Super Simple Frugal Living Tips You’ll Love

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Super Simple Frugal Living Tips You'll Love

Super Simple Frugal Living Tips You’ll Love will put you on the path to prosperity.  Not only will these tips keep your money in the bank, but once you start these habits, you’ll end up loving them.

“A dash of frugality is a good thing for everyone.” – Jason Chaffetz

Being frugal means becoming conscious of how you spend your money and using it to work for you instead.

Most of us could all use a bit more money in the bank.  By changing a few simple habits, you can end up with more money than you ever thought you could have over time.

Here’s the Super Simple Frugal Living Tips You’ll Love:

1) Free food.  

Yes, you read that right.  Free, as in no strings attached.  Do you know how many people have organic produce rotting away in their yards, and they are looking for someone to give it to?

The answer is lots of people.  My neighbor is one.  She has multiple fruit trees in her backyard that creates quite the mess when the apples, plums and figs drop to the ground.

She would love someone to come over and pick a few bags of fruit so she doesn’t have to clean up them up.

There’s also vegetable gardeners with more zucchini than they’ll ever be able to eat, and you love zucchini, don’t you?

Now, how does this happen?  There’s a website called Next Door where you sign up with your address and your neighbors all get to see your messages.  Just ask.  You’ll see.

I’m eating my free apples right now, typing up this post.

2) DIY cleaners.  

I make my own cleaners and I absolutely love it.

Why?  Because I’m not putting harsh chemicals in the air and breathing them, I save lots of money and my favorite part is I use my favorite combination of essential oils that makes my home smell terrific.

Trust me, making your own cleaners is easy and great for the environment.

3) Use up all your food.

How many of us lets our food go to waste and don’t even bat an eye?  I know my hand is raised.

The answer is simple, the freezer is your friend.  Smoothies are thrifty delicious calories.  Juicing saves the day.

The freezer can be used to save almost everything from rotting.  I wrote an entire post on this topic alone.  You can find it here.

Smoothies are amazing because with a high-speed blender you can “drink” up most produce that’s about to go to waste.

Most fruits and greens can easily be transformed into a meal or snack that is both good for you and yummy.

My juicer is my go-to way of making sure my produce doesn’t go to waste.  Even the skin from organic watermelon can be juiced.

Why go into expensive juice bars, when you can have one at home for pennies?

4) Stock up. 

Stocking up on non-perishables is an easy way to save money.  Plus, you don’t run out of necessities because you’ve always got backup.

Most of the items I use (toothpaste, deodorant, etc.) are natural living products, which can be pricey.

I buy mine at a discount supplement store and when they have a sale, instead of buying one, I get ten.

I’m still using the toothpaste I bought at the last sale they had on it and that was over six months ago.

Not only does this tip save you money, but you end up saving time shopping because you only have to buy the non-perishables a couple of times a year.

5) Herbal seasoning.  

Herbs are the first thing I started growing because paying $3 for a tiny bunch of thyme, basil, oregano or sage for a recipe just felt ridiculous to me.

Once I started growing herbs and I found out how easy it was to keep them alive, the $3 price tag felt like highway robbery.

I have a pot on my front porch with sage.  I planted four plants years ago.  I do nothing except water them.  They come back year after year with no problems.

I never have to run out to the store to add flavors to my meals, because  I have them right outside the door.

I dry the herbs in the summer and I have spices all year round.  It really is that easy.

6) Vintage decor.  

I don’t like matchy-matchy furniture.  You know those homes where everything looks like it came from the same place?

Vintage furniture is what I love and it gives your house a one-of-a-kind look.  The best part is you can pick up vintage pieces for a song.

Estate sales, garage sales, online ads are all good places to start.  Even if a piece of furniture has seen it’s better days, a fresh coat of paint will have it looking brand new at a fraction of the price.

7) Cut the cable. 

Say goodbye to cable.  That is one expense you can do without with things like Hulu and Netflix.

Since I’m already an Amazon Prime member, I watch movies and shows there too.  What’s so great about it is you can buy a channel and binge-watch shows and then cut it off after a month.

Right now I’m watching British crime drama – stop with the eye-roll!! It’s good!

8) Rags to riches.  

Ditch the paper towels and use cleaning cloths instead.  I use Micro-Fiber cloths that are highly absorbent.   Here’s my favorite ones on Amazon.   

9) Less expensive ingredients.  

Your grocery budget can be blown by making the wrong choices.  While it’s ok to splurge once in a while, sticking to a meal plan can save you big.

