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13 Best Dog Gifts to Give Your Four-Legged Friend

Finding the Best Dog Gifts to Give Your Four-Legged Friend is no longer a chore with this list. If you’re anything like me, you love to spoil your dog. The health and happiness of our pets make us happy.

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“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings 

Reward your best buddy with a nice gift is the least you can do to show your appreciation. Don’t worry; I did all the work for you.

I know, I know…someone had to go through the rough task of finding the hidden treasures. Who knew how many amazing items my dogs have been missing out on? Click on any of the pictures below to find out more information and pricing.

Here’s the list of the Best Dog Gifts to Give Your Four-Legged Friend: 

1) An Awesome Harness

Look at how amazing this illuminated and reflective harness is for dogs!  The best part about it is its waterproof.  If you and your pooch are active and like to walk or run at dawn, dusk or night, then this is the perfect accessory to help keep both of you safe.  The best part is that you get to pick your favorite color.

2) Tasty Treats

From the feedback of these yummy-looking treats, it seems like Pet Science Secret are a real winner. They are organic, made in the USA and grain free. Training your pups was never easier with these delicious snacks. The treats were a favorite with even picky pups. My dogs gobbled them up.

3) Poop Patrol

Let’s talk poop. Now, this is never anyone’s favorite topic, but picking up your dog’s business got a little bit easier with these lavender-scented poop bags. There are 300 bags, which means lots of dog walks for your best friend.

4) Healthy Ears

If you have a pup with ear issues, you might want to try Zymox ear solution. I swear by this item for one of my dogs. It’s great to finally find a product that works and gives your pet relief from ear infections.

5) Adventure Awaits

Does your best friend love to go on car rides? Make sure his or her safety is a priority with this Solvit Booster Pet Safety Seat. Not only does this seat keep your dog restrained and safe while driving, but it also elevates your dog for a better view.

6) Wipe Your Paws

I love, love, love this product. When I went to the country store in my town to buy dog food, everyone ahead of me had one of these door mats in their cart. When I spoke to the manager about it, she said that they work so well, that after someone buys one they return to the store to buy more. They have several colors to pick from and they also have pet shams to dry off your pooch. Less dirt, happy mommy or daddy and happy pet makes this product a winner!

7) Sweet Dreams

Is your puppy always looking for a comfortable place to snooze? Look no further than this Ultimate Pet Bed and Lounge with Solid Memory Foam. This bed is one of Amazon’s best sellers. It’s made of recycled ‘green’ polyfill. It has a water-resistant and tear resistant cover and is easy to clean.

8) Happy Tummies

We all know that Probiotics are important for humans, but did you know they are also important for your furry friend? Make sure your dog’s tummy has the good stuff it needs. Pet Ultimates guarantees an improvement in your dog’s health and if you’re not happy you can get a complete refund. With over 1,000 happy feedback comments, it might be something you might want to give a try.  Look at the reviews here.  

9) Phone Home

Instead of buying a collar and a dog tag, how about getting a dog collar with your contact information embroidered on the band? The collar is also reflective for your pet’s safety.

10) Best Dressed

Sometimes a girl wants to look her best. This luxurious leopard jacket might be the perfect gift for your fashion-forward friend.  You can find the price for this darling coat on Amazon here. 

11) Window to the World

There’s a big beautiful world past your backyard, and your pup now can see it. This Petpeek Fence Window is a perfect way for your dog to check out the happenings in your neighborhood.

12) Craving cranberries

Is your four-legged friend is a girl? If so, then you might want to help keep her urinary tract healthy.  My girls love these chews and I’m so happy to have found this product.

If you see your any of your female dogs straining to go to the bathroom, or having to go more often than usual – you’ll want to have these chews on hand.  

I give the girls one chew every day because all of them have had a urinary tract infection at one point and anything that helps support their health, I’m all about.

13) Liquid gold

As I mentioned above, one of my girl dogs had problems going to the bathroom, so I bought this product along with the Cran Pup and she was back to normal in no time.

Click here to buy this Urinary Gold to help balance the PH levels in the bladder in your pet!   

We’ve reached the end of 13 Best Dog Gifts to Give Your Four-Legged Friend. I love hearing about items you enjoy getting for you four-legged friend – let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share on social media.

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13 Best Dog Gifts to Give Your Best Friend

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Sunday 5th of February 2017

Wow! I love these. The wipe your paws looks like something my 2 fur babies could use.


Sunday 5th of February 2017

Thanks Janine for commenting. Yep, the Wipe Your Paws door mat is amazing! Kelly

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.