Kitchen Organizing Hacks for Lazy People

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Kitchen Organizing Hacks for Lazy People

Kitchen Organizing Hacks for Lazy People was really written for me. Why? Because somehow my kitchen is never able to stay clean long.

“My life at home gives me absolute joy. There are some days when, as soon as you’ve finished cooking breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen, it’s time to start lunch, and by the time you’ve done that, you’re doing dinner and thinking, ‘There has to be a menu we can order from.'” – Julia Roberts

This year I decided to make a concentrated effort on organizing my kitchen and most importantly, keeping it that way.  When I started organizing the kitchen, I looked for some organizational tools that would help and I found some amazing things that would keep everything ship shape in no time.

You don’t have to use all of the ideas below, but if you start on a section of your kitchen at a time, pretty soon your kitchen will be a clutter-free environment.

Here is the Kitchen Organizing Hacks for Lazy People:

1) Cabinets.

If you’re like me, there’s never enough cupboard space.  The key is to optimize each cabinet’s space and make sure you’re using every square space.

Cutting Board Organization

Hold your cutting boards in an out-of-a-way-place like the back of your cupboard door.

This SimpleHouseware Over the Cabinet Door Organizer Holder is a Best Seller on Amazon for a reason.


I always keep my spices in one of my kitchen cupboards, and they were definitely one of the most annoying spots of my house. I have a large variety of spices and finding the right one would take several minutes every time I cooked.

I finally took the time to find shelves that would hold my spices and it made cooking so much easier.

mDesign 3-Tier Expandable Spice Rack Cabinet Organizer for Kitchen 

I just came across this amazing spice rack – the Spicy Shelf Spice Rack and Stackable Organizer

If you store your spices in drawers – this organizer would work perfectly mDesign Expandable Spice Rack Organizer for Kitchen Drawer

2) Drawers.

Keep your cutlery organized with a kitchen utensils drawer organizer.

This bamboo organizer from Amazon expands, so you have the perfect fit for your drawer.

AmazonBasics Bamboo Expandable Kitchen Utensils Drawer Organizer

To organizer you knives, this knife block will keep things tidy.

Utoplike In-Drawer Bamboo knife block Drawer Organizer and Holder,fit for 12 knives and one sharpening steel

3) Refrigerators.

This wine holder will give your refrigerator more room and make finding things a whole lot easier.

Sorbus® Fridge Wine Rack- Refrigerator Bottle Rack Holds 3 Bottles of Your Favorite Wine or Drink Universal Bottle Holder Will Fit Most Fridges

I love these stackable bins that will keep like items together easily.

Sorbus Fridge Bins and Freezer Organizer Refrigerator Bins Stackable Storage Containers (6-Piece)

4) Freezer.

If you prep your meals and freeze them, these BPA containers are the perfect way to keep your freezer organized.

Meal Prep Containers [20 Pack] 3 Compartment with Lid, Kitchen Komforts BPA Free Plastic Reusable Food Storage Bento Box

I like to freeze leftover broth, herbs in oil and anything else needed to be portioned out in ice-cube trays and muffin trays.

Elbee 613 Coolest 15-Cube Silicone Ice Tray – 2-Piece Mold Set

Kelsey Adele King Cube Ice Tray with Lid – Premium Silicone Mold for 2″ Large Square Ice Cube, Soap, Muffin, Pudding, Baby Food Freezer Storage 

5) Counters.

Mugs look beautiful on this organizer and are easily within your reach.

Sorbus Mug Holder Tree Organizer/Drying Rack Stand (WHITE)

Paper towels will get a new look with this gorgeous wired holder.

InterDesign Twigz Paper Towel Holder for Kitchen Countertops – Bronze

6) Pantry.

One of the most annoying things in my pantry were my boxes of kitchen wrap.

Keeping them corraled became easy after getting a SimpleHouseware Kitchen Wrap Organizer Rack.

If you prefer to have them wall-mounted how about this?

SimpleHouseware Wall / Door Mount Kitchen Wrap Storage Organizer

I didn’t even know this teabag organizer existed until I started researching items for this article. Since I’m a big tea drinker, this caddy went on my must-buy list.

The caddy will reduce the clutter of those pesky boxes of tea and make it easy to browse through what you have. It also lets you know right away if you’re running low on one of your favorite flavor of tea.

YouCopia TeaStand 100+ Tea Bag Organizer,

Who doesn’t have lots of canned food items tumbling over in your cupboards?

Stacking cans will make your life a whole lot easier with the SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer

mDesign Canned Food Storage and Soda Organizer for Kitchen Pantry or Cabinet – Pack of 2, Clear

We’ve reached the end of Kitchen Organizing Hacks for Lazy People.  I hope you found a few things that will help you on your home keeping journey.

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Let me know in the comments below if you tried any of the tools and how they worked for you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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