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Fall Aesthetic – BEST Ways to Enjoy Autumn

The Best Ways to Enjoy the Fall Aesthetic will give you some ideas on how to make the most out of what this season has to offer. Autumn is a magical time of year that deserves our undivided attention using all our senses.

If you’re looking for more ideas on fall, 31 Fall Hygge Traditions & Ideas and Fall Decorating with Gourds, Squash, and Pumpkins will help you on your journey.

Fall Aesthetic Photos - Mini pumpkins, apples, pinecones, candles, wine, and peppers
Fall Aesthetic Photos

When you think of fall, what images come to mind? Do fall foliage, soups bubbling on the stove, football games, bonfires, pumpkins and gourds decorating homes, and cozy fall sweaters top the list?

Every season offers gifts that bring back warm memories of our lives. The good news is we can create even more to carry with us in the later years of our lives.

By looking at gorgeous autumn aesthetics photographs, we are inspired to get out and explore our world during this special season.

What does fall aesthetic mean?

According to, the word aesthetic means “A particular theory or conception of beauty or art: a particular taste for or approach to what is pleasing to the senses and especially sight.”

Creating a Cozy Life

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It’s a group where we share recipes, things that leave you in awe, and how to make your life just a little bit more snug. You can join here to be part of the virtual cozy cabin.

Here are the Best Fall Aesthetic Ideas to Celebrate the Season

Aesthetic Fall Outfits

Aesthetic Fall Clothes - Woman with Gray Cable Knit Sweater and Coffee
Aesthetic Fall Clothes – Gray Cable Knit Sweater and Hot Coffee

Whe fall arrives, the layers fly out of our closets.

Hats, gloves, cozy socks, tights, coats, and sweaters are removed from their tucked away spots and make their way back into our lives.

Aesthetic Fall Outfit - Orange Sweater with Tea
Fall Sweater Aesthetic

Thicker fabrics grace our fall aesthetic outfits with wool, suede, leather, cashmere, angora, tweed, and fleece being just some of the our picks to wear once there is a chill in the air.

Fall Photo Aesthetic - Vintage boots in the fall leaves
Fall Photo Aesthetic – Vintage Boots in the Fall Leaves

Boots are one of my favorite ways to add interest to fall aesthetic clothes.

Photos taken with your boots in the leaves are a popular way to document the season.

Fall Orchard Outfit - Basket of Apples
Fall Orchard Outfit – Basket of Apples

Taking a trip to the orchard is always a fun seasonal outing. Plaid is always a good autumn look.

Fall Aesthetic Outfits - Child in the fall leaves with an owl hat
Hats are a great accent to aesthetic fall outfits

There are so many different types of hats to pick from, both for yourself and for children.

They really add a cozy element to any brisk day you face.

Fall Clothing Aesthetic - Cozy Socks
Fall Clothing Aesthetic – Cozy Socks

Socks are one of the best soft fall aesthetic accessories that most of us love about cold weather.

Finding beautiful patterns socks is wonderful way to show a sliver of your personality on your feet.

Autumn Aesthetic Feasts

The fall food aesthetic is something beautiful to behold. The harvest during this time of year will bring a twinkle to your eye and warmth to your stomach.

Chilly evenings bring on the craving for warm soups, the smell of freshly baked bread, and the fruits and vegetables of fall.

Here are some ideas on how to enjoy the flavors of the season and satisfy your taste buds at the same time.

Charcuterie Boards

Fall Charcuterie Board with Artisan cheese, crackers, mini pumpkins, seasonal fruit, honey, and meats
Fall Charcuterie Board

A board of artisan cheeses, crackers, honey, toasted nuts, jam, and seasonal fruit is a great way to welcome in fall.

Enjoying your fall charcuterie board outside on your wooden table will enliven all your senses.

Roasted Chicken

Fall Food Aesthetic - Roasted Chicken on a plate
Fall Food Aesthetic – Roasted Chicken

Autumn is the time where roasting our food takes center-stage.

