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200 Simple Things To Be Grateful For

Simple Things To Be Grateful For was inspired by a post I saw in Facebook.  Someone asked a group’s members what simple thing brought them the most joy and hundreds of people answered.

“If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.” – Eleonora Duse

I didn’t want my readers to miss out on all the fun.  Sometimes we forget that it is the little things that give use happiness.

The ideas are not placed in any special order.  This list is a great reminder of what we can be grateful for in each of our days.

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Here are the Simple Things To Be Grateful For: 

1. Being outside in nature

Nature is a soothing ointment to a weary soul.  It can replenish us within moments.

2. Biting into a slice of ice-cold watermelon 

Watermelon season is July through August.  It’s one of the highlights of summer.

3. Reading a good book

Have you ever read a book you never wanted to end?  Here’s one of my favorite books that I’ve read recently.

4. Ice cream on a really hot day

With so many flavors of ice cream now, we can satisfy our sweet-tooth no matter what mood we’re in.

5. An unexpected day off

Getting an extra day off is decadent, even if you decide to use that time to catch up on your sleep.

6. Looking at giraffe  

Giraffe’s are 14 to 19 feet tall.  Just their legs can be 6 feet tall.  They are amazing.  Just watching a video of these gentle giants can bring joy to your day.

7. Watching a sunrise

Getting up early to watch a sunrise is worth the effort you make.  Bring a thermos and take in the spectacular show.

