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30 Day November Aesthetic Photo Challenge

The 30 Day November Aesthetic Photo Challenge is a fun way to take photographs and enjoy some of the gifts this month offers.

If you’re looking for more ideas on celebrating the fall, Simple Ways to Enjoy the Fall Aesthetic and 31 Fall Hygge Hygge Traditions and Ideas will help you on your journey.

30 Day November Aesthetic Photo Challenge - "Hello November" surrounded by leaves and berries
30 Day November Aesthetic Photo Challenge

What is November Aesthetic?

According to, the word aesthetic means, “A particular theory or conception of beauty or art: a particular taste for or approach to what is pleasing to the senses and especially sight.” A November aesthetic is a seasonal gift.

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“November is the pearl-grey month, the changeling between warm crimson October and cold white December, the month when the leaves fall in slow drifting whirls, and the shapes of the trees are revealed, when the earth imperceptibly wakes, and stretches her bare limbs and displays her stubborn unconquerable strength before she settles uneasily into winter. November is secret and silent.”

Alison Uttley

Here’s the 30 Day November Aesthetic Photo Challenge

November 1st Aesthetic – Still Life of Fall Fruit

November Aesthetic - Pears and Pomegranates - Fall Fruit
Still Life of Pears and Pomegranates

This photo of fall fruit shows off the rustic look with the rough wooden surface and dark plates used.

Pears, apples, and pomegranates are used in the photo. Leaves scattered underneath the fruit are accents to the dishes.

Find your favorite autumn fruit and create a November aesthetic harvest photo.

November 2nd Aesthetic – Stacked Wood

November Aesthetic - Stacked Wood
Stacked Wood

When the chilly nights start, stacked wood is a welcomed sight to see.

You can photograph a large woodpile outside or a smaller one next to the fireplace.

November 3rd Aesthetic – A Cozy Nook

November Aesthetic - A Cozy Nook
A Cozy Nook

Find a cozy nook that begs to be documented.

If you already have a comfortable chair tucked away in the corner of your home, use it in your November aesthetic photo.

November 4th Aesthetic – Fall Artwork

November Aesthetic - Leaf Garland
Autumn Leaf Garland

Take a photo of art that reflects the autumn season.

You can either make it yourself or take a picture of someone else’s work.

November 5th Aesthetic – Canopy of Trees

November Aesthetic - Canopy of Fall Trees
Fall Canopy of Trees

Find a canopy of trees that showcase the vibrant leaves of fall. Try to get at least one picture with you under the trees.

I love this picture of the girl looking at the trees with her back to the photo.

November 6th Aesthetic – Pile of Pumpkins

November Month Aesthetic - Piles of Pumpkins
Piles of Fall Pumpkins

Stacks of pumpkins are everywhere this time of year.

You can photograph the piles with various shapes or colors or a mound with the same colored pumpkin.

They both turn out beautiful.

November 7th Aesthetic – Fall Shoes in Leaves

November Aesthetic and Ideas - Fall Boots and Leaves
Fall Boots in Leaves

Take a picture of your favorite hiking boots, leather boots, or other fall shoes in a blanket of leaves.

November 8th Aesthetic – Golden Leaves

November Mood Aesthetic - Golden Leaves
Golden Leaves

Find a tree with golden leaves. Get a close-up picture of the details of the leaves.

November 9th Aesthetic – Autumn Bridge

November month aesthetic - Autumn Bridge
Autumn Bridge

The best bridge to get a photo of is a covered bridge, but any bridge will do with fall color if you don’t have one.

November 10th Aesthetic – Fall Morning Still Life

Aesthetic November - Fall Morning Still Life
Fall Morning Still Life

There’s something about the early mornings of autumn that are simply magical.

Put together items that give the nod to the fall season and take a still life photo.

November 11th Aesthetic – Veterans Day

November Aesthetic - United States Flag on a rustic backdrop
United States Flag

Today is Veterans Day. The “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” of 1918 was the end of World War 1.

A picture of something that gives thanks to our amazing veterans would make the perfect tribute.

November 12th Aesthetic – Acorns

November Aesthetic - Brown Acorns on Fall Leaves
Brown Acorns on Fall Leaves

My little squirrel friends love their acorns. If you take a close-up view of everything in nature, there’s such beauty in every detail.

Acorns are the perfect November aesthetic to use in your photoshoot.

A bowl of acorns makes as beautiful a picture as a photo of acorns on a forest floor.

November 13th Aesthetic – Fall Palette

November Aesthetic - Fall Palette
Fall Palette

The aesthetic palette of fall is dreamy. Put together the different hues and take a photo.

