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Super Simple Ideas for Halloween Decor (2022)

Super Simple Ideas for Halloween Decor will show you different ways to decorate your home with cute holiday ideas that are easy on your budget.

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Simple Ideas for Halloween Decor - Vintage Ink blocks spelling out "Happy Halloween" with a pumpkin

Taking the time to celebrate the holidays and create happy memories is easy to do if you have the right inspiration.

You don’t have to be a Hollywood set designer to add a bit of holiday magic to your home, you just need a couple of fun ideas to get started.

Halloween first came to the United States in the 1840’s, according to Reuters.

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“But I love Halloween, and I love that feeling: the cold air, the spooky dangers lurking around the corner.”

Evan Peters

Here are the Super Simple Ideas for Halloween Decor

1) Halloween Food Ideas  

Who said Halloween decor can’t be edible?  Delight your family with fun ideas to turn your dinner into laughter.

Look how simple it is to turn a plate of spaghetti into a meal that will have the kids telling all their friends.

Halloween Food Ideas - Spaghetti monster

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a mummy or two hanging out, now would it?

Halloween Food Ideas - Dough wrapped sausages - Mummy sausages

Now if spiders are your thing, check out this creative pizza.

Halloween pizza with spider pepperoni and olive spiders

You could also make mini pizzas to satisfy your little goblins.

Adding eyes and fangs to sandwiches will create monsters everyone will want.

Halloween monster sandwiches with eyes and fangs

How about these spider deviled eggs marching their way onto your taste buds?

Halloween food - olive spiders on top of deviled eggs

Speaking of spiders, how about adding webs to your bowls of soup?

Spider web made of sour cream on top of soup

2) Halloween themed desserts

Why limit our Halloween edible ideas to just dinner, when you can have a spooktacular desserts as well?

Sweet treats might be as simple as a pumpkin created from oranges and zucchini.

Halloween Oranges two ways

Or let your spoon take a stroll on the wild side by adding a graveyard wafer in your chocolate pudding and a sprig of mint for grass.

Halloween pudding cups that look like graveyards

Homemade Halloween mummy macaroons are an adorable way to end your dinner.

Homemade Halloween Mummy Macaroons

3) Spooky origami bats 

How about getting your whole family in on making origami bats you can hang throughout the home?

Ideas for Halloween Decor - Origami bats

4. Halloween Decorated Front Porch  

Make your front porch the gateway to all things fun.  Add cornstalks, pumpkins and a fun scarecrow to make your entrance unforgettable.

Halloween front porch with cornstalks, pumpkins, hay bales, mums, and a scarecrow

Something as simple as adding silhouette mice to the steps to your home can add just the fun you need.

Halloween Decor Ideas - Shadows of Rats on the stairs made out of laminated black paper

6) Halloween scary lighting

Look how adorable these mummy candles are?  Wrap some gauze around glass votive holders and add some fun eyes and you’ve got amazing Halloween accents.

You should use battery-operated votives so your gauze doesn’t catch on fire.

Halloween Decor Ideas - Mummy Candles

6) Pumpkin People

We could all use a few more friends, right?  Add a couple of pumpkin people to your bench and you’ll have a conversational piece that everyone will love.

Pumpkin people sitting on a bench

Who says snowmen only have to be made of snow?

Snowman made of pumpkins and two twig brooms.

7) Twisted pumpkins  

Why carve out traditional pumpkins when you can have a little bit of fun with them?

Here’s an interesting way to add a twist to a smiling pumpkin. Just add pumpkin seeds spilling out of the pumpkin for extra Halloween fun.

This one adds a surprising idea that is easy to duplicate. Just carve the mouth wide enough to add a mini pumpkin in between the teeth.

Carved Halloween pumpkin with it's mouth eating another mini pumpkin

A trio of pumpkins look cute together, especially the one with “hair.”

A trio of Halloween carved pumpkins.  One of them has "hair" from a dried feather plant.

How about a pirate cat pumpkin? All you need is a pumpkin, marker, and scarf to get this look.

Cat Pirate Pumpkin - Idea for Halloween Decor

What’s Halloween without at least one black cat? Add a painted cat to a pumpkin and you have the perfect pumpkin.

Hand painted pumpkin with a black cat.

Here’s a simple idea that has a pretty big impact. Carve out a pumpkin and place a hand inside reaching out of the pumpkin.

Ideas for Halloween Decorating - Hand reaching out of the pumpkin

Here’s a spider rat trap made out of a pumpkin.

Halloween Spider Web Pumpkin Rat Trap

Lining up your carved pumpkins on your front porch steps is a fun way to allow your Halloween decor ideas to provide a scary welcome.

Six carved pumpkins lined up on the front porch steps, three on each side.

8) Outdoor Halloween spiders

Now this is one scary display that will add fright to all that enter your home.  It’s easy to do, and brings a whole new meaning to Halloween spider web decor.

Halloween porch with spider webs and spiders

9) Halloween outdoor decorations

Turning your trees into props makes your yard an extension of your Halloween decor and greets your neighbors and friends with frightful fun.

Super Simple Ideas for Halloween Decor

Now this one is a bit more scary. Decorating your trees is a great idea for outside Halloween decor.

Super Simple Ideas for Halloween Decor

10) Candy corn

Create your own art pieces using candy corn.  Schedule a time with your family to create masterpieces using this candy that has been around for over a century.

You can either glue the candy corn on paper and display or just create designs on tabletops.

Candy corn shaped like a pumpkin
Candy corn placed in interlinking circles

11) Create a graveyard with skeletons and ghosts

Adding a few headstones and skeletons to your front door will definitely add a spooky element to your yard. I love the skeleton with the frock.

Ideas for Halloween Decorating - gravestones with skeletons and gauze emerging from the ground.

Here’s just a plain skeleton without the gauze.

Ideas for Halloween Decor - Skeleton in a graveyard emerging from the ground

12) Halloween photo idea  

Decorate your home during Halloween with previous photos of your past holidays.  Take a variety of photos with different angles.

I love how simple, yet stunning this photo is.

Ideas for Halloween Decor - Bottom half of a child's body dressed in a Halloween dress carrying a pumpkin bucket.  Next to her is a pumpkin with a hat.

13) Halloween bat bouquet

I love this idea because it’s so simple and yet it really grabs your attention.

Just grab a vase and add a few branches and arrange so they fan out in every direction.  Cut out bats using freehand or a cookie cutter and add them to the tree.  Viola!

Halloween bat tree made out of branches

14) Halloween place setting 

Expand your ideas for Halloween decor to the table with a black cat and fall leaves.

Maybe spiders are more your look.

Halloween place setting with a black spider napkin ring.

Adding a spider web to your table and using festive black and orange colors for your place settings is a perfect way to celebrate Halloween.

15) Mummy front door

Turning your front door into a mummy is a great way to add Halloween fun to your neighborhood.  Make sure the eyes glow-in-the-dark for the biggest impact.

Halloween Mummy Front door - Ideas for Halloween Decor

We’ve reached the end of Super Simple Ideas for Halloween Decor.  

I hope you were inspired by some of these ideas.

What are your favorite ways to decorate for Halloween?  Let me know in the comments below.

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Simple Ideas for Halloween Decorating - Pin for Pinterest.  Top photo a carved pumpkin eating another pumpkin.  The bottom photo is black rats on the steps of a house.

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