The Number One Simple Living Secret is This

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The Number One Simple Living Secret is This

The Number One Simple Living Secret is This will let you in on the one idea that can transform your life.  It can be overwhelming to make change, but this step-by-step plan will chart your simple living course of action.

“Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” – Bruce Lee 

Are you ready for the answer?  Of course you are, you’re here right?

Here’s the Number One Simple Living Secret:

To begin.  (I see that eye-roll – stay with me for a moment, won’t you?)

Beginning something new is never easy and there’s always something else that grabs your attention.

I’m right there with you.  Wishing, hoping, and praying that things get miraculously done and life becomes a bit more simple again.

But…there’s not enough time in the day.  Life is stressful. There’s too much to do.  I don’t know where to begin.

Is this you too?

I thought so.  Me too.

Recently I visited my hometown in the midwest, where I grew up.  I loved that town.  Imagine Mayberry, only better.  I hadn’t been there in over 20 years.

I think I hadn’t been back in so long because I had such fond memories of the town, I didn’t want to see it in a different light.

Well, the surprise was mine because the town got even cuter than I remembered.  (How often does that happen?)

I was lucky enough to be able to tour the house where I grew up.  The house my grandfather built with his own two hands.  The house in which my grandfather raised his children (my mother.)

The new couple that owns the house loves it and let me know how well-built it was.  They wanted to keep as much original detail to the house as they could.  (Could I love them anymore than I already did for letting our family tour the house?  Apparently, yes.)

Going into my old home was like stepping back in time.  On the back of the basement stairs there were still drawing that my sister and I had made.  How crazy is that?

Our room still had the cedar-lined walk-in closet, which we played in.  Sunlight still streamed in the windows in the two dormers of the room.  It was still the way I remembered it, magical.

This story has a point.  Don’t worry, I’m getting to it.

There was a creek near the house, a creek that the neighborhood kids and myself had lots of fun playing in.  The creek brought back a flood of memories of catching crawdads and cooling off in the water when the days were long and hot.

In the summer months we went outside and played from sun up to sun down.

Life was fun.  It was an adventure.  And simple.

All those feelings and memories flooded to my mind and I knew I wanted those types of feelings again.  Everyday.

We all know you can’t go back in time.  But..that doesn’t mean you can’t change things the way they are into something else.

A life rich with beautiful adventures and more simplicity.

It means taking a good look at your life and see what’s working and what’s not working.

Finding more time for the things that make you happy and give less time to the things that make you unhappy.

Unload the clutter you no longer need and saving your money for what your heart truly wants.

Dusting off those dreams you tucked away in the corner and burying the plans that no longer work for you.

Making room in your life for the people who lift you up and deleting those people that bring you down.

We all want to better our lives and how you get started is to begin.  Start today.  Begin right now.

You don’t have to make your first step a grand gesture.  Small steps are fine.

As long as you’re on the right path, you’ll get there.  It’s the trail you’ve always wanted to take.

Less stress.  Less friction.  Less stuff.

Sounds like heaven, am I right?

So how will you begin?

We’re all at different places in our lives.

For you, living simply might be eating less fast-food and making more nourishing meals at home.

Another person may need to have less clutter in his or her life.

You could be a mother that never gives herself the time to do the things that light you up.

And we’ve all been in a period in our lives that we had people that we spent time with that didn’t have our best interests at heart.

Maybe you need to overhaul several areas of our lives.  That’s okay.  You’ll get there.

Do you want to know the Number Two Simple Living Secret?

Stay the course.

Work a little bit every single day to whittle down what you no longer need.  You’re moving on to better things.

The formula is pretty simple.

Subtract the experiences, things and people who don’t give you joy and add the experiences, things and people who do give you joy.

Step by step you’ll get there.

Your future self will be extremely pleased that you began today.  It’s the best gift you could ever give yourself.

I finally started writing the novel I’ve had rolling around in my head.  The novel is about a woman that lives on the west coast and has an ideal life (think Hallmark movie.)

A series of events happens that makes her question everything in her life and she ends up living in another part of the country on a whim.  The problem was…I hadn’t been to that part of the state that I was writing about.

I belong to a Facebook group of people that love cozy living.  I asked the people in the group how they would describe someone that had lived there her entire life.  I ended up with a couple Facebook friends because of that question.

One of the people I became Facebook friends with simply amazed me.  While most people were complaining about how much snow they were getting and how winter seemed to drag on last year, this woman embraced it.  She was outdoors snowshoeing at every opportunity.

There was a late snow in April that had everyone groaning.  Not her!  She made a snow angel and was happy to have one more opportunity to be outside snowshoeing.

She canoes, hikes, has lots of potlucks and gatherings.  She’s an inspiration to live a grander life and I’m grateful to have caught a glimpse of it through a small window.

Maybe those aren’t the things you want to change.

Perhaps you’re just trying to save money for that cute house you’ve been dreaming about.

You might be someone that just wants to be able to spend more time with your kids doing fun things.

Everyone’s dreams are different.  But..the only thing they all have in common is you have to begin.  Take the first step.

Don’t look back.

Here’s some ideas on how to get started:  

1) Make a list of how you spend your time.  What are the things you want to do less of?  What are the things you want to do more of?

2) List the people who are in your life.  Who are the ones that have negative energy and who are the ones you want to spend more time with?

3) Pick one room in your home to tackle the clutter.  Decide how long you will give yourself to go through the entire room.

4) Choose one item you no longer want and either donate it, sell it or throw it away.  Pick another one tomorrow.

5) Create your very own good morning rituals and bedtime rituals.   

6) Make a daily commitment to get outside more, whether you use that time to garden, walk or dining alfresco, that choice is up to you.

7) Spend less time running errands by doing all your errands at the same time.  Find out the quietest times at the grocery store and start your shopping then.

8) Make cleaning your home easier by changing up your routine. I wrote a post about this very topic here.  

9) Decide what forms of entertainment take energy from your day and delete them.

10) Pick up the phone and call to meet that special person that always has the right thing to say to you for dinner.  Thank them for being in your life.

11) Are you carrying a few extra pounds that’s keeping you down?  Start with one healthy thing you can do today to change that.  Drink water instead of cola.  Make yourself a glass of green juice or have a smoothie for breakfast.

12) Sign up for that flower arranging class you’ve always wanted to take and show up.  You never know where that might lead you.

The key to unlocking your potential is to start with one small step.

Rebalance yourself by remembering why you’re here.  It’s not to be another stress-out person, that’s for sure.

We’ve reached the end of The Number One Simple Living Secret is This.  I hope you enjoy it!

Let me know in the comments below how you started on your simple living journey.

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The Number One Simple Living Secret is This



My story is your story. I moved from Ohio to California. I revisited my childhood home, love the young couple that live there, keeping everything bright, but original. I love your composition here. Thank you. One step at a time, taking ne back to simpler, happy times and we can relive our memories with love and purpose.


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