Chicken roasting in the oven along with root vegetables can turn your home into a heavenly scent.

Aesthetic Food - Fall Soups
Aesthetic Food – Fall Soups

Soup is one of the coziest words in the world. It’s a hug in a pot.

One of my goals in life is to amass the 30 best soup recipes on earth and put them into a cookbook. That’s a lofty goal, I know.

I’m just going to have to throw myself on the sword and work my way through thousands of recipes until I find the jewels.

Hungarian Mushroom Soup is one of those recipes. You can find it here.

Seasonal Fall Vegetables

Seasonal Fall Vegetables &  Greens
Seasonal Fall Vegetables & Greens

Pumpkins, squash, beets, turnips, spinach, Brussels Sprouts, green beans, radishes, sweet potatoes, yams, Swiss Chard, rutabagas, potatoes, garlic, and cabbage are just some of the produce you’ll enjoy at their peak during the fall season.

Cozy Fall Drinks

Latte with Fall Aesthetic Color Palette
Latte with Fall Aesthetic Color Palette

Warm drinks are the perfect accent to fall. Hot chocolate is just one idea. One of my favorite hot beverages is Hot Thai Coconut Tea, recipe found here.

A pumpkin spice latte and hot apple cider are also great hot fall drinks to enjoy during this season.

Fall Themed Movies

Movies with Fall Aesthetics - Two Movie Tickets
Movies with Fall Aesthetics

If you’re looking to get that fall aesthetic feeling by watching movies, there are a lot of great films that will give you that cozy vibe.

Here are some movies to get started with:

You’ve Got Mail – Tom Hank’s character has a famous quote about fall in this film.

He says, “Don’t you just love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

When Harry Met Sally – With New York City in the fall as the backdrop to this movie, you’ll want to take a trip to the Big Apple yourself.

Autumn in New York – This movie stars Richard Gere and Winona Ryder. The main character is convinced that love doesn’t last. After meeting her, he is willing to be proven wrong.

Funny Farm – Do you have that one movie that makes you laugh no matter how many times you’ve seen it? This movie is it for me. I love it.

A writer and his wife decide to leave New York City and buy a house in the country. But country life had a few surprises awaiting them.

Baby Boom – Here’s another one of my favorite movies. There’s a scene where Diane Keaton is picking apples in her orchard that will make you smile.

For more movies with a fall backdrop, Country Living put together a list that you’ll find here.

Aesthetic Fall Decor

Aesthetic Fall Decor - Living Room with Fall Home Decor
Aesthetic Fall Decor – Living Room

A fall aesthetic room is easy to achieve with simple touches.

Decorative pillows on the couch in fall colors, mini pumpkins strategically located throughout the room, and a vase of fall colored leaves can really add festive touches that don’t take much effort.

Fall Home Decor Aesthetics
Fall Home Decor Aesthetics

A fall color palette stack of books, pumpkins, and even a stack of cozy sweaters all are great choices for autumn decor.

Autumn Home Decor with Berries in a Vase
Autumn Home Decor with Berries in a Vase

Berries in a vase if one of my top ideas for a fall room aesthetic. I love adding nature to my home and fall is such an easy way to bring in pops of color.

Fall Candles Aesthetic

Fall Candles Aesthetic - Candle surrounded by mini pumpkins, apples, squash

Candles are part of home decor, but they are so special to fall decorating they deserve their own mention.

A chunky candle in a bowl surrounded by gourds, apples, mini pumpkins, and berries is a beautiful arrangement that brings the beauty of the fall foliage indoors.

A fall candle aesthetic on an ottoman flanked by gourds
A fall candle aesthetic on an ottoman flanked by gourds

Candlelight adds magic to any room it graces. It’s one of the most beautiful touches you can do to change the ambiance.

Fall Candle with books and Sweater
Fall Candle with Books and a Sweater

The best aesthetic fall candles are the ones paired with other autumn home decor. This crackled glass candle holder is a beautiful addition to any room.

