Rock Painting Ideas – How to Get Started

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Rock painting ideas

Rock Painting Ideas & Resources was put together so you can join in on all the fun.  There’s a movement of kindness going on in the world. Spreading joy to others has actually becoming an obsession.

“It is the sweet simple things in life which are the real ones after all.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

How? By painting rocks into works of art and hiding them for others to find.

Each town has their own Facebook rock group and on the back of every rock is directions where to post pictures of the found treasure. You can keep the rock or hide it again.

Usually what happens is the person that found the rock starts rock painting his or her own masterpieces and starts hiding some of his or her own.

Sometimes getting started is the hard part. Good thing we’ve got you covered.

I started my own Facebook group called Rock Painting Ideas and Resources with over 25,000 members where you can share your own works of art.  You can join here.

We post a daily rock for inspiration and crazy-good artists show their latest works. It’s a great rock painting group for beginners and all levels of talent.  

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There are touching stories on the Facebook rock groups that range from a woman who went to purchase flowers for her daughter’s grave and she found a rock with an inspirational message tucked inside the pot of flowers she was going to purchase.

Another story told of a four-year old child who found his first rock and wanted to immediately go home and paint rocks for others to find.

It’s such a simple way to give back to others and infuse a little joy in your own life. A little shimmer of love is poured into each hand painted rock and the bliss of hiding or finding each piece is something we could all use a bit more of.

What’s stopping you from starting this stone painting in your area?

The side benefit of this project is the way you’ll start looking at rocks. Instead of just casually glancing at “just another rock,” you’ll be tapping into your creative side to find what amazing work of art you can turn that stone into.

This movement also brings friends and family out in droves to go rock hunting. Heck, even the family dog can take part on spreading the love…my dog Grayson went out with me this morning to look for rocks to paint.

Three rocks that I found in my area:

Rock paintings found

I have personally found three hand painted rocks and each time I find one it makes me smile. Because of those found rocks, my area Facebook group has a new member and someone else creating these nuggets of happiness.

Going through the group threads to find the best supplies to start rock painting was a bit of a chore, so I created this list to help you get started.

A great thing about painting rocks is you don’t have to be an artist to get going.  All you need are a few basic supplies and stone painting tips to take part in this spread kindness movement.

What’s the Kindness Rocks Project?  

It’s a project that Megan Murphy started that shows that a single word or message on a rock can change someones life.

The design of the project is to create connections within a community and through simple acts of kindness, lift the spirits of others up.

You can find out more about the Kindness Rocks Project here.  

stone painting ideas

Here’s How to Paint Rocks:

How do you prepare rocks for painting? 

You want smooth flat rocks for painting to create your masterpiece. Keep your artwork ideas in mind when selecting the perfect stones.

How to Paint Rocks

Where to Buy Rocks to Paint 

Make sure you’re able to remove stones from where you find them. Removing stones from National and state parks isn’t okay. Taking rocks from waterways can also be against the rules. It’s also illegal to take rocks from railroad tracks.

If you live in an area that it’s hard to find rocks, head over to your nearest home improvement center, landscape supply store and garden centers to purchase some. Here’s the type of rocks you should pick on Amazon

You want to make sure you get smooth rocks for painting rocks.  The smoother the easier they will be to paint.  

How to wash rocks to prepare for stone painting:

Paint won’t stick to dirty rocks.  A smooth surface is what we’re aiming for, so washing your rocks in warm water and soap will ensure that.  You might want scrub it with an old toothbrush to make sure all debris is removed.  Allow rocks to dry before painting.

How to sand to prepare for painted rocks:  

If there is any light bumps or grit on your rock, you can sand using 150 grit sandpaper.

Do I need a base coat for my rocks?  

This depends on what look you are designing.  If your rock is going to be a solid color, then you definitely should do a base coat.  

The base coat should either be black or white, depending on what color you are picking. 

