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The BEST Easter Traditions You’ll LOVE!!

Easter Traditions Your Family Will Love will give you some ideas to add more meaning to your holiday. Creating happy memories with our family and friends is easy with these simple tips during the holiday season.

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Easter Traditions - Happy Easter written on Piece of Paper with flowers and eggs

Easter is such a special time, and adding unique Easter celebrations around this holiday will make it even more memorable.

“Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal and new life.”

Janine di Giovanni

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Here are the Easter Traditions Your Family Will Love ideas:

1) Different Types of Easter Egg Decorating

Easter Traditions - Decorating Easter Eggs for Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Hunts

If you’ve only dyed your hard-boiled eggs the traditional route, why not shake up your routine by exploring different methods?

You can use unwanted ties to make beautiful designs. You can find a tutorial on Better Homes and Gardens here.

Did you know you can use shaving cream to create marbleized Easter eggs? Check out how gorgeous they are in Country Living Magazine.

Have you ever tried making natural dyes to color your eggs?  It’s super simple to do.  Add water with a bit of vinegar to a pot and simmer with your favorite vegetable or fruit. You can find the exact instructions here.

Some examples of the best fruits and vegetables to use are beets, blueberries, spinach, carrots, strawberries, and cherries.

Have you ever heard of rice dye eggs? I didn’t either until I started researching ideas for this article. Take a look at these unusual Easter eggs here.

Create your own special Easter egg hunt with these different egg dying ideas.

Hand Painted Easter Eggs
Hand Painted Easter Eggs

Making lacy eggs might be a fun idea if you want to elevate your eggs to a whole new level. Just cut a piece of lace long enough to encircle your hard-boiled egg.

Using a sponge applicator, add a coat of craft paint to the lace. Roll the egg over the lace for a beautiful accent.

I think you’re getting the idea. Maybe challenge your family to create a new look for your eggs each year.  See if you can outdo yourselves.

2) Go fly a kite

Easter Traditions - Little Girl Flying a Kite

On the island of Bermuda, it’s a tradition to celebrate Easter by going out with your family and flying a kite.

Kite flying is a tradition in tribute to Christ’s crucifixion. The kite is in the shape of a cross, and as it flies toward heaven with colorful ribbons, the prayers of the kite flyer rise to heaven.

What an excellent way to celebrate this beautiful time! You can also try your hand at making homemade kites as a new Easter tradition.

3) Easter baskets

Easter Traditions - Easter Baskets

Who says Easter baskets are just for kids? I’m sure there are adults in your circle that would love to experience the fun of receiving an Easter basket once again.

While Easter candy like chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and a chocolate bunny are the traditional elements to add to an Easter basket – there are lots of other ideas you can add for the adults in your life that you want to the tradition.

Here are some non-candy Easter basket ideas:

Journals, books, seed packets, small pots of gardening flowers or herbs, garden tools, tickets to an event they will love, craft supplies, cooking gadgets, homemade treats for his or her pet, and pens that roll are just a few good ideas for your Easter basket.

4) Easter parade

Favorite Easter Traditions Easter Parade

If you haven’t been to an Easter parade, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. From small towns to big cities, planning a trip to attend one will be a holiday tradition you’ll love.  

Easter Traditions Easter Bonnet
Easter Traditions – Easter Bonnet

The Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival in New York City knows how to do it right. The pictures I’ve profiled in this section came from the NYC parade, and it looks like they know how to celebrate!

Easter Tradition - Easter Bonnets
Easter Tradition – Attending an Easter Parade

For a small-town parade on the west coast, I go to the Snohomish Easter Parade, located north of Seattle. They even had a llama all dressed up in her finest.  You can find more about it here.  

Just google “Easter parades” in your state to find the nearest one to you and create a day around it.

5) Easter Egg Trees

Easter Traditions - Easter Egg Tree
Easter Egg Tree

The sad thing about the New Year is taking down the Christmas tree. Creating your own festive Easter tree would make that task less heartbreaking.

You can either make one for indoors or outdoors or throw caution to the wind and do both!

The Guinness record for the Easter Egg Tree with the most eggs was decorated with over 76,000 eggs and created in Rostock, Germany.

If you use plastic eggs for your inside tree, adding inspiring notes to the eggs is a wonderful idea. You can also add Bible verses that your family loves.

6) Carrot cake

Easter Traditions - Easter Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake for Easter

This is a simple one. What would Easter be without a slice of carrot cake?

Finding the perfect carrot cake recipe would make a fun family tradition. You could even do a carrot cake bake-off.

