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The Best Chocolate Movies and Documentaries

If you’re looking for the Best Chocolate Movies made, you’ve come to the right place. There’s something about chocolate that speaks to our hearts. Add in movies featuring chocolate, and you found the perfect recipe for a cozy night at home.

Since you’re a movie lover, The Best Hygge Movies to Stir Your Soul will help you find the perfect one for a cozy night at home. The Best Chocolate Gifts You’ll Love will give you some ideas for finding the ideal gift for those family and friends that are chocoholics as much as you.

The Best Chocolate Movies to Watch - Chocolate Popcorn in a White and Red striped container
Chocolate Popcorn

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It’s a group where we share recipes, things that leave you in awe, and how to make you life just a little bit more snug. You can join here to be part of the cozy virtual cottage.

Here are the Best Chocolate Movies to Watch:

1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

This timeless classic movie was made in 1971 and starring Gene Wilder, Jack Albertson, and Peter Ostrum. While this film was made for children, it warms the hearts of adults as well.

The story is about a young boy named Charlie that wins the golden ticket to tour one of the most famous chocolate factories in the world. He takes the tour with four other children from around the world, and a colorful candy maker leads them through a magical adventure complete with Oompa Loompas.

The chocolate factory tour includes visiting the Chocolate Room that consists of a chocolate waterfall and even a chocolate river.

2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This movie is the remake of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It stars Johnny Depp as the eccentric owner of the chocolate factory.

3. Le Chocolat

This sweet movie features a single mother (played by Juliette Binoche) with a young daughter opened up a new chocolate shop in a small French village set in 1959. Her chocolates transform their lives and renew their passion for life and love.

4. Like Water for Chocolate

In 1992, Like Water for Chocolate became the highest-grossing foreign-language film until that year released in the United States. This movie is set in the early 1900s.

It is a tradition in families that the youngest daughter cannot marry because they must take care of their mother until her death. The story’s heroine, Tita is the youngest daughter that finds true love with Pedro.

They cannot marry, and Pedro marries Tita’s sister Rosaura instead to be close to her.

Tita is the family’s head cook, and all of her emotions go into every dish she makes. Whoever eats her food can feel all those emotions in every bite.

Throughout the years, the love between Tita and Pedro causes tension in the family. The story of the food they eat is weaved throughout the movie.

5. Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery

If you haven’t heard of the Hallmark series Murder, She Baked, you’re in for a real treat. The series stars Alison Sweeney and Cameron Mathison.

This movie is about a baker (Alison Sweeney) who turns into an amateur sleuth. She happens to stumble into numerous mysteries involving dead bodies in her small town in Minnesota. The local detective (Cameron Mathison) wants to solve each case alone, but Hannah Swensen ends up finding lots of clues on her own.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery is just one in the series that features baked goods. They are some of my favorite cozy mysteries with fun plots and good acting. You’ll want to watch them all. Whip up some homemade chocolate chip cookies to enjoy this fun movie.

Chocolate Documentaries - Two Stacks of Chocolate Bars
Chocolate Movies that are Documentaries

Documentaries About Chocolate

1. The Chocolate Farmer

Eladio Pop organically farms cacao in a remote corner of southern Belize. He carries on the traditions of his Mayan ancestors.

If you’re looking for chocolate movies to discuss the difficulty of growing organic foods, this documentary will enlighten you on the struggles one farmer faces.

2. Chocolate Perfection

Chef Michel Roux, Jr. sets off on a journey to discover the history of chocolate and its magical power over most of us.

3. Hershey: Great American Chocolate Factory

If you love chocolate, then you’ll love getting a behind-the-curtain look at the Hershey Factory and grounds at Hershey, PA.

This film takes you through harvesting the cocoa beans to how they are processed into a variety of Hershey products.

4. Setting the Bar: A Craft Chocolate Origin Story

This documentary takes a closer look at the sustainable chocolate trade that has transformed the chocolate industry.

We’ve reached the end of the Best Chocolate Movies. I hoped you enjoyed it!

Don’t forget to check out our Creating a Cozy Life Group. You’re not going to believe how amazing it is!

I made a pin for the best movies about chocolate. Please add it to your Pinterest boards to refer back to it!

Thanks for stopping by!

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The Best Chocolate Movies to Watch - Chocolate popcorn in red and white container
The Best Chocolate Movies to Watch Pin for Pinterest

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