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Themed Family Dinner Ideas

Themed Family Dinner Ideas will help you spice up your evening meal and create new memories along the way.

“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” – Ronald Reagan

Themed Family Dinner Ideas - Overhead view of a family table with seven family members digging into food

Every night we sit down and spend time with our favorite people in the world.  Adding themes for family dinners to the nightly routine will give lasting memories that your children can hand down through the generations.

I was watching a YouTube interview with a famous chef and restaurant owner.  In the interview, she discussed how important family meals have been throughout history.

Most of our lives are running at full-speed, so she feels that sitting down together as a family and giving the care to create memorable meals through the food and setting is paramount to living a happy life.

I think she had the right idea. Family meals are important, but sometimes their importance becomes lost in our everyday routines.

So I decided to put together some Themed Family Dinner Night Ideas, with a few dinner conversation starters in case you need them.  

You can add one or several of these ideas to create a little variety to your evenings.  

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Here are the Themed Family Dinner Night Ideas: 

Themed Family Dinner Ideas #1 – Around the World

Themed Family Dinner Ideas - Around the World - a black plate with horserasdish sauce in a small bowl, sauerkraut, and sausages with a sprinkling of fresh chopped parsley

Why settle with the same type of food every night when you can savor the dishes from around the world?  

If you decide to make this a themed family dinner weekly tradition, you can feature dishes from one country every week.  You can have some of the ingredients in the recipes as a show-and-tell.  

A mini-globe can be the centerpiece of your themed evening.  You can show your family where the country is on the map.

Another idea is to have an evening that features the recipes that each state in the United States is famous for, instead of profiling a country.   

Some ideas for Around the World Family Dinner Themes: 

An Evening in Paris 

Asian Temptations 

Take me to the Caribbean 

Spanish Flavors 

Greek Cuisine 

Flavors of India 

German Specialties 

A night of Hungary food 

Dinner conversation ideas for Around the World: 

The conversation can be around the country that your recipes came from.  Discuss what holidays they celebrate, what a day in the life of someone that lives there is like, and things they traditionally do together as a family.  

Themed Family Dinner Ideas #2 – Welcome to the 1950’s  

Themed Family Dinner Night Ideas - 1950's Kitchen with turquoise cabinets and a retro refrigerator and a red dining table and chairs on checkered black and white flooring

Take your family back in time to a different era.  You can feature a different decade for each themed night.  

Look on the internet for recipes that were served during that period of time and encourage your family members to dress appropriately.  You can help the small children pick out their outfits.  

If you have any family heirlooms from the decade your featuring, you can bring them to the table as decor.  

Dinner conversation ideas for Welcome to the 1950s themed family dinner night:

Talk about how some of the more unusual food dishes that were popular in that era, what different clothing items were popular, and how kids entertained themselves during that decade.  

You can also get a list of the top names given to children during that decade and unusual phrases that were popular.  How about playing some music from the era you’re showcasing?  

After dinner, you can play games that were favorites during that decade.  

Themed Family Dinner Ideas #3 – Mexican Fiesta Night 

Themed Family Dinner Night - Mexican Fiesta - Mexican sombrero on a colorful striped Mexican blanket

You might already have Taco Tuesday as a rotating theme for your family dinners, but why not take it up a notch and create a night that everyone will love?  

How about wearing a sombrero when you put together your meal and play festive traditional Mexican music in the background?  

Each Mexican Fiesta night can feature a different dishes like fajitas, enchiladas, tostadas, tacos, quesadillas, and burritos.  

Traditional desserts like flan and deep-fried ice cream would top the evening off in style.

Here’s my recipe for Homemade Fajita Seasoning Mix.  

You can go a step further and make homemade salsa, taco seasoning mix, and fajita seasoning mix. How about teaching the kids how to make tortillas?  

For a craft project before the dinner, the kids can help you make a piñata to use as a table centerpiece.  

Dinner conversation ideas for Mexican Fiesta themed dinner nights:  

Find out how to say all the things on your dinner menu in Spanish and have everyone memorize the words.  Talk about the customs and traditions in Mexico.  

Themed Family Dinner Ideas #4 – Chopped – a Spin Off 

Themed Family Dinner Nights - Chopped! A spin-off. - Basket with red and white checkered liner filled with bananas, wine, pineapple, artichokes, Swiss cheese, apples, grapes, avocados. On the side of the basket is a bowl of strawberries, garlic, pepper, jar of olives.

Have each family member go into the pantry or refrigerator and secretly pick out an ingredient.  Everyone reveals their chosen ingredient simultaneously, and the head chef of the night gets to come up with a culinary masterpiece using those ingredients.  

This idea will help stretch your creative juices and produce memorable meals that no one will soon forget! 