7) Movie night

Easter Traditions - Easter Movies
Easter Traditions Movies

There are quite a few movies that are all about Easter. Why not gather your family for a special movie night to celebrate this beautiful holiday?

Here’s some Easter Movie Ideas to pick from:

Irvine Berlin’s Easter Parade – this classic movie is from 1948 and stars Judy Garland and Fred Astaire.

The Dog Who Saved Easter –  Zeus and his fellow canines save the day when a competitor hires someone to sabotage the business.

Easter Under Wraps – Erin goes undercover at her family’s chocolate business to find out why sales are down. She meets the head chocolatier that has ideas on how to update the Easter chocolate line.

The Passion of The Christ – This film shows the last twelve hours of the life of Jesus.

8) Haus, France Omelet

Easter Traditions - Easter Omelet
Easter Traditions Omelet

I just love this story. The village of Haus, located in southwestern France, cooks up one of the world’s largest omelets as one of their Easter traditions. They use 15,000 eggs to make this delicious creation on Easter Monday.

There’s no need to book a flight to France (however tempting it is) when you can recreate the tradition in your own home. Invite your friends and family over for your own omelet gathering.

9) Easter Tablescape 

Easter Traditions - Easter Tablescape
Easter Table Napkin

Setting an Easter-themed table is a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Gathering your whole family together for a meal is one of the most popular family traditions during Easter. Whether you serve a delicious Easter brunch or a dinner, making the table beautiful will create a memorable experience.

Folded napkins in the shape of a bunny, Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, and even deviled eggs can add to the fun. Add spring flowers and grass or microgreens to the table for a splash of color.

Easter Traditions Tablescape

10. Easter Ham

Easter Traditions Easter Ham
Food Easter Traditions – Easter Ham

I recently asked in the Cozy Living Group what was on everyone’s menu for Easter. The clear winner was ham for their family meal.

A beautiful ham is a delicious way to start your traditional Easter dinner. Try different glazes until you find the right combination that everyone loves.

Another Easter tradition is to use family recipes that have been handed down the generations in your family dinner. Your favorite family members memory will live on in every bite you take with recipes you love.

11. Hot Cross Buns

Easter Traditions Hot Cross Buns
Easter Traditions Hot Cross Buns

A 14th-century monk is credited for creating the first hot cross buns as a way to feed the poor on Good Friday, according to

The hot cross buns recipe has evolved from its humble beginnings. It’s a wonderful Easter tradition for your family meal, loved across the world.

12. Easter Cake

Easter Cake with Colored Eggs
Easter Traditions – Easter Cake

Ending your meal with an Easter cake is an easy way to make a beautiful statement. The traditional Easter cake was a Simnel cake, a type of fruit cake with marzipan.

You can still carry on the tradition with your favorite cake. A simple angel food cake is an easy dessert to make that everyone loves.

13. Easter Bunny Ears

Dog with Easter Bunny Ears
Easter Bunny Ears on a Dog

Photos of your family members and animals with bunny ears is a cute way to document the holiday.

14. Easter Wreath

Easter Wreath with Colored Eggs
Easter Traditions – Easter Wreath

Celebrating the Easter holiday with a wreath on your front door gives a celebratory nod to all that pass by your home.

You can make your wreath out of colored Easter eggs and flowers. Someone in the Creating a Cozy Life group makes a floral wreath in the shape of a cross every year.

15. Easter Garland

Easter Garland with Bunnies
Favorite Easter Traditions – Easter Garland with Bunnies

We decorate the mantle with garland at Christmas time. Why not continue the tradition to celebrate dinner? This cute bunny garland is made with colored paper and pom poms for the tail.

You can also start collecting antique Easter postcards to display on a string on your mantle.

16. Easter Sunday Church Services

Easter Sunday Church Services Three Crosses Outside on a Hill
Easter Traditions – Easter Sunday Church Services

Attending church on Easter morning with your family is one of the most popular Easter traditions in the United States and throughout the world. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ who is the light of the world. It is the true meaning of Easter.

A beautiful sunrise service is one of the most meaningful Easter traditions you can participate. Even the sound of church bells in the early morning at Easter service on Sunday morning is a beautiful celebration of Jesus.

You’ve reached the end of fun Easter Traditions You’ll Love. I hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know in the comments below how you celebrate Easter and what your new traditions are.

Don’t forget to join the Creating a Cozy Life Group.You’re not going to believe how amazing it is!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m so happy you found us.

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Easter Traditions Your Family Will Love

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