November 14th Aesthetic – Apples

Aesthetic for November - Apples in a basket
Basket of Apples

Apples and autumn go hand-in-hand.

November is the perfect month to visit an apple orchard and capture the beauty of this fantastic fruit.

November 15th Aesthetic – Hot Beverage

Aesthetic November Calendar - Hot Beverages
Hot Beverages

Your favorite hot beverage surrounded by accents of fall on a rustic surface makes a beautiful picture.

You can find rustic pottery mugs at any thrift store. That’s where I found my large collection of mugs.

November 16th Aesthetic – National Button Day

November Aesthetics - Pile of Vintage Buttons for National Button Day
National Button Day

Did you know November 16th is National Button Day? Now you do.

The detail of vintage buttons is mini works-of-art.

November 17th Aesthetic – Fireplace

November Aesthetic - Stone fireplace
Stone Fireplace

We warm ourselves and our souls with the beauty of a roaring fire.

Find the best fireplace that fits with a November day for your picture.

Some ideas on where you can find quaint fireplaces are bed-and-breakfasts, quirky hotels, restaurants in old buildings, and even your friend’s homes will work.

November 18th Aesthetic – Crochet

November Aesthetic - Crochet
Pile of Crochet

Something that has been made with love is today’s photo.

Crocheted blankets give a home a homemade touch that welcomes all to warm themselves on a brisk November day.

November 19th Aesthetic – Loaf of Bread

November Aesthetic - Loaf of Bread
Loaf of Bread

A freshly baked loaf of bread makes my heart go pitter-patter.

Loaves of bread are a beautiful sight to behold. The more rustic-looking the bread is, the better the photo.

November 20th Aesthetic – Football

Aesthetic November - Vintage Football and Helmet
Vintage Football and Helmet

Football season is here. Take a photo of something football-related, even if it’s the snacks you made to watch the game.

November 21st Aesthetic – Haystacks

Aesthetic November Ideas - Bales of Hay
Bales of Hay

Bales of hay in an open field make gorgeous photos.

If you want to capture a beautiful image, take the picture at dusk.

November 22nd Aesthetic – Topaz Stone

November Topaz Stones

The birthstone for November is the topaz.

Finding a topaz gem will be a fun hunt to go on. You can also take a picture of a faux topaz that can be found on costume jewelry.

November 23rd Aesthetic – Fall Dessert

Aesthetic November Idea - Autumn Dessert
Autumn Dessert – Baked Apples

Cookies, pies, and cakes are just some of the ideas you can make for your fall dessert photo.

Make sure you pick a dessert that stars the bounty of November.

November 24th Aesthetic – Fall Soups

November Aesthetic - Fall Soups
Fall Soups

What’s your favorite fall soup? Mine is Hungarian Mushroom soup. It is to-die-for.

Adding rustic elements like bread, cutting boards, and fresh herbs will make your photo even more appealing.

November 25th Aesthetic – Turkey

Wild Turkey

Finding a wild turkey in your area might pose a challenge. Do you know someone that has a pet turkey?

You can also photograph a roasted turkey.

November 26th Aesthetic – Beeswax Candles

November Aesthetic - Beeswax Candles
November Aesthetic Beeswax Candles

The warm appeal of beeswax candles reminds me of fall. Their mustard color is beautiful whether or not they have a flame.

November 27th Aesthetic – Chrysanthemums

November Aesthetic - Orange and gold colored chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums come in a wide variety of colors that reflect the autumn season. They are the flower of November.

November 28th Aesthetic – Caramel Apples

November Aesthetic - Caramel Apples
Caramel Apples

Have you ever tried making homemade caramel apples?

The combination of apples, caramel, and chopped nuts is the perfect fall treat to satisfy your taste buds.

November 29th Aesthetic – Fall Berries

Fall Berries

These simple autumn berries are so beautiful when paired with the foliage of the season.

You can take your photo out in nature or create an arrangement in your home with the berries as the star of the bouquet.

November 30th Aesthetic – Fox

November Aesthetic - Fox
Fox in the Wild

Now I know getting a picture of a real fox is highly unlikely, but it is easy to get a picture of something with a fox displayed on the item.

We’ve reached the end of the 30 Day November Aesthetic Photo Challenge. I hope you enjoy it!

Don’t forget to join our Cozy Living Group. You’re not going to believe how amazing it is!

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30 Day November Aesthetic Photo Challenge - Pin for Pinterest - Berries and leaves encircling the words "hello November"

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