Sometimes its fun to make the rock’s texture and color part of the design, so in this case you wouldn’t do a base coat.  

What is the best kind of paint to use for rock painting?

Use acrylic patio paint for best results if you will be hiding your rocks outside. Adding a white layer before painting the color you want makes it pop.  

Let each layer of paint dry before applying the next layer.  You can find acrylic patio paints here.

Paint brushes.

A selection of various sized paint brushes will help you create the perfect look you are going for.  Here’s a brush pack with a variety of sizes.

What are the best paint pens for rocks?

Adding text with markers is easier than painting words.  Through trial and error, I have found that Posca Markers work best for rock painting.

You can find them here.  Make sure you look at the tip size before purchasing to make sure you have the right size.

More tools you can use to paint rocks: 

Fineline Applicator.

This Fineline Applicator lets you control your artwork. You can find them here.


Dotting tools make perfectly round dots 

How do you seal your rocks?   

This is one of the most important steps to rock painting.   All that hard work that you put into your stone would be wasted with any type of moisture.

You want a seal that won’t curdle if the stones are subject to the outdoor weather.  Here’s the sealant that I recommend Two thin coats works best.

Brush Cleaner.

How many have us have been guilty of not cleaning our brushes right away and throwing out a rarely used brush because of it?  Soak your paintbrushes in this, and you’ll never have to do that again.

Kindness rocks

Where NOT to leave rocks:

Lawns or anywhere that a mower can run over it.

Leaving rocks in state or national parks are not allowed.

Anywhere that a person has to climb to get the rock.

In the middle of pathways where people can trip on them.

Businesses that don’t give you permission before “hiding” them there.

Anyone’s private property.

Tips on How to Paint Rocks:

Using a hair dryer can speed up the drying process.

Check Craigslist, Offerup and to find free rocks.

Clean the nozzle on the seal spray can in between uses.

Place rock in a box in a well ventilated area before spraying.

Keep prepared rocks in your car, you never know when you might find the perfect place to hide one.

Take a photo of a hint of where you hid your rock and post to the Facebook group page.

Make sure you “hide” the rock someplace that it will be found – finding the rocks is the whole point of this movement.

Placing rocks around businesses at night after they’re closed may trip the alarm.

On the back of every rock, let the “finder” know they can keep the rock or reside, but to post a picture of it on the local Facebook Group page before hiding again. You can write, “Keep or Hide.  Post selfie picture to ________ Facebook Group.

Rock Painting Beginners

Ideas on where to hide your rocks:

1) One of the members of the Facebook group I belong to added a painted rock with his tip at a restaurant.

2) Nooks of trees.

3) Coffee stands.  That’s where I found two of my rocks.

4) One person left a hot dog rock painting on a grill at a sports store.

5) At farm stands or farmer’s markets.

6) On top of a neighbor’s mailbox.

7) At your town’s visitor’s center.

8)  Create a small “rock garden” in front of a store.  Where I live, they have a galvanized bucket filled with sand and they allow to leave one rock and take one rock.

9) The check-out stand of grocery stores.

10) The playgrounds sets of schools.

11) Veterinary offices.

12) Gas station pumps.

13) Drive-thru windows of your favorite eatery.

14) Motivation rocks would compliment any gym.

15) You could leave cat and dog portrait rocks in pet stores.

16) Food related rocks could be left at various food festivals. Dog shows would be a perfect place to leave dog related rocks. How about rocks featuring musical instruments left at a symphony?

17) You can place the rocks flower pots of nurseries or flower shops (ask permission first!)

18) How about leaving some rocks at local hotels to show visitors to your area just how fun your town can be?

19) Someone knows how to add a little irony to a hiding place…they placed the rock in front of the spray paint cans!

20) One of the rock group members travels in an RV six months a year and leaves them behind at every campground they visit.  Well-played RV’ers, well-played.

