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Stone Painting for Kids: Book Review

In the delightful exploration of Stone Painting for Kids: Designs to Spark Your Creativity by F. Sehnaz Bac, children are invited into a world of artistic discovery where rocks become their canvases for boundless creativity. 

Stone Painting for Kids: Designs to Spark Your Creativity

Photo of Stone Painting for Kids Book - Book Review
Stone Painting for Kids Book Review

This children’s rock painting book serves as an engaging and accessible guide for young artists. It provides step-by-step instructions and playful projects that ignite imagination and nurture children’s artist skills.

With colorful illustrations and easy-to-follow techniques, Bac encourages children to unleash their inner artists as they transform ordinary stones into whimsical creatures, vibrant patterns, and imaginative scenes.

More than just a how-to guide, Stone Painting for Kids fosters a sense of wonder and connection to the natural world, encouraging children to explore their surroundings with fresh eyes and a creative spirit.

Through Bac’s gentle guidance, youngsters learn not only rock painting techniques but also gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty and potential found in everyday objects.

From scavenger hunts for the perfect rocks to outdoor painting adventures, Bac infuses each project with joy and discovery, making art an accessible and enjoyable experience for children of all ages.

With its emphasis on exploration and self-expression, Stone Painting for Kids by F. Sehnaz Bac offers more than just a creative outlet – it cultivates confidence, fosters imagination, and strengthens fine motor skills in young artists.

Bac’s infectious enthusiasm for rock painting shines through every page, inspiring children to embrace their creativity and see the world as their canvas.

Whether painting pebbles for a garden treasure hunt or crafting heartfelt gifts for loved ones, Bac’s book empowers children to discover the magic of turning simple stones into art.

“A child’s mind is not a container to be filled but rather a fire to be kindled.”

Dorothea Brande
Stone Painting for Kids Book Review - Photo of Kids Painting Rocks
Stone Painting for Kids Book Review

Kindness Rock Movement

The Kindness Rock Movement started somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Someone started painting rocks, sealing them, and then leaving them outdoors for others to find.  

When you find a rock, instructions lead you to a Facebook page and upload a picture of the rock to let the club know that you found one. Once you see one of these unique rocks, you can’t help but want to join in all the fun.

What’s so special about these groups, is that they go out of their way to spread joy in others lives.  When they find out that kids with special needs are going to be playing in a certain area, the rock angels “hide” plenty of rocks for the kids to find.  

A children’s hospital in Seattle lets everyone “hide” rocks in the hospital for the patients. Seniors who felt like they were no longer needed are hard at work painting rocks to spread the mission even further.

Children love to create works of art, knowing they’re going to brighten someone’s day when they hide the rock to be found. This movement teaches kids to tap into their creative side and to do something nice for others.

Stone Painting for Kids Book Review - Photo of Rocks to Paint
Stone Painting for Kids Book Review

About F. Sehnaz Bac

F. Sehnaz is a luminary in the world of rock painting, renowned for her innovative techniques and captivating designs that breathe life into ordinary stones. With a background in fine arts and a passion for exploring nature’s beauty, Bac infuses her work with a sense of whimsy and wonder, transforming rugged canvases into vibrant reflections of the world around us.

Her artistic journey has led her to author bestselling books on rock painting, sharing her expertise and igniting a global fascination with rock artistry. Bac lives on the coast in Italy. Stone Painting for Kids is the perfect book to share your love of art with your children.

Other Books by F. Sehnaz Bac

Rock Painting Facebook Group

I love the painted rock movement so much I started a Facebook group called Rock Painting Ideas and Resources which has over 51,000 members. I would love to have you join us and share your works of art. You can join the group here.

Book Review

This book is a must-buy, in my opinion. It’s the perfect way for children to improve their art skills and have fun doing it simultaneously. Not only will kids love this book, but adults just getting started will as well.

Geometric shapes, numbers & letters, hearts, faces, flowers, mushrooms, dominos, shellfish, chess pieces, a multi-pebble rabbit, word stones, houses, shells, vehicles, sky themes, and tic-tac-toe are just some of the ideas Bac features in Stone Painting for Kids.

Now I know you’ve been dying to get a little peek into this beautiful book. It’s a good thing Amazon lets you do just that. Just click on the picture and go to the top right corner and it will let you look inside.

I hope this post inspires you to pick up a paint brush and encourage your children to do the same.

Thanks for stopping by! I’m so happy you found us.

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Stone Painting for Kids Book ReviewThe Art of Stone Painting: Book Review - if you're looking to get started painting rocks with your children, you've found the inspiration to give you the nudge you need. These beautiful rocks will inspire your creativity. / Rock Painting Ideas / Rock Painting Designs / Rock Painting Patterns / Painted Rock Ideas / Painted Rock Designs / Painted Rock Patterns
Stone Painting for Kids Book Review


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