12 Creative Business Ideas You Can Copy

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12 Creative Business Ideas You Can Copy

You’ve come to the right place – listed below are some fun creative business ideas to get you started on a career you’re going to love!

“Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” – Anthony Volodkin, founder of HypeMachineCommuting.

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Commuting. Bosses. Co-workers. No personal time. These are just a few of the reasons why people want to start his or her own business. Deciding on what type of business to start is the hard part.

12 Creative Business Ideas You Can Copy:

1) Vintage Rental Decor for Weddings.  

I know someone who owned an antique store. As a side business, she rented out her vintage and antique items to weddings.

Her wedding rental business grew so big, she decided to focus on it full-time. She had antique buffets, vanities, dishes, serving pieces and display pieces.

You’ll need to have storage for the furniture and items and a truck to deliver everything.

Oh yes, and you’ll have to go shopping for the items you’ll be renting – torture, I know.

2) Farmer.

I can see your eyes rolling. What’s so unusual about being a farmer?

It’s when you choose a niche for yourself that you become a rockstar.

How about growing only herbs? What about becoming the expert in garlic like someone I met?

I know someone who specializes chocolate-colored flowers and makes a living at it.

There’s someone who lives near me that specializes in native plants to the area. How about only growing heirloom plants?

The choices are endless. If you have that green thumb, then this might be the career for you.

3) Food Cart Owner.  

Again, stop with the eyes. I see you. Yes, the big thing right now is owning a food cart.

But…what you may not know is how some food cart owners are so dialed down to a specialty that they are making a killing.

How about a food cart that sells only popsicles? Just grilled cheese sandwiches? Coffee & donuts? What about selling only specialty fries?

The possibilities are endless and the investment is way less than a restaurant to test out your concept.

I recently came across a young guy that had a sushi truck and he had a permanent parking spot next to a brewery. The brewery even let him put a fence around the area and have picnic tables.

Both parties were the winners here.  More people came to the brewery because of the amazing sushi and the sushi truck owner had customers coming to him.

4) Garden Designer.  

Now on this one, I agree with you. It’s not that offbeat unless you make it so.

Yes, there are people who design lovely gardens. What’s missing is someone who shows people how to grow their own food at home.

You can charge a consultation fee to look at his or her garden space and design a food garden that takes advantage of the sun, space and soil.

You could also teach homeowners to grow their food vertically, introduce aquaponics to their gardening strategies and teach them how become a certified organic gardener.

5) Photographer.  

I’m also nodding my head that this one is pretty common. So let’s make your profession a bit more uncommon.

How about becoming a wedding photographer that specializes in offbeat weddings?

Take photographs for the real estate market. How about focusing on doing headshots for businesses?

You could specialize on photographing pets.

One photographer only photographs newborns and sets up special settings that the new parents just love.

The possibilities are endless. Just come up with a unique look to your pictures and advertise your one-of-a-kind skill.

6) Blog/Website Flipper.  

What on earth is a blog flipper? Ever hear of a couple named Chip and Joanna Gaines? They have a show called Fixer Upper on HGTV.

If you never heard of them, they take some of the worst houses in good neighborhoods and transform them into works of art. So what does this have to do with being a blog or web site flipper? It’s the same principle.

You look for abandoned blogs that are littering the internet highway and offer to buy one. Then you use your internet skills and set up social media channels and write new copy.

Once you build up readership, you sell it to someone for quite a bit more than you paid for it that doesn’t want to start a blog or web site from scratch.

You will then have your own Magnolia Farms…only you don’t have swing a hammer.

7) Life Organizer.  

If you’re an organized person, why not get paid for it?  You can organize people’s homes, computer or even life.

Everyone could use a little help in getting things streamlined so they have time to do what they actually want to do.

My sister met someone in California that would reorganize the house for free and her payment would be the leftover unwanted items that created clutter.

She would then sell those items and that’s how she made her money.  She made a really good living doing that and it was a creative way to get paid.

You could also focus on helping small businesses go the next level by increasing their productivity through organization.

8) Family Historian.  

If you have a knack for writing and love to talk to people, than this might be a great business for you.

All too often someone we are close to dies and they take with them stories that would benefit future generations.

What a wonderful way to earn a living by documenting history for a family!

Each person holds a vault of life lessons just waiting to be revealed to the world and you could be the person that mines those moments.

9) Candy Maker.  

This is also an over saturated market. It is unless you specialize in butterscotch perhaps? How about chili flavored candy?

What about creating unusual candy sculptures for parties? How about recreating only old-fashioned candy?

You could also use antique candy molds to make them. How about making handmade candy wreaths for seasonal decor?

You could create a blog offering recipes through the decades or how about a blog recreating candy from different countries?

Your new business objective would be to introduce more sweetness in others lives.  How cool is that?

10) Furniture Refinisher.

I just met someone who makes a living refinishing furniture. He finds furniture at garage sales and thrift stores and gives them a new life.

He specializes in creating unusual painted pieces that people are ordering.

I’m assuming he makes pretty good money because he and his wife just bought a house in a very nice neighborhood.

11) Recycled Artist 

Now this idea I keep bumping into.  These artists work full-time.  They use items in their artwork that others toss out.

One man uses old tools and stuff you find in the garage and transforms them into garden art.

I just saw a lady featured in an European magazine that finds small objects of trash on the edge of the river that runs through her town.

She uses each small piece as a part of the picture she’s making.  Combined they make a work of art.

The great thing about this career is you’re able to apply for grants for artists because of the recycled element.

12) Card Maker.  

If you are good at graphic design or photography, creating your own greeting card line might be a great new business for you.

Everyone loves to get something in the mail and that will never go out of style.  The key to doing well in this market is to create a niche that hasn’t been overdone yet.

You could create a greeting card company that just creates cards that are sent from the dog or cat.  How about a line that specializes in cards to bridesmaids and the grooms?

Now that you can run an online business from home, there is no need for your cards to be in stores for people to find you and the sky is the limit.

I hope you enjoyed 12 Creative Business Ideas You Can Copy and at least one of them got your creative juices going to create your dream career.

If you ever heard of an unusual job that someone you met has, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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I love photography! I recently bought a new camera and I’m still learning how to use it. Hopefully I’ll become a better photographer through lots of practice!


Great ideas, I think as women we are always looking for different way to do things and make a little money to help out. Thanks for sharing on blogging over 40

Bren | Virtual Bren

Wow! These are some pretty creative ideas! I particularly like the food cart idea. I imagine a gourmet sausage cart with all the fixings. OMG, I would probably eat more than I’d sell! Especially where I live! I live in the boonies. Would definitely be hard to peddle some sausages out. LOL I also like the Garden Designer and know someone who could totally do this. I’m passing it along to her.



I like the idea of photographs for real estate market but i dont know how to make it into practicle and earns money


Great ideas I have always wanted to get into photography I just need a really good camera. I’ve been struggeling with Direct Selling and I am putting myself in debt.


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