21) One of the Rockettes of St. John Parish Rocks has a son with brain cancer.  She obtained permission to bring the painted rocks to the children’s hospital and hides them in cancer wing.  This idea brings lots of smiles to the children who can’t get out and hunt for rocks.  They also place rocks at schools for children of special needs and Veterans hospitals and nursing homes.  LOVE THIS!

22) The Reedley CA group is expanding their painting and hiding participation in: After School Programs, day camps, Boys & Girls Clubs, church youth groups and even wine and cheese parties.  They also started hiding rocks in their historic downtown area to encourage rock seekers to spend their money locally.  Another idea they have is to put the rocks along a walking trail to encourage people to get out and exercise!  Thanks Reedley for all these great tips!!

23) How about contacting your local foster care programs to hide rocks at any of their gatherings?

Reddit did an article called Create, Hide and Find Painted Rocks Around the World.  You can find that article here.  

Ideas on how to spread the rock painting movement:

Create a Meetup group where everyone gets together to paint rocks.

The Lakeland Rock group suggested hiding the rocks in churches and diners.

Contact local nursing homes about adding painting rocks as an activity the seniors can participate in.

Create a Facebook group for your area and invite friends, family and neighbors to join.

Take completed rocks with you on vacation to spread the movement in other areas.

Give your family and friends a rock painting kit by purchasing the needed supplies and putting them all in a tote bag.

Become a walking billboard.  Create a group t-shirt on a site like Cafe Press and walk around advertising your new rock painting group.

Reach out to local blogs, newspapers and news channels about doing a feature on your organization and how rock painting is changing lives.

The more rocks your group makes and sends out into the world, the more other people will want to learn about your group and rock painting.

Share this blog post on social media.  Let’s rock this movement!

Ideas for Rock Group Administrators: 

Jean and Albert from Oakley Rocks wakes up their Facebook group every morning with a different rock and says “Good Morning Rockers!”  They also do the same thing every night “Good Night Rockers!”  I love this idea.

Whidbey Island Rocks celebrates every thousand member milestone with a very special rock and gift basket.  They hide the special rock just like all the others.

Mansfield Rocks pairs children’s books with a rock painting of one of the characters of the book.  They put the book in plastic to protect it.  This idea would delight any child and encourage reading.

Wharton County Rocks is having a “Painting in the Park” event soon.  They are also having a Toys for Tots drive at the same time.

Laurie from St. John Parish Rocks! uses a hand painted rock created in her image as a profile picture. Very cute!

Tori from Bothell Rocks has a “Welcome” rock painting that is on her group description.

Fallon “FAMILY” Rocks created a contest in their rock group by hiding 26 little rocks painted and numbered. The winning numbered rock was painted silver and the prize was a rock wreath. They also did a Glow Hide at night and painted the rocks with glow paint. All the members had to find the rocks in the dark.

Several groups have already linked to this blog post in their introduction page, feel free to do so.   I will  be constantly updating it, adding new ideas and practices.

Rock Painting Designs:

Here are some easy rock painting ideas for the entire family.  Most of the designs listed below are simple rock painting ideas that every level of painter can make. 

Quote or Inspirational Painted Rocks.  

One of the rocks I saw said “Be a little BOULDER.”  Just a little rock humor.

Related Post: Most Popular Rock Painting Words and Phrases 

Bug Painted Rocks.  

Bumblebees, spiders with webs, caterpillars, butterflies and snails are all fun ideas to paint.

Ladybug Painted Rocks. 

This deserves a class of it’s own.  Ladybug rocks were one of the first painted rocks ideas that took off because they are adorable and easy to paint.  

Monsters Painted Rocks.

One-eyed monsters, toothy monsters and googly-eyed monsters will make everyone smile.

Owl Rock Painting.

The rock painting members love to paint owls and the reason is because they are all so darn cute.

Birds Painted Rocks.

It’s not just owls anymore.  Birds on branches.  Flying birds.  Flamingos. Nests. CHICKENS.  I love chickens! Peacocks.  You get the drift.

