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17 Best Ideas for Garden Decor to Inspire You

17 Best Ideas for Garden Decor to Inspire You will help you find creative ways to design your retreat from the rest of the world that the entire family will love.

If you’re looking for more ideas on gardening, How to Grow a Tea Garden and Gardening for Beginners – Tips and Tricks will help get you started.

Fun Ideas for Garden Decor - Hand painted Chair in a Nook in the Garden

“My extravagance is my garden – it’s the first thing I look at every morning when I wake up. It gives me so much pleasure.”

Ina Garten

Adding a fire pit, wind chimes, string lights, and a water fountain are popular choice garden features. The best thing about designing the look of your garden is that you can use vintage garden decorations, DIY projects, and new garden ornaments to display your creativity.

You decorate your home, so why not add whimsical accents to your outdoor space to make your garden pop?

Even if you have a small garden, you can find excellent garden decor ideas.  I went on several garden tours, and the yard art below is the highlights.

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Here are the 17 Fun Ideas for Garden Decor to Inspire You:

1. Rustic Garden Signs

There’s something about homemade rustic garden signs that makes me happy.  I went to a garage sale that had the most adorable cottage garden with various garden signs.

Signs are a great way to add personality to your garden. This tomato sign is adorable. I love the way the tomatoes are the “o’s” in the sign.

Fun Ideas for Garden Decor to Inspire You - Rustic Garden Signs - hand painted sign that says "tomatoes"

2. Rustic Garden Art – Love at Home

I was driving by a house, and they had this beautiful simple heart lying in front of a large rock.  This garden decoration was an easy way to show the importance of love at home.

Rustic Garden Art - Love at Home - Metal Heart in front of a white rock

3. Garden Focal Point – A Cozy Bench

Look how breathtaking this bench looks sitting center-stage in front of a bed of colorful flowers. Benches are a great idea to create a focal point and comfortable seating in your garden without spending a lot of money.

Fun Ideas for Garden Decor - Garden Focal Point - Garden Bench Surrounded by Flowers

4. Creative containers – vintage wash tub

Creative containers are one of my favorite garden decoration ideas. This vintage washing tub does perfect double duty as a unique planter.

You can find unusual containers at flea markets, thrift stores, or garage sales. Vintage tins and an old galvanized bucket are excellent ways to display your plants on your front porch.

5. Giving direction with Weathervanes

Who doesn’t need a fun weathervane in their garden?  This one steals the show. They make a significant impact outdoor decoration.

Garden Weathervane - Rooster with the sky as the backdrop

6. Artistic Flare – Hand Blown Glass Flowers in the Garden

Since we’re looking at hand-blown garden art, how about these glass flowers in bright colors? Hand-blown glass is one of the best ideas for garden decor to give your space easy elegance.

7. Garden Art – Mosaic Statue

This handcrafted mosaic garden statue is simply stunning. She would bring a unique decorative element and peace to any corner of your garden.

Garden Art - Mosaic Statue of a child holding a bird

8. Hand Painted Chicken Coop Window Frame

Garden spaces that have chicken coops are a great way to show off your creative side. The hand-painted window frame around the chicken coop window gives any garden an attractive rustic look.

Painting designs in your garden is one of the most inexpensive ideas for garden decor that takes a little artistic ability. If you’re not a good painter, perhaps you can enlist a friend to help you?

Hand Painted Chicken Coop Window Frame

9. Small statement

A bowl with pink baubles makes a beautiful focal point wherever it’s placed. You can add water to the saucer for a simple water feature.

Small Statement - Bowl with Hand blown glass balls

10. Chicken Coop Egg Wreath

How cute is this?  Adding an egg wreath to a rustic chicken coop is the perfect whimsical touch and a great addition to welcome everyone to your coop.

Chicken Coop Egg Wreath on a Rustic Door

11. Nautical Garden Art with Wooden Sail Boats

With a nod to the sea, this adorable garden accent will have you dreaming of future adventures.

12. Rustic Garden Metal Flower

Look how nicely this rustic handmade flower shows off the natural elements of the building. This flower went viral on social media as one of the favorite fun ideas for garden decor.

Don’t overlook the sides of your garage or sheds for outdoor decorating.

13. Create Your Own Magical Forest

I found this guy tucked away in the corner of a garden that created a fun surprise in an outdoor area. He looks pretty serious studying all visitors that enter the garden gate.

Whimsy is the perfect way to add fun ideas for garden decor, even if you have a small space.

Tree trunk with eyes, nose, and mouth in the garden. Best Ideas for Garden Decor

14. Little Birdie Garden Gate

The most minor touch in the garden can have a significant impact. What a good idea this little bird is to welcome friends and family into the courtyard.

Fun Ideas for Garden Decor - Little rusty metal bird in the center of a wooden garden gate

15. Add a touch of whimsy to your garden decor

This little sign had everyone chuckling on the garden tour. If your true love is wine, proclaim it for all the world to see!

You can make your own DIY garden decor tree sign and let everyone know what you love the most.

Rustic garden sign with the base of a tree with a heart and the word "wine" inside the heart.

16. Potted Garden Chair

Simply removing the seat from old chairs and turning them into planters, you can have a unique garden art display that will wow visitors.

This display removed the seat from a vintage chair and anchored a large terra cotta pot in the center. By adding smaller pots to the center, they could create a fun design complete with one of the cutest garden stakes – a handmade garden fairy.

Taking the seat out of vintage chairs and turning it into a planter.  Fun Ideas for Garden Decor

17. Nautical Garden Gate

I love about this idea because you can transform any wooden garden gate into a work-of-art with the theme of your choice. This photo has become one of the favorite DIY projects with my readers.

If your garden is a vegetable garden, cutting out your favorite vegetables would look cute as well. This would work with any themed garden and add a memorable focal point.

Nautical Garden Gate with cut-outs of sea creatures from the wooden gate.  Fun Ideas for Garden Decor

We’ve reached the end of 17 Fun Ideas for Garden Decor to Inspire You.

I hope you got a few new ideas on how to add the right accents to your retreat.   Let me know in the comments below if you liked any of the ideas for garden decor and which one was your favorite.

I created a pin for Pinterest for the 17 Best Ideas for Garden Decor that you can add to your gardening board below.

Thanks for stopping by!

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17 Fun Garden Decor Ideas - Pin for Pinterest. Top Photo is a hand painted chair surrounded by flowers.  The bottom photo is a mosaic statue with a bird in its hands.

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Friday 21st of June 2024

These garden decor ideas are truly inspiring! They offer a wide range of creative ways to beautify outdoor spaces. From whimsical to practical, there's something for every garden style. Thanks for sharing these delightful inspirations!


Kelly Morse

Saturday 22nd of June 2024

Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback. - Kelly

Jeanie Harris

Monday 17th of August 2020

Do you sell these items or explain how to make them?? I am interested in the Artistic Touch large tin looking flower. I can't find any details on it. Thanks!


Tuesday 18th of August 2020

Hi Jeanie! Sadly, no I don't make them. I just went to an outdoor garden show a few years ago and snapped all the pictures. Kelly

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.