Dinner conversation ideas for Chopped – a Spin-Off themed family dinner: 

You can talk about all the ingredients used for the meal.  How the produce is grown, how wheat becomes flour, what it takes to raise healthy chickens for eggs, and how factories can, bottle, and package items at a brisk pace.  

Bonus:  Set up a factory tour if there’s one available in your area.  I’ve been on a soup-making factory tour, chocolate-making tour, and I’ve been at Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream facility sampling their flavors. 

Themed Family Dinner Ideas #5 – All Our Favorites 

Family Themed Dinner Night Ideas - All Our Favorites - Plate with sliced glazed meatloaf, carrots, and mashed potatoes

This family dinner night features nothing but your family’s favorite recipes.  From appetizer to dessert, each dish is the best of the best.  

You can make this a weekly meal and switch off between family members who pick their favorite items to serve.  

My favorite recipe on my blog is the Best Meatloaf Recipe you’ll ever have.  You can find it here.  

How about adding Grandma’s favorite cake or Uncle Jim’s favorite salad to your meal as a reminder of family members unable to be there?  

Dinner conversation ideas for All Our Favorites family dinner theme nights:

Have several prompters to ask everyone what their favorite things are.  For instance:

What is your favorite family activity?

What is your favorite time of the day?  Day of the week? 

What was your favorite toy when you were little, and why was it so special?  

What’s been your favorite gift so far?  

Why do you like winter?  

Themed Family Dinner Ideas #6 – Fondue Night

Themed Family Dinner Ideas - Fondue Night - Fondue pot with cheese fondue with fondue forks with bread resting on top. Wedges of cheese are in the background.  

Fondue dinners were common in 18th century Switzerland.  Winters were harsh, and food was hard to come by.  Farmers used what little they had to make meals, and that’s how cheese fondue was born.  

The family gathered around the fireplace to share a warm meal.  They dipped pieces of bread, meat, and vegetables into a mixture of cheese, garlic, and a little wine to make their small portions go further.  

Here’s my recipe for cheese fondue.  

Dessert can be chocolate fondue with pieces of fruit to dip.  

Dinner conversation ideas for Fondue themed family dinner night:  

You can talk about 18th century Switzerland and its traditions and lifestyle.   Discuss life on the farm and what type of chores the family would partake in, how families would spend their evenings during the harsh winters, and what places you would visit if your family went on a trip to Switzerland. 

Themed Family Dinner Nights #7 – Farmers Market 

Themed Family Dinner Ideas - Farmers Market - Farmers market stand with galvanized buckets filled with carrots, green onions, radishes, parsley, beets and cabbages

Buying local food is good for your family, right for the community, and good for the farmers who practice sustainability.

 Creating a Farmers Market dinner night regularly will not only benefit your family, but it also helps all those lives you touch by spending your money to help support local food suppliers.  

Make your meal out of the ingredients you bought from local farms.  A fun idea would be to make a centerpiece made of fresh fruits and vegetables that you will use later in another meal.  

Dinner conversation ideas for Farmers Market fun dinner themes:

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a fun conversation for family members.  You can discuss how long it takes for each item to grow until it’s ready to be picked.  

You could also talk about how many varieties there are of each item, information about local farms and their practices, and how taking care of our land is important to the environment. 

Dinner time would be the perfect time to bring up ideas on what to grow at your home for future meals.  

Alice Waters (the chef of Chez Panisse and founder of the Slow Food Movement) talks about how since the beginning of time, we have been eating what’s locally available and what’s in season, taking care of the land, eating around the table with family and friends, and celebrating the harvest.

She went to France when she was 19, and she learned the value of  slow food culture.  You always set the table and took pride in making a beautiful place to gather together and share a meal.  

I love the idea of bringing that way of living back.  It’s essential to foster gratefulness in our homes for the food we eat, the farmers that grow it, and the nutrition we receive by eating fresh-picked produce.  

Themed Family Dinner Ideas #8 – Under the Sea  

Themed Dinner Ideas - Under the Sea - beach with shells and sand

Pick one night of the week to feature seafood.  There are so many different ideas for meals that your whole family will love. 

Fish and chips, shrimp pasta, clam chowder, miso-glazed salmon, fish tacos, seafood bisque, and crab cakes are just some of the ideas to pick from.  

Here’s my recipe for Authentic New England clam chowder.  

A clear glass bowl filled with shells would make a simple and beautiful table centerpiece for this theme.  You could also take Mason jars and add some sand and a tealight.  

Dinner conversation ideas for Under the Sea dinner night: 

It’s amazing that under the water that surrounds our countries is an entirely different world.  I’ve been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to see incredible things under the water in my lifetime.  

Learning about this beautiful world as a family is a perfect way to spend an evening.  You can focus on the type of seafood you use in your meal or expand your conversation to the ecosystem that lies below the blue sea.  