Flower Painted Rocks.

Roses, tulips, forget-me-nots and daisies. You can never get enough of these.

Heart Painted Rocks.

Hearts of all shapes and sizes will be fun to use.  

Silhouettes Painted Rocks.  

These are just gorgeous.  Google silhouette rock painting and you will see what I mean.

Sun, Moon, Stars, Rainbow and Clouds Painted Rocks.  

You can add glitter or bejewels to your rock painting art to make them a bit more special.   Simple, but always in demand.

Teacups, coffee mugs and teapots Painted Rocks.  

Everyone could use a little “buzz” in his or her day.

Mushrooms, trees, leaves, feathers and acorns Painted Rocks.  

Everything in nature can be used as an idea for your masterpiece.

Mandala Rock Painting.

Google this.  You’ll be happy you did.

Quotes Painted Rocks.

How about, “Let me be your rock today?” Had to throw that in to make sure you were still reading.  More rock humor.

Fruit Painted Rocks.  

Pineapples, watermelon, strawberries, lemons, apples and bananas are just some of your choices.

Beach Themed Painted Rocks.  

Anchors, beach chairs, beach balls, sunglasses, waves, surfboards, sailboats and kayaks.

Under the Sea Painted Rocks.  

Jellyfish, whales, stingrays, dolphins, octopus, fish, MERMAIDS, sharks, seashells, starfish, seals, otters, crabs and lobster are just some ideas to use.

Peace Painted Rocks.  

Peace signs, earth and doves.  We could all use a bit more peace, don’t you agree?

Patriotic Painted Rocks.  

Flags, eagles, past presidents, coins, dollar bills, Uncle Sam, Statue of Liberty, and Liberty Bell.

Transportation Painted Rocks.

Bicycles, roller-skates, ice-skates, skateboards, airplanes, trains, cars, trucks, hot air balloons, trailers and tractors.

Traffic Signs Painted Rocks.  

Stop signs, caution signs (“Caution falling rocks”), Yield signs (“Yield to rock painting”), street signs (“Have Fun Boulevard”) and traffic lights are just some ideas.

Food Painted Rocks.  

Hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, corn on the cob, tomatoes, pickles, pizza slice, fried eggs and sushi.  Great, now I’m hungry.

“Hello” badges Rock Painting.

“Hello, my name is Rock” name tag.  Even more rock humor.  It never gets old.

Let us eat Dessert Painted Rocks.  

Cakes, cake slices, pies, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream cones and ice cream sundaes.

Farm Animal Painted Rocks.

Cows, pigs, sheep, horses, goats, rabbits, llamas, and ducks.

Farm Painted Rock Ideas.  

Barns, haystacks and tractors.

Pet Painted Rock Ideas.  

Dogs, cats, goldfish, hamsters, turtles, frogs and snakes are just some ideas.

Wild Animal Painted Rock Ideas.  

Deer, bears, moose, tigers, elephants, giraffes, alligators, hawks, mountain lions, hippos, panthers, zebras, lions, tigers, antelope, mountain goats, buffalo, rhinoceros, leopards, elk, pandas, polar bears, cheetahs, foxes, camels, monkeys, wolves and raccoons are just a few to paint.

Sporting Equipment Painted Rocks.

Baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, hockey sticks, tennis racquets and boxing gloves.

Hat Painted Rock Ideas.  

Cowboy hats, top hats, berets, derby, fedora, baseball hats, Viking horns and chef hats.  Now I’m dying to paint hats.

Painted Rock Houses.

Cottages, Cabins and Magical Doorways.  No need to explain further.

Magical Rock Painting Ideas.  

Fairies, dragons, unicorns, magic wands and wizards.

City Skylines Rock Painting Ideas.

Daytime and night.

Pirate Theme Painted Rocks.  

Pirates, parrots, pirate ships, treasure chest, skull and bones flag.

Space Painted Rocks.  

