21 Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

21 Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas will give you ideas on the perfect cozy little gifts to fill your family and friends stockings with.  

“Christmas: that magic blanket that wraps itself about us.” – Augusta E. Rundel

Whether you are needing Christmas stocking stuffers for women, for coworkers, or for mom, this list will help get you started with creating an unique holiday stocking for everyone that will be fun to open.  

How do you pronounce Hygge?

Hygge is not pronounced the way you think it is. “Hoo-gah” is the correct way to say it. If you want even more clarification there are Youtube videos that will help you out. Here’s one that nails it!

Where did Hygge originate?

The word hygge originally came from Norway.  It’s translation loosely meant well-being.  The Danish adopted the word as their own and they embody the hygge lifestyle.  Danes are among the happiest people in the world and they attribute their happiness in part to hygge. 

What is Hygge?

Hygge cannot be summarized in just a word or even a sentence.  The best way I can describe it is an outlook on life that focuses on simple pleasures and taking the time to cultivate more of them in your life. 

It’s when you give your body, mind and spirit a rest and enjoy the good things in life, like a sunrise or sunset, reading a book in front of crackling fire, taking the time to savor a delicious mug of gourmet tea, and spending time with friends and family in a comfortable setting. 

What is a Hygge Lifestyle? 

Instead of living your life on autopilot, hygge is a way of life that makes sure you live your life in a way that brings deep contentment to your soul. 

Sometimes the outer things in life (money, power, achievements) aren’t the things that will make us happy.  A hygge life encourages us to look at what truly brings us joy and it to make sure we include those things in our days. 

Resources on Hygge Living: 

The Hygge House is a famous blog that focuses on all thing hygge.  She covers hygge décor and lifestyle ideas. 

I love a YouTube channel with a host that actually lives in Denmark.  You can find it here.

Finding that balance between getting things done and learning to schedule downtime is what we all need to live happy-centered days.

Here’s an article on how two friends got together and created a company devoted to hygge wallpaper.  This article is in Forbes magazine.  You can find it here.

Since you love cozy living, I created a Facebook group called Creating a Cozy Life with over 5,000 like-minded souls.

It’s a group where we share recipes, pictures of things that leave you in awe, and ideas on how to make your life just a little bit more snug.  Join here to be part of the virtual cozy cabin.

Here are the 21 Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas: 

1) Christmas Ornaments.  

Buy a special ornament that has meaning to the person you’re giving it to.  For your husband, it could be a reminder of something he loves like a classic car, for your wife how about an ornament from a special place you vacationed, and for a child you could give an ornament that reflects his or her latest obsession.  

You could buy one or to make it more special you can make an ornament for everyone close to you.

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas2) Little love notes.   

Christmas is the perfect time of year to let your loved ones know what you like most about them.  You can get a small notebook and write all the things about them that make them special.  

You could also make a scroll and roll it up and tie it with a ribbon.  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

3) Cozy socks.  

You want to pick out a pair of socks that would be special to the person receiving them.  

Whether you base your choice on comfort, whimsy or luxury…that’s your decision.  But you want the socks to fit his or her personality perfectly.  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

4) Picture perfect. 

Find a small frame and place a special photo of the two of you in it.  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

5) Homemade jams and preserves.  

Who doesn’t love homemade jam?  You can make a batch yourself or pick up specialty jars on your travels as a reminder of a special trip.  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

6) Candles.  

A hygge ambience always features candles, so you can never have too many of them.  You want to get either soy or beeswax candles because they are healthier.  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

7) Gloves. 

Everyone could always use a new pair of gloves or mittens.  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

8) Cookie cutters.  

How about giving a cookie cutter with a coupon for a fresh batch of cookies whenever they want?  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

9) Artisan tea. 

Gourmet tea is a perfect gift that will keep on giving.  Every time the recipient prepares a mug of tea, she or he will remember you.  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

10) Dish towel. 

I love to give cute dish towels out for Christmas.  Everyone can always use another one, and you can pick a holiday-themed towel.  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

11) Mug cozy. 

Wrapping your hands around your favorite mug filled with hot tea is one of the simple pleasures of life.  Adding a mug cozy to it makes it even better.  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

12) Handmade soap. 

There are so many different types of homemade soap, you’re bound to find one that your loved one will enjoy.  Each bar of soap is like a work of art!  

Here’s a post on making a Cedar & Pine Hot Process Soap.

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

13) Old-fashioned candy. 

Christmas is the perfect time to think about the past.  Bring back a little nostalgia with old-fashioned candy.  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

14) Leisure time. 

What are some of his or her favorite hobbies?  You can buy something that gives a nod to one of their loves.  

Some examples of this are knitting needles, golf balls or tees with his initials on it, paint brushes for the artist, or a compass for the hiker.  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

15) Favorite animal. 

Adopt his or her favorite animal from the zoo in their name and roll up the certificate and place it in the stocking.  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

16) Written word. 

Let him or her know that you value their thoughts by getting them a really nice pen.

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

17) Fresh deck.

If they are aces in your eyes, its time to get your game-loving girl or guy a fresh deck of card they will love.  You can get one to reflect his or her interest, or find that fancy deck of cards that will go with their decor.  

You could also get them a deck of cards that have questions or ideas.  

 Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

18) Quotes.

An inexpensive idea is to fill the stocking with rolled up quotes that you know they will love.  You can add fancy graphics on your computer or add doodles yourself to make them even more special.  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

19) Time-out.  

A sweet idea is to give him or her a future break.  Let them know you realize how hard they work and that they need a treat now and again.  

You can get them a gift certificate for a muffin and coffee at their favorite pastry shop, tickets to a movie matinée to sneak off to, or a massage for those aching muscles.  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

20) Heirloom. 

Is there a special small heirloom you would like to hand down to a family member?  

Grandma’s Christmas tree brooch turned into a magnet, buttons from Grandpa’s coat turned into earrings, or even take a souvenir spoon and turn it into an ornament.  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

21) Future adventures. 

A box of tacks and a map make the perfect stocking stuffers.  One color of tacks marks all the places they’ve been and the other color of tacks marks the places they want to go on their bucket list.  

Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

We’ve reached the end of 21 Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas.  I hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know in the comments below what the best stocking stuffers for 2019 you have found.  

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21 Hygge Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas



I adore these ideas that are so thoughtful, and for the most part, also frugal. And thanks for the lesson on pronouncing the word too! I had no clue. I love your photos and blog too, absolutely awesome.


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