Fall Garden Aesthetic

Aesthetic Fall Pictures of a Garden with a blue bench
Aesthetic Fall Pictures of a Garden

One of the people in my cozy living groups said she only had three wishes when she bought a new home. One of those wishes was to have a maple tree in her front yard.

When they bought the new house, the first thing they did was put a maple tree in the front yard. Now that maple tree brings her joy every time she looks out the window.

Spring and summer aren’t the only seasons that show off nature’s beauty. Fall foliage, flowers, and berries can really put on a show.

Autumn Aesthetic Flowers & Berries
Autumn Aesthetic Flowers & Berries

Fall flowers and berries look amazing when intertwined with pumpkins and squash.

Red rake in the garden with fall leaves
Raking Fall Leaves in the Garden

An annual leaf pile party is an excellent way to create a fall tradition the entire family will love.

Fall Aesthetic Pumpkin

A variety of fall aesthetic pumpkins
A variety of pumpkins

A pile of pumpkins is one of the most beautiful sights to behold. I love the accents of color in these pumpkins.

Pile of Mini Pumpkins
Pile of Mini Pumpkins

Mini pumpkins are also a gorgeous part of fall.

Fall Foliage

Fall Aesthetic Foliage - Vintage Camera in a Pile of Leaves
Fall Aesthetic Foliage – Vintage Camera in a Pile of Leaves

The world turns into a magical place when it’s time for trees to shed their leaves.

It’s time to document the beauty of each season of your life with photos that will bring back warm memories every time you look at them.

Fall paths beg to be explored when you see the trees bursting with color.

Aesthetic Fall Pictures - Woman walking under autumn tree-lined path
Aesthetic Fall Pictures – Woman walking under autumn tree-lined path

Autumn walks under a canopy of color is one of the perfect ways to spend the season.

There’s a country road not far from my home that offers a beautiful walk among the trees and wildlife. It’s my favorite place to get into the fall mood easily.

Watching the leaves fluttering to the ground and enjoying the fall scents at the same time is like wrapping your soul in a warm blanket.

Halloween fall aesthetic

Pumpkin Mug - Halloween Fall Aesthetic
Pumpkin Mug – Halloween Fall Aesthetic

Something as simple as a mug with a pumpkin filled with a hot drink can make a beautiful photograph.

Spooky Halloween Pumpkin in Living Room with Fireplace
Spooky Halloween Pumpkin in Living Room with Fireplace

I love this photo of a scary jack-o-lantern in a living room lit by a fireplace. It’s simple and dramatic at the same time.

Halloween Food - Finger Cookies
Halloween Food – Finger Cookies

Halloween themed food is a fun way to celebrate the holiday. There are lots of fun ideas on Pinterest to make your holiday even more special.

You could also find a haunted house tour in your area for more great photos during this spooky season.

Thanksgiving Aesthetic

What would Thanksgiving be without pie? It’s one of the most satisfying comfort foods there is. Pie reminds me of my grandmother and all the warm memories that she created.

What memories does pie bring up for you?

Thanksgiving Table - Turkey with Side Dishes
Thanksgiving Table – Turkey with Side Dishes

The Thanksgiving table represents the harvest of the season. Colorful dishes grace every table with the turkey taking center-stage. If you’re looking for the perfect turkey recipes for your Thanksgiving dinner, The Very Best Turkey Brine Recipe and Perfect Butter Herb Roasted Turkey will keep your taste buds happy!

Thanksgiving Dinner Table
Thanksgiving Dinner Table

A beautifully set Thanksgiving table is something to behold. Using natural greenery and vegetables weaved in makes a big statement.

YouTube video
Fall Aesthetics – Fall Tablescape Decor

We’ve reached the end of Simple Ways to Enjoy the Fall Aesthetic. I hope you enjoyed it!

Don’t forget to join our Creating a Cozy Life group. You’re not going to believe how amazing it is. Join here to be part of the virtual cozy cottage.

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