How to Get Out of a Bad Mood Now!

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How to Get Out of a Bad Mood Now!

Sometimes things happen, and your usually cheery self is pushed aside. Instead, your mood changes and takes on a darker tone. Don’t worry, here are some ideas on How to Get Out of a Bad Mood Now to get you on your way.

“A bad mood is like bad breath. Both are wrong to inflict onto others.” – Dennis Prager

Even the happiest person on earth can wake up on the wrong side of the bed. The key is being able to change your energy and lean towards the more brighter side.

Here are ideas on How to Get Out of a Bad Mood Now!

1) Answered prayers.

Start a journal on all the things you’ve prayed for in your life that has happened already. When something is going wrong, we tend to focus all our energy on that one thing. Stop. Breathe. Remember how many things are going right with your life.

2) Scentsational.

Just one whiff of a favorite scent can transport you to a different time or place. Every time I smell lilacs, I immediately think of my childhood home, and it brings back happy memories. Have an essential oil on hand that will remind you of something happy in your life.   Here’s some essential oils on Amazon that will get you started.  

3) Bless someone else.

When we do something kind for someone else, your whole being shifts to a higher level. Your life becomes immediately richer from one simple act of kindness.  There is a whole movement on Kindness Rocks – read about it here.

4) Fur therapy.

There is something so calming about petting an animal. Use your cat or dog become your touchstone to shift your mood. Take a time out and just focus on massaging your best friend and getting in tune with his or her serenity.

5) Change of scenery.

Is there somewhere nearby that you can go that will surround you in nature? It could be a short drive or walk, but put yourself in that environment. Feel the forest buzzing with life and realize that what you’re going through will pass and life will go on.

6) Something different.

Start a project that you’re unfamiliar with how to do it. Since you’ll be learning something new, your mind will have to focus on it and not what is upsetting you. Make a new recipe, learn a different dance move or start that art project you’ve meant to get started.

7) Wiser self.

Write out why you’re upset and pretend to hire yourself as a highly-paid consultant. How would you advise your client to look at the situation differently? Take your internal wisdom and use it. When the problem happens to “someone else,” it’s easier to diagnose a cure.

8) Lucy time.

Watch your favorite comedy movie again. If Lucille Ball always makes you smile, watch your favorite “I Love Lucy” episode and get lost in her problems.

9) Fantasy trip.

Where would your dream vacation be? Start planning it now. Make a list of all the activities you would like to experience there. Do some research on the best restaurants with the most scenic view. Check the various places you might be staying the night. Before long, your bad mood will have lifted. Going on vacation can energize you. Why not harness that same energy by planning the excursion?

10) Tidy up.

Now, this might seem counter-intuitive at first. After all, the last thing you want to do is to clean when you’re in a bad mood unless of course, you are one of those rare people who love to clean. Organizing an area can give you immediate satisfaction and accomplishment, which can alter your view of the world.

11) Surrounded by bubbles.

A bubble bath might just be what the doctor ordered. Don’t forget that yummy book you’ve meant to read.

We’ve reached the end of How to Get Out of a Bad Mood Now!  I hope you can take a couple of these tools and use one the next time your crabby side takes over.

If you have a way of getting out of a bad mood, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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How to Get Out of a Bad Mood Now!




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