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How to Create a Hygge Living Room * The BEST IDEAS!

How to Create a Hygge Living Room will give you some ideas on transforming your living space from ordinary to cozy in no time. Creating a refuge from the world that oozes coziness is essential to your soul.

If you’re looking for more ideas on home hygge style, How to Make a Hygge Kitchen , and Transforming Your Bathroom into a Hygge Oasis will help you on your journey.

Hygge Living Room Comfortable Furniture
Hygge Living Room with Cozy Furniture

The living room is the gathering spot for family and friends, and you want to make it comfortable enough to make people feel at home. No design element is too small.

What is the Hygge Lifestyle?

Hygge is a Danish concept they attribute to making them the happiest people on earth. The Danes infuse their world with life’s simple pleasures.

Spending quality time with friends and family, embracing the seasons, and creating a cozy environment are just some ways they add hygge to their lives.

You can find out more about hygge living in my What is Hygge? The Danish Lifestyle Trend Decoded article.

What is Hygge Home Decor?

Have you ever been to someone’s house that envelopes you in warmth? Each room tells a different story and engages all the senses. This feeling is one of the things used to describe the Danish word hygge.

It’s the way of making your home beautiful through cozy elements that you and your family love. Scandinavian countries put a lot of thought into how a room feels when you enter the space. Trends come and go, but cozy is forever.

How Do You Create Hygge Decor?

You don’t have to be rich or be an expert in design to create a hygge living room. The first place to start is deciding on a color scheme. Make sure you arrange your furniture in a conversational setting.

Next, you’ll want to add some textured fabrics. Throw blankets and pillows will add visual interest and comfort to your living room. Soft lighting will help set the room’s mood and make your space feel more intimate.

Following these simple steps can easily transform any room into a cozy retreat.

Creating a Cozy Life Group

Since you found this article for How to Create a Hygge Living Room, I’m guessing you love all things cozy living. I created a Facebook group with over 103,000 like-minded souls.

It’s a group where we share recipes, things that leave you in awe, and how to make your life just a little bit more snug. Join here to be part of the virtual cozy cottage.

Here’s are the Hygge Living Room Ideas:

Soothing Color Palette

Scandinavian Hygge Living Room - Neutral Color Palette
Scandinavian Hygge Living Room with Neutral Color Scheme

Color choice is an essential element of hygge home decor. Your living room is meant to soothe you, so choosing calming shades for your living room is a wise choice. You can always add pops of color with pillows, blankets, or other accessories.

Soft colors like cream, gray, terra-cotta, blue, green, and blush are just some of the colors that would make a beautiful neutral color palette.

Before you design your cozy hygge living room, you want to pick your color palette so you can create a cohesive look.

Make the Fireplace the Focal Point

Hygge Living Room Fireplace Mantle
Hygge Living Room Fireplace Mantle adding a Cozy Element like Fresh Flowers

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room; making it the central feature creates a sense of coziness that welcomes all into the room.

Your fireplace can provide warmth and light, making it the perfect place to gather on chilly nights.

Additionally, fireplaces help define the overall style of your living room. A rustic stone fireplace would give a room more of an old-world feel. If you have a modern fireplace, it will give the room a more contemporary vibe.

Your fireplace mantle is also the perfect place to change your living room seasonally.

Hygge Living Room Fireplace
Hygge Living Room Fireplace with Scandinavian Design

Adding chopped firewood to your living room decor can add an earthy touch to your room. It creates a more inviting space.

Coffee Table

Hygge Living Room Coffee Table
Hygge Living Room Coffee Table

The coffee table is the anchor of the living room and provides a focal point around the couch and chairs. It also gives you a surface to place decor, drinks, snacks, and remote controls.

For extra lounging comfort, you can place a large basket under the coffee table to hold vintage quilts.

Seasonal items, collections, and plants are a perfect way to add interest to your living room.

Comfortable Furniture

How to Create a Hygge Living Room - Neutral Colored Living Room with Pillows and bookcases
How to Create a Hygge Living Room

Finding the right couch and chairs will be worth your time looking for them. Gently used furniture can be found for a song if you know where to look.

My couch is a down-filled slipcovered couch that was from a high-end store. It was in perfect condition and I found it on Facebook Marketplace for $250.

Slipcovered furniture is the perfect choice for a cozy home. Fabric gets dirty over time, and there’s nothing easier than throwing the slipcovers in the wash.

Cozy Chair

Hygge Living Room Cozy Chair
Hygge Living Room – Cozy Chair

A cozy chair can make all the difference in a living room. It provides a comfortable place to relax, read a book, or watch television. Your chairs will also offer extra seating for guests.

When choosing comfortable chairs for your living room, consider the room’s scale and the size of the existing furniture.

After you’ve found the perfect chairs for your space, style them with a cozy blanket and pillows for an extra touch of luxury.

A side table with a good book, warm light, a family photo, and a treasure you found on one of your favorite vacations is a great way to create a cozy nook.

Throw Pillows

Hygge Living Room Throw Pillows
Hygge Living Room Throw Pillows

Adding throw pillows to your couch and chairs is a simple way to infuse color and change the look of your room seasonally.

Throw pillows come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find the right look for your living room. They are also relatively inexpensive, so you can update your space without spending much money.

If you start with a neutral palette, you can easily mix and match colors and patterns to change the look of your hygge living room. You also want to select pillows with soft textures and comfortable to sit against.

Ensuring the fabric is durable and easy to clean if you have small children or pets should also be considered.