Themed Family Dinner Nights #9 – Fireside Supper

Themed Family Dinner Ideas - Fireplace Dinners - close-up of a roaring fire

When I was in my 20’s, I went to my cousin’s house for dinner.  It was one of the most amazing dinners of my life that I still remember.  

Our food was placed in foil packs and was cooking in the fireplace.  My cousin’s wife was busy making homemade pasta as we talked to her, and beautiful music played in the background.  

To say they were ahead of their time would be an understatement.  No one I had ever met before knew how to create such a cozy environment around a meal like they did that night.  

Even now, 30 years later, you don’t really hear of anyone cooking dinner in their fireplace.  

I’ve been watching interviews lately on YouTube with Alice Waters, as I mentioned earlier.  She loves to cook her meals in her fireplace.  When someone who was interviewing her came over for breakfast, she prepared an egg in a cast-iron ladle with a little olive oil.  

Rustically simple but magical at the same time.  

Another fireplace themed family dinner idea is to cook Hobo packs of food in the fireplace.  

If you don’t have a wood-burning fireplace at home, you can cook your fireside suppers outdoors in a fire pit.  

Dinner conversation ideas for Fireside Suppers:  

There is a product on Amazon that I love.  It is a deck of cards with questions to ask your family as a conversation starter.  It’s the perfect way to create a lively conversation on a cozy evening at home.  

Themed Family Dinner Ideas #10 – Breakfast for Dinner 

Themed Dinner Ideas - Breakfast for Dinner - French toast stacked on a white plate, topped with jelly and nuts

Every once in a while, there’s something wonderful about having breakfast for dinner.  Everyone can come to the dinner table, already dressed in their pajamas, for ultimate comfort.  

Pancakes, eggs and bacon, and French toast are just some tasty dishes to serve.  

Dinner conversation ideas for Breakfast for Dinner:  

You can discuss breakfast choices from around the world.  Children will be amazed to learn that not everyone has the same sense of what the perfect breakfast looks like.  

Themed Family Dinner Ideas #11 – Soup and Salad Night 

Themed Family Dinner Night Ideas - Soup and Salad Night - Woman's hands holding a bowl of soup and spoon with croutons

I love soup and salad.  Put them together, and you have a little slice of heaven, in my opinion.  

Winter is the perfect time to dedicate one themed family dinner night a week to a soup and salad meal.  You can expand this idea by adding chili and stews to the rotation.  

Here’s the recipe for my favorite soup: Rustic Hungarian Mushroom Soup.  So yummy!

Small dishes filled with soup toppings to add to your bowls are fun to add to the table.  Sour cream, chives, and homemade croutons are just some ideas.

Dinner conversation ideas for Soup and Salad Nights: 

You can talk about some of the ingredients in the soup and salad and how they help your body perform at it’s best.  

Themed Family Dinner Night Ideas #12 –  A Night of Appetizers

Themed Family Dinner Ideas - Appetizers - Slices of bruschetta on a wooden board

There’s something about appetizers that makes everything better.  Creating a family meal composed of nothing but appetizers would make your taste buds sing.  

Bruschetta, deviled eggs, won tons, egg rolls, grilled vegetable kabobs with dip, chicken wings, onion rings, potato skins, and popcorn shrimp are just some of the ideas to pick from. 

Dinner Conversation Ideas for A Night of Appetizers dinner menu themes:

Ask family members to describe wacky appetizer ingredient combinations.  The most creative appetizer idea wins a prize.

Themed Family Dinner Ideas #13 – Italian Night

Themed Family Dinner Ideas - Italian Night - Chalkboard with Italian Food written on it, fresh pasta, cheese wedges, fresh parsley, cherry tomatoes and shakers of spices

I’m a little obsessed with all things Italian.  Why not celebrate the Italian way of life by scheduling an Italian themed family dinner night on your meal rotations?  

There’s so many different dishes to pick from that your entire family will love for your themed family dinner night.  

A red and white checkered tablecloth will set the stage for your theme.  A clear glass jar filled with colored pasta would make an eye-catching centerpiece.

How about hanging an Italian flag before your evening starts?   And what would Italian dinner be without That’s Amore playing in the background?

Some ideas for food on your Italian Themed Family Dinner Night are: 

Homemade pizza 

Pasta night – spaghetti, fettuccini alfredo, pasta carbonara, pesto pasta, baked ziti, stuffed pasta shells, ravioli, 


Chicken Parmesan 

Italian pot roast

Italian beef sandwiches 

Chicken Piccata 

Chicken Cacciatore 


Skewers with grape tomatoes, chunks of cheese, and fresh basil.  Drizzle a little olive oil and Italian seasoning on the skewers once they are assembled. 


Italian sausage and peppers

Italian wedding soup 

Dinner Conversation Ideas for Italian Night:

What type of adventures would you like to experience?  

We’ve reached the end of Themed Family Dinner Night Ideas.  I hope you enjoyed it.

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