Solar system – use glow-in-the-dark paint for painting rocks and you will have an out of this world experience.  (Space humor!) Spaceships, astronauts, and aliens.

Emojis Painted Rocks.  

You know what those are.

Cactus Painted Rocks.  

These are also super cute and you can put them in pots for an even better idea! 

Holiday Themes Rock Painting

New Year’s Painted Rocks.

Clocks, champagne glasses, party hats, “Happy New Year,” 2017 and streamers.

Valentine’s Day Painted Rocks.

Cupid, bows and arrows, box of chocolates, heart candy with sayings, love letters and roses.

St. Patrick’s Day Painted Rocks.

Pot of gold, leprechaun’s, horseshoe, four-leaf clover, green top hat and Irish flag

Easter Painted Rocks.

Easter bunny, chicks, colored eggs, lambs, tulips and daffodils, various animals wearing bunny ears.

July 4th Painted Rocks.

Flags, fireworks, “Happy 4th of July,” and “Happy Independence Day.”

Halloween Painted Rocks.

Ghosts, black cats, haunted houses, witches, spiders, bats and jack-o-lanterns.

rock painting beginners

Thanksgiving Painted Rocks.  

Turkeys, thanksgiving quotes and pumpkins are all the rage for this time of year.

Christmas Painted Rocks.  

Christmas trees, stockings, Santa Claus, Reindeer, presents, ornaments, candles, Christmas lights, “Happy Holidays,” bells, Santa hat, sleighs, candy canes, peppermints, garland, holly, mistletoe and elves.

Hanukkah Painted Rocks.  

Menorah, dreidel, gelt, gifts and Star of David are some ideas.

Seasonal Themes Rock Painting

Spring Painted Rocks.  

Umbrellas, rain boots, baby birds in nests, watering can and bird houses.

Summer Painted Rocks.  

Palm trees, thongs, lighthouses, sand pails, sunglasses, life preservers, snorkeling masks  and flippers.

Fall Painted Rocks.  

Squirrels, autumn trees, leaves, squash, apples, socks and sunflowers.

Winter Painted Rocks.  

Snowmen, mittens, fireplace, sleds, snowflakes, wreaths, frosted trees, penguins and igloos are just some ideas.

What are some Rock Painting Ideas for Beginners?  

Whenever you start something new, it can be intimidating.  Rock painting is no exception.  The good news is you don’t have to be an artist to participate.

Every rock is a work of art and will bring delight to anyone that finds it.  What everyone loves about this movement is the element of surprise of finding your first rock.

An easy rock painting idea for beginners is starting with smiley face rocks.  I know a lady in a group that created 100 smiley face rocks at a time and sent them out into the world, bringing happiness to everyone that found them.

Pinterest is full of free rock painting ideas and you can follow me here to get daily inspiration.  

Here’s a YouTube video on beginning rock painting that should help you visually see how to begin.

More resources on rock painting:

Rock Art! Painting and Crafting with the Humble Pebble.

The Art of Stone Painting: 30 Designs to Spark Your Creativity.

Cute Owl Canvas Tote Bag

Please let me know in the comments below if you’ve found a rock or if you’re involved with rock painting and how it’s impacted your life.  Thank you for stopping by.

Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you won’t miss a single post.  

Don’t forget to pin this post to your rock painting ideas Pinterest board!  I will be continually updating it.

The link to our Painted Rocks Facebook Group to join 25,000 other like-minded rock painting friends.  

You can also join your local rock hiding group to start participating in this fun activity.  

Rock on, rock painting angels. Rock on.

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More Stone Painting Resources: 

wikiHow shows you how to paint a river rock.  You can find the article here.  

The Artist Network wrote an article about Spreading Art and Kindness with Rock Painting.  Go here for that article.  

The Today Show wrote about how Rock Painting Groups connect families and communities.  You can find that article here.  

Why Painted Rocks are the Next Big Thing wrote Red Tricycle.  You can read the article here.  