Instead of loading up your cart with so much meat, try having eggs for dinner one night a week or plan for a strictly vegetarian meal.

Beans, rice, and potatoes are all inexpensive ingredients that can make everyone in your family happy.  How about bean and rice burritos?  Loaded baked potatoes?  Soup and salad?

The possibilities are endless.  Once you get one night a week mastered, make it two nights.

10) Give up the lattes. 

Do you still go to your favorite coffee shop for your designer cup?  It’s time to change your ways.  Get your espresso machine or simple change to straight java.

Better yet, switch to tea and water and really save some money.  Wean yourself off your normal beverage routine, so it won’t seem like such a big deal.

Pretty soon you’ll become a tea lover.  You might even want to start your own tea garden.  Good thing I wrote a post about how to get started here.

11) DIY beauty.  

Here’s another idea that you’ll end up loving.  Making your own beauty products is easy and the bonus is you’ll know what ingredients will be going on your skin.

Check out the list of questionable ingredients of your favorite beauty products and you won’t be able to pronounce most of them.

Do you really want those ingredients absorbed to be by your skin and then into your bloodstream?  I thought not.

You can start with this secret spa recipe I got for this homemade spirulina face mask.

12) Chicken stock.

Organic chicken stock is expensive, especially when you can make your own for pennies.

Save the bones from your next chicken, vegetable scraps, onion and garlic skins in the freezer until you’re ready to make a batch.

I have a recipe for slow cooker chicken bone broth here.  

13) Combined errands.  

Use one outing to get all your errands done in one swoop.

Better yet, make your stops on your way home from work, so you don’t waste one drop of gas picking up the things you need.

14) Gym membership.  

Listen I know you love your workouts, but what about using the money you will save and buy yourself a nice bike or set of weights?

Once you paid for your exercise equipment, you can start pocketing the rest.

15) Potluck dinners.  

Instead of meeting your friends out for dinner, why not have a rotating potluck dinner at each of your homes?

You will save money and really be able to spend time with one another.

Make it a board game night or bonfire party.

16) Seeking answers.  

Join groups of other frugal living lovers and be inspired on the ways they save money.

Facebook has several groups that I’m a member of.

Anytime you have a question about anything simple living related, you can ask it in the group and get different prospectives immediately.

17) $10 date night.  

Set a specific limit on how much you will spend for date night.  Take turns planning the date and see who can come up the most creative plan.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

A winter walk under the moonlight.  Make snow angels, sip on hot cocoa that you brought in a thermos, and talk about that cabin you would like to have in the woods.

Check and see if any galleries have a free admission night for locals and see the latest works of art.

Make a list of the best places to kiss in your town and hit them all in one night.

18) Dryer balls.  

Have you heard about wool dryer balls?  Buy them once and they last thousands of loads.

You save money, help the environment and keep toxic chemicals away from your clothing.

To check out wool dryer balls, you can find them on Amazon here.  

19) Electric bill ninja.

Cut down on your electric bill with a few easy steps that will have you rolling in dough.

Did you know that even when things aren’t turned on like your computer or lamps, that they are still drawing energy?

What a waste of money!  Get power strips and turn them off when the items are not in use.  Once you get this up and running – it’s a simple idea.  You can find some here on Amazon.  

Do you have insulating blackout curtains for your rooms?  If not, you might want to check them out.

You block out the sun in summer and in winter the curtains help insulate your windows where cold air comes in. You can find them here on Amazon.

Dry your clothing outside instead of in the dryer.  It can take a bit more time, but the dryer is one of the  biggest draws of electricity.

Instead of using your oven all the time, why not have a toaster oven on the counter and use that to cook small meals?

I use my toaster oven every day.  When I use the oven in the summer, it will make my home unbearably hot.

Here’s my favorite toaster oven. 

Frugal living tips are easy, once you know what to do and have the right equipment.

20) Bill audit.

Look at all your bills and see if there’s something you can do to get your costs down.

Call each company and see if they have any ideas on reducing your expense.

When my internet box needed switching out, the guy that came out to fix the box said he could save me money.

He called the company and asked for a special package deal that reduced my bill $20 per month.

21) Water waste.  

If you haven’t turned your yard into a food forest yet and have no intention on doing so, swap out your big, thirsty yard for some drought-resistant plants.

Replace your sprinklers with a targeted drip irrigation system.  You’ll be happy you did when the water bill arrives!

We’ve reached the end of Super Simple Frugal Living Tips You’ll Love!  I hope you liked it.

Let me know in the comments below what you do to save money.

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