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Bread Recipes to Drool Over

Bread Recipes to Drool Over will have you ready to turn your kitchen into a bread-making sanctuary.   The problem with this post is picking the first recipe to start with because they all look so delicious.  

“Sense the blessings of the earth in the perfect arc of a ripe tangerine, the taste of warm, fresh bread, the circling flight of birds, the lavender color of the sky shining in a late afternoon rain puddle, the million times we pass other beings in our cars and shops and out among the trees without crashing, conflict, or harm.” – Jack Kornfield

Since you love to cook, I’m guessing you like all things cozy living. I created a Facebook group called Creating a Cozy Life with over 9,000 like-minded souls.

It’s a group where we share recipes, pictures of things that leave you in awe, and ideas on how to make your life just a little bit more snug.  Join here to be part of the virtual cozy cabin.

Bread Recipes to Drool Over

We’ve reached the end of Bread Recipes to Drool Over.  

Let me know in the comments if you tried one of these recipes and what you thought.  

Here are some cookbooks that have lots of comfort food recipes to try.  (Don’t you just love looking at food photographs?)  

Flour Salt Water Yeast

This book comes from Portland’s most acclaimed baker.  This book features a variety of recipes your entire family will love.  

Rustic Mexican: Authentic Flavors for Everyday Cooking

Now you don’t have to go in search of that perfect Mexican restaurant.  You can start making authentic dishes right at home.  

Half Baked Harvest Cookbook 

One of my friends got me this cookbook for Christmas and I just love it.  

The Southern Cast Iron Cookbook 

You have to admit that Southern people know how to cook.  I couldn’t wait to travel there on business so I could try new restaurants.  

Don’t you just love being able to browse through books without having to actually go to a bookstore?  

Thanks for stopping by!

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Bread Recipes to Drool Over

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.