Delicious Rustic Gingersnap Stew

Rustic Gingersnap Stew

It’s that time of year when blankets come out of the closets, thicker socks are worn and you crave stew. Rustic Gingersnap Stew is a recipe you have to try. You read the title right, gingersnap cookies were used as an ingredient. If you like the taste of ginger, you’re in for quite the surprise. “There is a charm in making a stew, to the unaccustomed cook, from the excitement of wondering what the result will be, and whether any flavor save that of onions will survive the competition in the mixture.” – Annie Besant Tips: 1) You can peel the carrots before chopping, though I prefer to leave the skin on. 2) Place gingersnap cookies in a plastic bag… Read more >