Welcome to the Farm – The Elliott Homestead – Book Review

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When I find a special book, I like to pass it along to my readers. I’ve been following the Elliott Homestead blog for some time now, and when their new book was coming out – I was one of their pre-order customers. I just got my book yesterday and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I think you’ll love Welcome to the Farm How-To Wisdom from The Elliott Homestead as much as I do!

“Growing your own food is like printing your own money.” – Ron Finley

If you are interested in homesteading, then this is a perfect book to get you started. Growing your own food, raising backyard chickens and preserving the harvest are just some of the things you will learn in this book.

Peppered throughout the book are recipes ranging from Vanilla-Infused Cherries to Homemade Chorizo. I love that she featured other homesteaders in the back of her book.

Click on the picture below and you will be able to take a peek inside the book. It’s full of gorgeous photographs that will have you dreaming of creating your own homestead.

Welcome to the Farm – The Elliott Homestead is a great starting point to create a food forest in your own backyard. Here are ways to get you started on your dream:

1) Organic Herbs. No matter how much space you have, you can always get started on growing your own food with herbs. Buying herbs in a grocery store is expensive, so why not grow your own?  Click on the pictures below to find pricing:

2) Sweet Onions. Have you ever tried Walla Walla onions? I can’t get enough of those organic sweet onions and growing them myself only makes them more delicious!

3) Sweet Potatoes. They are one of my easy go-to meals when I don’t feel like cooking. Two sweet potatoes and a salad and I’m happy. These organic sweet potato starts should be planted soon, so make sure you order early:

4) Mixed Colors Fingerling Potatoes. One word…YUM! Fingerling potatoes are simply delicious. I love that these organic starts come in a mixed colors:

5) Lucious Tomatoes.  What would a garden be without tomatoes?  Look at this organic seed heirloom variety pack:

6) Tomato Cages. These are amazing tomato cages that are much more stable than the regular ones.

7) Rainbow Carrots. These organic heirloom carrots look amazing:

8) Lettuce Love. Imagine yourself indulging in a big bowl filled with gorgeous greens you grew yourself…

9) Mushroom Magic. Growing your own mushrooms is a yummy way to spend your time. Once you harvest them you can make my To-Die-For Hungarian Mushroom Soup

10) Ladybug Friends. Let nature take care of those unwanted insects by bringing in some ladybugs:

11) Rototiller Magic. A rototiller is a pretty inexpensive way to let a machine do all the hard work of creating a food forest. This one has a very good rating on Amazon and at a good price:

12) Chicken Coop. How many times in your life have you run out of eggs and had to make a special trip to the grocery store to get more? It’s time to start thinking about raising your own chickens and never having to run out of them again:

13) Beekeeping Skills. Imagine how many friends you will have once they find out you’re a beekeeper? Everyone loves fresh honey! This book will help you get started:

14) The Hive. Now that you have the book, it’s time to get the hive. At this price, this 20 frame box kit with a metal roof is a steal:

15) Dehydrate Your Food.  I love my dehydrator.  If you’re ready to get serious about not wasting any food, then you are going to need a dehydrator that can handle volumes of food.  I dehydrate my herbs, fruit and vegetables so that nothing goes to waste.  This is the one I bought years ago and I still love it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and you got a few ideas on getting started on creating your own homestead.

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Welcome to the Farm - The Elliott Homestead Book Review

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