Throw pillows make a cozy addition to your furniture, making it one of the easiest ways to feel inviting to your family and guests.

Hygge Living Room Throw Pillows
Hygge Living Room – Throw Pillows

Cozy Rug

Hygge Living Room Cozy Rug
Hygge Home Decor Idea – Cozy Rug

There’s something about a cozy rug that makes a room more welcoming. The right rug can transform your living room and combine all the color of your decor. It also adds a layer of warmth in the winter months.

When choosing a rug for your living room, you will want to consider the size of the room. You want to ensure the rug is large enough to anchor the space, but not too big to overwhelm the room.

Think about the look you’re trying to accomplish in your living room and look for the correct pattern, colors, and material to give you a look you’re trying to achieve.

I’m transforming my house into the English cottage look, and finding the right hygge rug for my living room was an important decor element. I finally found the right rug at an estate sale. The large wool needlepoint rug had the right colors and patterns that fit perfectly in my home.


Hygge Living Room Houseplants
Hygge Living Room Houseplants

Bringing nature indoors not only brightens your living space, but they also have amazing health benefits. Houseplants can help purify the air and improve your mood and focus.

You can add lemon cypress topiaries that are kept in old galvanized buckets. Exciting design elements like terrariums are a low-maintenance way to be surrounded by plants.

If your living room has natural lighting, take advantage of this gift with beautiful houseplants.


Hygge Living Room Tray with Candle, Plant and Fragrance
Hygge Living Room Tray with a Candle, Plant, and Fragrance

If you’re looking for the perfect way to add a little ambiance to your hygge living room, aromatherapy might be the ideal solution. There are a few different ways to incorporate fragrance in your home, and the best method should be based your personal preferences.

Scented soy candles are one way to add a touch of fragrance to your room.

Another option is to use a diffuser. It’s the perfect product to disperse essential oils without the danger of flames.

A potpourri bowl is another option to make your home smell fantastic. You add a mixture of dried herbs, orange slices, and essential oils and place the bowl on your coffee table.

Whatever method you choose, aromatherapy can help you create a calm and inviting living space.


Hygge Living Room Conversation Seating
Hygge Decor – A mix of new and vintage makes this hygge design style come alive

Part of the hygge lifestyle is to surround yourself with things you love. You don’t have to be an interior designer to skillfully add your favorite home decor items you found.

The wonderful thing about creating a hygge decor living room is that it doesn’t have to be a pricey endeavor to look amazing. Layering your fabulous finds throughout the room will create a cohesive look as long as the color palette remains the same.

Botanical prints, a vintage painting, vintage pottery, layered rugs, throw pillows, and natural materials give this hygge style living room personality.

Items that show some history, is eclectic, or are handmade can transform a room and give it personality. Layering the room with textured pieces keeps your space looking anything but boring.

YouTube video
Hygge Living Room Ideas for Home Decor
Hygge Living Room Console Table with Picture
Hygge Living Room Console Table with Picture

Natural Light and Mirrors

Hygge Living Room Mirror with Vase
Hygge Living Room – Mirror and Vase with Flowers

If you’re blessed to have natural light in your living room, count yourself lucky. Using mirrors to reflect that light into the room is one of the simplest ways to make the room appear larger and brighter.

Not only can mirrors help make a small room feel more significant, but they add a touch of elegance to your hygge room design.

You can hang a mirror above your fireplace, place one above a console table, or on a wall opposite your windows to reflect the backyard view.

Mirrors with interesting frames or shapes can add style to your room. I fill my home with vintage mirrors I found at estate sales or local online sites that offer vintage goods. A beautiful room doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.


Hygge Living Room Bookshelves
Hygge Living Room Bookshelves

Bookshelves not only add functionality to your hygge living room but also help style your space. You can also use them to display your favorite books, collectibles, and artwork.

Adding weaved baskets, vintage globes, natural elements like wood tones, family photos, and small paintings to your bookshelves give your space a feeling of home.

When choosing bookshelves for your living room, you want to consider the size of the room and the amount of storage needed.

In the cozy living group, I share pictures of interior cottage design. The images that get the most “likes” and comments always have bookshelves. There’s something about displaying books that makes people happy.

Hygge Living Room Bookshelves
Hygge Living Room Bookshelves

Wall Texture

Hygge Living Room Comfortable Room
Hygge Living Room

Adding texture to your walls is an inexpensive way to create interest in a room. If you’re handy with tools, adding depth to your walls is easy and elevates your entire home.

The molding in this living room example outlined the windows and other sections of the room. A darker shade of gray painted over the molding gave this room a century-old look.

A cozy living room is a perfect place for relaxing after a long day. Simple steps like making sure your furniture is comfortable, soft blankets and pillows, candles, and cozy lighting, and adding certain scents like vanilla can help to create a calm atmosphere.

Hygge Living Room Cozy Seating
Hygge Living Room – Cozy Seating

If you add a few of these ideas, you can turn your living room into a cozy space you’ll never want to leave. By infusing your space with your style and filling it with people you love, you’ll create a hygge experience that feels like home.

YouTube video
How to Style a Coffee Table

We’ve reached the end of How to Create a Hygge Living Room. I hope you enjoyed it!

Creating a home you love is one of life’s simple pleasures. Whether you have a small space or large rooms, it’s the little things like soft furnishings that can have the biggest impact.

Let me know in the comments below what were your favorite tips and how you’ve turned your space into a welcoming home.

Don’t forget to join the Creating a Cozy Life Group. You’re not going to believe how amazing it is!

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Thanks for stopping by! I’m so happy you found us.

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