How to Start Rock Painting









Glorie Illian

This is excellent info! We’re rockin the east bay of SF!
Just shared with Oakley Rocks! Love this movement! Thank you!

Fawn Conner

I’ve found many, started a group in Moses Lake, WA to spread happiness and get families out in the community, getting excercise and reconnecting with each other. This group has given me something to look forward to, wether it’s painting rocks for others or finding them, it just makes my day


Hi, I’m from Montana and me and my family are down in Seattle for medical reasons. While I was at the Children’s hospital the other day u found some beautiful rock’s. I shared a picture of them and I said that I never saw or heard of the rock painting going on back home…. Well until now, Thanks for starting it where you live. I think I might start it myself in my hometown because it sure brought a smile to myself and also my family’s face’s.


Hi Bob, my name is Lee and just wanted to let you know there are several rock groups in Ohio. If you will let me know what area in Ohio you live…I can make some recommendations …rock on!

Wendy Duhe'

I actually saw an article about rock painting a couple of years ago. It was in Vancouver. A lady painted rocks and placed them around town to spread a little cheer. I thought it was a great idea then, but didn’t think about getting it going. I have been pinning images of painted rocks on Pinterest for years in case I finally got to paint rocks. I stumbled on the SJP group Laurie started from a post about the rocks by a Facebook friend. I added a bunch of my Facebook friend to the group that I thought might like it. I have been painting rocks since I saw the post. I don’t generate as many as I’d like because I take a while painting them. It’s very therapeutic. I would love for this to spread all over the country. ?

Diane Matthes

I got my rocks at home depot. 30 lbs of white smooth rocks 3-5″ for about 13.00. They are easy to paint on. They are found in the lawn and garden section. I think Lowes carries them also. Oh and another idea in lieu of painting is decoupage. I saw that on you tube, they were painting pots but it could be used on rocks.


Love this! Perfect timing as so much anger is in the air! I’ve never heard of the rock movement, but I’m excited and definitely sharing on my fb page. Thanks for this post!

Kim Zagarenski

Great post!! I started our group 06351 rocks about a month ago in our area. We are up over 500 members already, which is awesome for our quiet little town!
Something that we’ve done in our group is have local businesses donate something that the finder of a special rock wins! We’ve had everything from pumpkins, oil changes, gift cards to restaurants, pizzas and Scentsy wax tarts donated. It’s a great way for businesses to get some advertising as well as a way to drum up more excitement for rock hunting!!

Kathy Bassett

Super Awesome blog . . . and tons of great information. Thank you so much for helping to spread the “fun”
We are just getting started here but it is starting to catch on. I am my mom’s caregiver and she has dementia, so painting the rocks helps me a bunch and she understands some about the rocks . . so she gets tickled when she learns that someone found a rock, or when I take her out for a ride to hide some. Some other great places to put rocks would be in a mall where there are so many places to put a rock . . the more you look around the more you find places where a rock would fit. I find myself now carrying rocks in my pockets when I go anywhere. Yesterday while at the Grocery Store, the cashier that checked me out, had big tears in her eyes and she told me that a little man had just come through her aisle and didn’t have enough money to pay for his groceries, so the people behind him, paid the entire bill. She said . . there are still good people left in the world. I handed her one of my favorite rocks and said I hoped she would find some cheer in the rock and she was so amazed and her face went from sad to glad in a hurry . . she was so excited. People have a hard time at the holidays and I don’t have a lot of money but I thought I would put a rock in a baggie along with a $10 bill or so and hope that whoever finds it could use if for nothing else a cup of coffee & a sandwich. I also would like to pay for a large pizza and make a special rock which when presented to the pizza place, their pizza would be paid for. Thanks again.

