Dangers You Need to Know About Buying Coffee Beans

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Dangers You Need to Know About Buying Coffee Beans

Dangers You Need to Know About Buying Coffee Beans will help you become the coffee expert you were always meant to be.

“Coffee is a language in itself.” – Jackie Chan

Since drinking coffee makes us happy, why not make sure you sip the best brew you can? There are tips and tricks that will help you up your coffee-making skills.

Here are the Dangers You Need to Know About Buying Coffee Beans:

1) Roasting.

There should be a roasting date on your beans. The moment coffee beans are roasted, they begin to stale.

The oils on the coffee bean are what gives your java flavor, and moisture and air make the beans oxidize.

Experts agree that you should drink your coffee within two weeks after roasting.

You don’t want to buy your beans from places that sell them in bulk. Quality coffee roasters make sure their beans are either in airtight containers or bags that keep light and air away from the beans.

Use-by dates on bags of coffee are also something to avoid because the date could be up to a year in length after the beans are roasted.  Grocery store bean could be moldy.

Buy small quantities of coffee at a time – once every week or two instead of trying to save money by bulking up.

It’s important to pick a roaster that has a good reputation. Is there a local company that everyone loves? Stop by every week and pick up your supply and get to know the staff.

You can also buy specialty beans from Amazon. Join other coffee lovers and enjoy sampling coffee beans from different roasters and countries. You can also see the comments on what everyone liked about the coffee.

Your bank account may not afford you the budget to travel around the world, but your taste buds can experience worldwide flavors.

Here’s a sampling of coffee beans that made customers happy:

2) The Grind.

You want your coffee to taste fresh. Scratch that. You need your coffee to taste fresh.

The one hack certain to ensure the best cup of coffee is to wait to grind the coffee beans until you need them. Who wants to sip stale coffee? Not me.

Whole beans are way more flavorful than already ground beans. They immediately start losing its flavor after being ground. Within 24 hours its taste already starts to change. After seven days, ground coffee has significantly less flavor than it started out having.

If you’ve been buying your coffee beans pre-ground, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. It’s time to stop this habit and only buy whole beans.

Is it really worth it to miss out on a more flavorful cup of coffee to save a few minutes grinding your beans? For me, the answer is a big no.

Not all coffee grinders are created equal. If you have a bad grinder, it can affect the taste of your cup of joe too. Why spend all that money on premium beans and have a bad grinder ruin the taste?

Prices for coffee grinders run the gamut of $15 – $600, depending on the features. There are two different types of coffee grinders:

Blade coffee grinders – They are more inexpensive than burr grinders. You will have to grind your beans in small batches because getting an uniformed ground with this grinder is harder than with Burr coffee grinders.

Burr coffee grinders – This type of grinder is preferred by professionals because it gives a more uniformed ground than blade grinders.

You can buy an electric grinder or a manual one. Manual grinders usually are smaller in size, so if space is tight – it might be a good choice. If you are doing espresso too, the electric grinder would be your best option.

3) Storage.

If you decide to grind your coffee ahead of time, make sure you only grind a few days worth of beans at a time.

You also want to make sure you properly store your freshly ground beans in an air-tight and dark container made specifically for coffee grounds.

Products like Stainless Steel Coffee Canister has an airtight seal and one-way valve to keep your grounds fresher longer. It also has a built-in calendar.

Do not store your coffee beans in the refrigerator or freezer; it can ruin the flavor. Remember, you don’t want your beans in a moisture-rich environment, and coffee beans can get freezer burn as well.

4) Pesticides.

Did you know that coffee beans are one of the most absorbent crops?  Neither did I.

How about that many coffee beans are grown using pesticides that were banned in the United States by the USDA?

Because of lack of regulation of pesticides in other countries, pesticide residue leeches into your coffee beans .  Some of these pesticides have  been shown to cause  cancer, neurological and nerve damage.

Who the heck wants that?  Not me.

5) Acidic.

Make sure your coffee beans are shade-grown.  Why?  Because sun-grown coffee beans are grown too fast, making the beans highly acidic.  This causes acid reflux and heartburn.

We’ve reached the end of Dangers You Need to Know About Buying Coffee Beans. I hope you enjoyed it.

Let me know in the comments below if some of these ideas were news to you and if you changed up your coffee-brewing game.

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