Super Cute Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Super Cute Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

There’s something about the nostalgia of old-fashioned kitchens that add personality to anyone’s home. Since rustic decor has become so popular, it’s amazing how many cute things there are now.  I’ve put together a list of Super Cute Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas in case you are inspired to add a touch of country living to your kitchen.

“In the childhood memories of every good cook, there’s a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot and a mom.” – Barbara Costikyan

Having an adorable kitchen is the perfect recipe for a happy home life. After all, it’s the kitchen where we cook all the food that nourish our family and our bodies. Adding a few items to your home that remind you of a slower pace era will help you remember to take the time to make yummy home cooked meals. Whether your kitchen is small or large, there’s something here sure to catch your eye.

Here are a few Super Cute Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas that will get you started on your own country home:

1) Nothing says “farmhouse” like chickens. Look how adorable this country chicken sign is.  Click on the pictures below for pricing.

2) Why check the time on an ordinary clock, when a rustic windmill clock can take center stage in your kitchen?

3) I love fresh fruit in oversized country bowls, but this cute crate might have me change my mind!

4) Adding rustic wooden shutters to your window is the perfect way to add charm to any kitchen.

5) Even your dish towels can have a nice country touch to them.

6) This adorable stand can show off all your yummy treats:

7) Even if you don’t have chickens, this cute wire egg basket will add a nice country touch to your counter.

8) Even reaching for your salt and pepper will give you a smile:

9) When you have your iPad in the kitchen – making a Montana Happy recipe of course (try my To-Die-For Rustic Hungarian Mushroom Soup here) – you are going to need this stand:

10) Industrial lighting is a great way to add an antique accent without the expensive price tag:

11) Look how amazing this galvanized breadbox is?

12) I’m not sure which clock I like better…

13) Here’s another fun sign:

14) Everyone needs a chicken wire towel holder, don’t they?

15) I love these primitive crackled jugs:

16) There’s something wonderful about a farmhouse sink, it brings back memories of Grandma washing dishes…

17) Your morning orange juice just got a lot more delicious being served in this pitcher:

18) If you need new bar stools, how about these cuties?

19) Perhaps this stool strikes your fancy?

20) I’m thinking I need an adorable Bakery sign – but my teeny kitchen with no more wall space stops me – but it doesn’t have to stop you!:

21) Mornings don’t have to start bad with these adorable mugs!

22) This cow might be the best way to pour cream in your cup:

23) Look at this dish towel! Cute right?

24) If you liked the towel, how about these prints?

This brings us to the end of Super Cute Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas. I hope you enjoyed them and found a couple new ideas on decorating your kitchen!

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Super Cute Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas


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