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Most Amazing Nautical Christmas Tree

The Most Amazing Nautical Christmas Tree is a fun way to bring seaside elements indoors. Why stick to the tradition of a green and red themed tree when you can do something a little bit different?

“There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more.” – Lord Byron

I found this designer decorated tree while attending the Festival of Trees in Burlington, Washington.

It’s so fun to see the variety of holiday themes during this time of year. I wanted to make sure my readers got a glimpse of some of these treasures too.

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Here’s The Most Amazing Nautical Christmas Tree:

1) Nautical Christmas Tree.

From the top of the tree to the bottom, every element of this tree is nautical.

A lot of time and effort went into locating the perfect ingredients to make this tree a work of art. They started with a flocked tree, reflecting the ocean foam occurred when waves crash ashore.

I think using a white tree was wise because all the nautical Christmas tree ornaments popped.

Mixing vintage nautical ornaments and new Christmas tree decorations would be the perfect combination.

Nautical Theme Christmas Tree

Nautical themed Christmas tree

2) The Nautical Christmas Themed Tree Topper.

The steering wheel of a boat is the perfect idea for topping a nautical Christmas tree. I love that fun items like netting and a metal crab were added to draw attention to the top of the tree.

Nautical Christmas Tree Topper

3) Christmas tree nautical buoys.

Real vintage buoys were used which gave a more rustic look to the tree.

Nautical Christmas Tree Buoy Ornaments

4) Christmas Tree Lanterns.

This idea is simply brilliant. The designers took lanterns and added large shells to them.

Behind the shells, they added the lights already encircling the tree to make the shells shine brightly from the lanterns.

Dotting nautical lanterns throughout your home with lighted shells would add to the fun.

Nautical Christmas Tree Shell Lanterns

Christmas Tree with Nautical Decorations

5) Christmas tree glass fishing floats.

These gorgeous reproduction glass fishing floats were once used by fishermen all over the world to keep their fishing nets, longlines or droplines afloat.

Nautical Christmas tree glass fishing floats

6) Nautical Christmas fishing nets.

Using fishing nets to tuck among the branches is a fun way to add texture to your tree.

Nautical Christmas Tree Fishing Nets

7) Nautical Themed Oars.

Adding a colorful oar to your tree is easy when you angle it, so only the top and bottom peek out.

Nautical Themed Christmas Trees Oars

Nautical Christmas Tree Decorations

8) Nautical Themed Christmas Tree Rope and Driftwood.  

Adding pieces of driftwood and rope to the base adds time-worn character to your display.

Nautical Christmas Tree Rope and Driftwood

Here are some ideas I found on Amazon so you can recreate the look of a Nautical Christmas Tree:

Click on the links or the pictures for pricing.

Christmas Tree Nautical Glass fishing floats.

Fishing Float Ornaments 

Sturdy jute rope wraps around colorful Nautical glass fishing floats.

Maine lobster trap buoy.

Hampton Nautical Wooden Vintage Dark Red Maine Lobster Trap Buoy, 7″

Aren’t these nautical lobster trap buoys adorable?  They come in a variety of different colors.

Rustic lantern.

Stonebriar Decorative Wooden Candle Lantern

These lanterns are great for year-round decorating.  You can change out the contents of the lanterns to compliment the season or holiday.

Large Shells.

Tumbler Home Polished Sea Shells

I’m pretty obsessed with shells.  They add such natural beauty to a home.  I think these would look gorgeous in the lanterns.

Nautical Themed Christmas Tree Steering Wheel.

Hampton Nautical 12″ Wooden Steering Rustic White Decorative Ship Wheel with Dark Blue Rope

Cute, huh?  The perfect top to your Christmas tree.


Beach Nautical Decor White Shell and Starfish Garland

These white shells and star fish will dance around your Christmas tree.

Christmas tree sea glass lights.

Impress Life Decorative String sea glass Christmas lights 

We’ve reached the end of Most Amazing Nautical Christmas Tree.  I hope you enjoyed it.

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Thanks for stopping by.  I’m so happy you found us!

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