Loralie Cruz

Thank you for all of this great information. I just started a new FB group for a community–however, this community is not geographical, it’s the walking community of Volkssporters. The Group name is “Volkssport Rocks”. I hope to generate interest in placing painted rocks along our Volksmarch routes across the country. (Check out if unfamiliar with volkssports.) I did mention your site in my introduction since you have included such a wealth of information and I figured there was no reason for me to try to restate it all in my own words when you have already done such a complete job. Thank you so much!

Laurieleu Wells

This is great, we are always having new painters join our group looking for guidance I’ll send them here.I’ve been a rock painter for over ten years and love gifting them, so keep on rock’n!

Rose Holland

How do I find out if there is a rock painting Facebook page in my area?

Cynthia Golebie

I started Pittsburgh Rocks March 10, 2017. We have been growing each day.


I’ve been pinning these painted rocks for aile now and thought they were so cute and fun. I was looking for inspiration to start my rock painting today and came across this post. I love love lov this idea of hiding the rocks and t the same time it’s also spreading random acts of Kindness. I’ll be looking at the facebooks and maybe even start one. Thank you for a wonderful idea.

Wanda pichon

My son died unexpectedly last year.there were dragonflies all over when he died. No one really knew this except family. A few weeks later I found a rock in my mailbox. Yes there was a dragonfly painted on it. I can’t even begin to tell you how much joy that brought me. I didn’t know who put it there but I was so grateful. I just recently found out it was my neighbor who has a rock painting group. Slidell rocks. I’m going to start painting rocks with my daughter.

Kansas Girl

We have “Iola Rocks Too” on FB. Great trails in our area that lead to other communities that also participate! Great way to get creative minds flowing, out for some exercise and connect with surrounding communities too!


Im DEFINTELY interested in starting this in my suburb of Kansas City,Ks Olathe…to keep me busy. Can you email me for further help please? Thanks in asvanced *ANOTHER Kansas girl haha*

Lisa Schwaberow

Love your post! I am trying to go to the fine line applicator post but it keeps taking me back to the Pinterest page. I have tried it in Pinterest and in my browser. I saw a lady using these at an art show and would love to try it on my rocks!


One group I’m in has monthly challenges with prizes, this month we have 2-30min airplane tours around the city and a couple of gift cards! We had a pot luck last month meet and greet, hid and found rocks and buckets for kids with rocks and surprizes in them, it’s a ton of fun….great info by the way!


Love all these fantastic ideas! I’m so inspired! What size tip do you recommend for the paint markers?

Debbie Hettler

I’m searching for ideas. Pretty new to this kindness movement (2 months). My friend, Kelly, started a group called Crystal Clear Rock Club from Crystal, Michigan. We have our first meet and greet to paint rocks on Saturday, September 16, 2017. So excited! You can check us out on Facebook.


Rock Painting is a passion of mine, I have a rock painting blog for tips and resources and your post offers great tips on how to get started with the kindness project.


I am going to go to the store tomorrow, Can’t wait to see what happen. Looks like something fun and happy to do

Cindy worthington

My father and I saw a story that sounded just like yours. My dad has Dementia and he got really excited about rock painting and hiding them. What do I need to get my dad and I started in this lovely hobby? This will be one of his big gifts for Christmas. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens it.

Glenda Sue Vize

I am going to start a new rock group in 3 – 4 weeks.
Your site has really given me plenty of information. Confirms my ideas and gives me new ideas.
Thank you so much.
Glenda Sue Vize

Mary Diderich

I am going to start a new group here in Sharon, WI. Thank you for all the helpful information! I only recently ‘discovered’ rock painting and am enjoying it very much. Can’t wait to spread the fun with others in our community. I will distribute a few rocks tomorrow at our library coffee hour. I plan on having a few paint parties also. #sharonrocks #rockon

Kathryn Ferguson

The first time I heard about kindness rocks was May 2018, in June 2018 I started a Facebook page
Rocks of Folsom in nine weeks I have 412 members. This has been a lot of fun spreading kindness.
Kathryn Ferguson Folsom CA. Rock on!!!…


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