique lighting. Make sure the chandelier has recent rewiring if it’s an older one.

14. Design Secret

Hygge Bedroom Lace Curtains
Hygge Bedroom Lace Curtains

I’m going to let you in on a little design secret.

If you want your ceilings to appear taller, mount your curtain rods above the top of your window molding.

You can mount the curtains 3″ to 10″ above the window molding, but make sure they are 2″ below the ceiling.

15. Improve your view

Hygge Bedroom Window Box with Flowers
Cozy Bedroom Floral Window Box

When I moved into my new home, I was stunned to see a Camelia bush in bloom right outside my bedroom window.

Unfortunately, I can’t add a window box because my window goes too low, but the trio of bushes planted rewards me with beautiful greenery and flowers year-round.

One window box changes a ho-hum view into something stunning. You can change the look according to the season with seasonal flowers and natural elements.

16. Bedroom mirrors

Hygge Bedroom Mirror
Hygge Bedroom Mirror

Mirrors add a cozy touch to any hygge bedroom and make a room feel larger than it really is.

This simple floor-length mirror doesn’t take up much room in this bedroom, yet makes a significant impact.

Hygge Bedroom Dresser and Mirror with Tree
Hygge Bedroom Dresser and Mirror

Mirrors are also an excellent way to reflect your bedroom window if you have a good view when positioned right. As an a bonus, it will reflect the light.

Hygge Bedroom Mirror Reflecting the Light
Hygge Bedroom Mirror and Picture

Here’s another bedroom dresser mirror that reflects the window’s view. Instead of hanging the mirror, it simply leans onto the wall with a drawing placed in front.

17. Tea service

Hygge Bedroom Tea Tray
Hygge Bedroom Tea Tray

Breakfast in Bed. Whether you cozy up in your bed with a warm cup of tea or have a luxurious breakfast with fresh-squeezed orange juice, muffins, scones, eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, or toast – a bed tray is a great way to create beautiful memories.

A small bud vase with a fresh flower, your best china, and a cloth napkin will add a touch of glamour to your tray.

18. Candlelight in the Bedroom

Candles in a Hygge Bedroom
Candlelight adds Coziness to Bedrooms

Candles are a must-have in your hygge decor.

A collection of candle holders look beautiful when gathered together on a tray. Votive candles surround candlestick holders with tapers on a silver tray that will reflect their light.

Hygge Bedroom Side Table with Candle
Hygge Bedroom Side Table with Candle

Candlelight is an easy way you can add ambiance to your bedroom. Chunky candles in a Mason jar give your bedroom a rustic vibe.

Electric candles give the same ambiance without the possibility of a fire.

19. Cozy Bedroom with Fireplace

Hygge Design Bedroom with Fireplace
Hygge Design Bedroom

A fireplace in the bedroom can make a room. Most of our bedrooms don’t already have a fireplace, but electronic fireplaces are now affordable and can make your bedroom instantly warm and cozy.

20. Fresh Flowers

Bouquet of Flowers on a Bedside Table
Bouquet of Flowers on a Bedside Table

Adding fresh flowers to your bedroom is an inexpensive luxury that you’ll love. Awakening to the sight of flowers first thing in the morning is a beautiful way to start your day and a reminder of the good things in life.

Branches of flowering fruit trees, a pot of violets, or a bouquet you pick up on the last trip to the farmer’s market will make you smile every time you enter your hygge bedroom.

21. Cozy Chair

Hygge Bedroom Cozy Loveseat
Hygge Bedroom Cozy Loveseat

A loveseat at the foot of your bed is a easy way to create a cozy space to enjoy an intimate meal, snack, or cocktail with your beloved.

This loveseat matches the bedding and has two ottomans that can hold trays of food and drinks. Beautiful floral pillows and a casual throw add to the coziness of this bedroom.

Cozy Bedroom Side Chair
Cozy Bedroom Side Chair

A comfortable side chair in your hygge bedroom is an excellent way to wind down at the end of the day and give yourself a little pampering time before crawling into bed.

Even if you have a small space, making room for a cozy nook just for you with a comfy chair to craft, sip tea, or read will let the cares of the day melt away. Reading a good book before you go to sleep is a calming way to end the day.

22. Bed Canopy

Hygge Bedroom Canopy
Hygge Bedroom Canopy

There’s something so romantic about a bed canopy. It makes you feel like you’re in a different world. A sheer white bed canopy will instantly transform your bedroom and give you those hygge vibes the moment you enter the room.

This canopy bed is topped with a faux fur cozy blanket that makes your bedroom an irresistible place to be.

Hygge Pink Bedroom with White Canopy
Hygge Pink Bedroom with White Canopy

We’ve reached the end of how to create your Hygge Bedroom Sanctuary. I hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite ways are to create your ideal hygge bedroom.

Don’t forget to join our Cozy Living Group. You’re not going to believe how amazing it is!

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Thanks for stopping by! I’m so happy you found us.

Overhead View of Cozy Hygge Bed - How to Create a Cozy Hygge Bedroom Pin for Pinterest / Bedroom Ideas / Bedroom Decor / Bedroom Inspirations / Bedroom Design
How to Create a Cozy Hygge Bedroom

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