8. Scrapbooking and looking at all the pictures

9. Sleeping in on a cold morning

10. The first barbecue of summer

11. Having a dishwasher.  

12. A new experience. 

13. Building a sandcastle.  

14. Trees filled with apples. 

15. Not having laundry to do.

16. A hot shower first thing in the morning.

17. Puppies snoring. 

18. Cats purring. 

200 Simple Things to Be Grateful For - ginger kitten sleeping

19. Taking photographs. 

20. A bouquet of flowers. 

21. Hot bowl of soup. 

22. Writing in my journal. 

23. Going to church. 

24. A gourmet piece of chocolate. 

25. Finishing a task. 

26. Watching a thunderstorm. 

27. A clean house. 

28. Putting bare feet into the ocean. 

29. Beautiful music. 

30. Being debt-free. 

31. Watching people laugh. 

32. Snow falling outside the window. 

33. Listening to birds.  

34. Deciding what to paint. 

35. A fresh notebook and pen.  

36. Riding a horse. 

37. A hot stone massage. 

38. Using soap that smells wonderful.  

39. Having a shed that’s your own. 

40. Fresh sheets on a comfortable bed. 

41. Rain on a tin roof.  

42. Flowering fruit trees. 

200 Simple Things to Be Grateful for - Apple Blossoms

43. Looking at the stars and moon. 

44. Turning off the lights and watching a good movie. 

45. Waffles with maple syrup. 

46. Slow dancing.  

47. The smell of lemons. 

48. Finding a piece of sea glass.  

49. Seeing a baby smile. 

50. Fresh baked cookies. 

51. Rocking chairs on front porches.  

52. Comfortable pajamas. 

53. Watching a fire in a stone fireplace. 

54. Playing board games. 

55. Opening a present. 

56. Singing when nobody is around. 

57. Looking at a seed catalog. 

58. Shadows from lace curtains.

59. Going to a museum. 

60. Making a pie. 

61. Getting up early and drinking coffee in silence. 

62. Meditation. 

63. Going on a garden tour. 

64. Riding in a convertible. 

65. A room bathed in candlelight. 

66. Strawberry shortcake. 

67. Walking through wildflowers.

68. Baked bread right out of the oven. 

69. Playing piano. 

70. Listening to a seashell. 

71. The first tulip of spring. 

72. Using fresh herbs in cooking. 

73. Fairy lights dancing throughout your home. 

74. Finding that perfect coffee shop. 

75. Seeing a rainbow. 

76. Looking at a pasture full of cows. 

77. Cupcakes with sprinkles. 

78. The smell of cinnamon. 

79. Hearing your favorite song. 

80. Wisteria hanging from an arbor. 

81. The color of fall leaves. 

82. That places like Vermont exist. 

83. Your favorite cozy chair.  

200 Simple Things to Be Grateful For - Cozy Chair

84. A quote that makes you smile. 

85. The color purple. 

86. Receiving a handwritten letter. 

87. A warm scarf. 

88. Cute birdhouses. 

89. Shade of a tree. 

90. A pretty wreath to welcome you home. 

91. Dinner alfresco.  

92. Walk in the forest. 

93. Seeing a squirrel go about his business. 

94. Being surrounded by houseplants.  

95. Vinyl records. 

96. Hearing sleigh bells. 

97. Biscuits and gravy. 

98. A goat in pajamas. 

99. Finding a cute garden gate. 

100. Celebrating the holidays. 

101. Watching fireworks. 

102. The smell of lilacs. 

103. Freshly laid eggs. 

200 Simple Things to Be Grateful For - Fresh Eggs

104. Watching planes take off and land. 

105. Playing tic-tac-toe. 

106. Reading good news. 

107. Locating a four-leaf clover. 

108. Hearing a bumblebee. 

109. A single daisy.

110. Finding the perfect Christmas tree. 

111. Woodfire pizza. 

112. A glass of sweet tea.  

113. Seeing a child with a balloon. 

114. Attending a tea party. 

115. Hugging a tree. 

116. The softness of blankets. 

117. Hot air balloons. 

118. Your favorite toy from childhood. 

Simple Things To Be Grateful For

119. Snowman with a carrot nose.

120. Hearts found in nature. 

121. Rubber ducks and bubble baths. 

122. Comfortable blue jeans. 

123. The smell of pine trees. 

124. Baby seals. 

125. Lemonade stands. 

126. A windy day with kites flying high.

127. Kayaking on a still lake.

128. Country roads.

129. A big red barn.

130. Chocolate-covered cherries.

131. Your favorite slippers.

Simple Things To Be Grateful For

132. Rereading a love note from your significant other. 

133. A wagging tail. 

134. Seeing a flamingo in person. 

135. Buttered popcorn with sea salt. 

136. Little red wagons being pulled by kids. 

137. Fairy gardens. 

138. A beautiful butterfly.

139. Sugar cubes. 

140. Origami. 

141. Hiking a new trail. 

142. A bonfire party. 

143. Eating with chopsticks. 

144. The sun on your face as you run. 

145. Frogs croaking. 

146. That fireflies exist. 

147. Handmade paper. 

148. Taking an art class. 

149. An antique stained glass window.

150. Revisiting your childhood home. 

151. A milkshake with whipped cream on top. 

Creamy Milkshake with Whipped Cream

152. Hula hoops. 

153. Receiving an unexpected compliment. 

154. Chicken noodle soup when you’re under the weather. 

155. Watching clouds roll by. 

156. Mason jar crafts. 

157. The perfect sundress. 

158. Having an honest conversation. 

159. Wind chimes. 

160. A treehouse that’s all yours.

161. Quaint small town. 

162. Finding that amazing antique at the right price. 

163. A beautifully decorated cake. 

164. Anything plaid. 

165. Foggy mornings. 

166. Blanket forts. 

167. Getting lost in a project. 

168. Prayer flags. 

169. Vintage embroidered kitchen towels. 

170. Hanging baskets filled with flowers. 

171. Old-fashioned light posts. 

172. Going to a farmers market. 

Farmer's Market fruits and vegetables

173. Pot roast with carrots and potatoes. 

174. Bookshelves lined with books. 

175. An old hand-stitched quilt. 

176. Charcuterie boards. 

177. Making your own jam. 

178. A cabin in the snow. 

179. Amish buggies. 

180. Tailgating. 

181. Oatmeal topped with brown sugar, milk and raisins. 

182. Grandpa’s pocket watch.

183. Punch bowls. 

184. Standing under a waterfall. 

185. A cozy nook. 

186. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. 

187. Vintage cookbooks. 

188. Sleigh rides. 

189. Potluck dinners. 

190. A lighthouse. 

191. Sunflowers. 

192. Making snow angels. 

193. Private courtyards. 

194. Coral reefs. 

195. Waterlilies on a pond. 

196. Mashed potatoes. 

197. An unplanned adventure. 

198. Gingerbread houses. 

199. Terrariums. 

200. Lemon bars.

We’ve reached the end of 200 Simple Things to be Grateful For.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Let me know in the comments below how you liked the 200 Simple Things to be Grateful For post and what things you are grateful for.

Make sure you join our Creating a Cozy Life – Hygge Style Facebook group.  You’re not going to believe how amazing it is.  Join here to be part of the virtual cozy cabin.

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