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Frequently Asked Questions

Why name the blog Montana Happy?

Because Montana makes me happy. It’s beautiful. Serene. And magical. I think Mother Nature added a bit more fairy dust to Montana. We can all use a little more magic in our lives, don’t you think? When I visited Montana for the first time, I realized the state embodied the simplicity I craved.

Why did you create the blog?

I started this blog because of my obsession of simple living. I decided to make the shift into simple living and what better way to hold yourself accountable than a blog? When I’m about to go off-course I think “What would my blog readers think?” and I stay on the road. A year before starting this blog, I created a Pinterest account called Montana Happy and just pinned all things I love. I realized this was the direction I needed to go in and Montana Happy was born.

Where on earth did you get such adorable dogs?

Why thank you. I agree they’re the cutest group of furkids that ever existed. My sister rescues dogs from the high-kill shelter in Lancaster, CA. All the dogs, except Reagan, are from there (including Jackson and Petal). Reagan is from a shelter in Bowling Green, KY. Now I’m not allowed to look at shelter pictures because I can’t resist and the inn is FULL.

How can you handle so many dogs?

Paddington is my claim to fame for my mothering skills. The rest of the fur gang are wild hooligans. A gang of thugs, really. But…they are my thugs. And I love them to death. So, it works out. Some people collect teapots. I collect dogs.

How often do you blog?

I blog once a week and usually publish on Sunday.

Can you give me tips on starting a blog?

There is a page created just for this question. Take a look there.

What type of camera do you use?

I use my iPhone 6s Plus. That’s it.

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