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Yummy Cinnamon Apple Tea Latte

Yummy Cinnamon Apple Tea Latte

Getting out the door in time for work and at the same time feeding yourself with something nourishing can be difficult. Since giving up my daily espresso latte habit, I’ve had to create my own recipes at home. This Yummy Cinnamon Apple Tea Latte satisfies my craving for my daily latte and gives my day a… Read more >

Easy Vegan Maple Pecan Peas Recipe

Vegan Maple Pecan Peas

You cannot get easier than this recipe.  Kids even love it.  Maple Pecan Peas is a great side dish for any dinner and it takes minutes to make.  The sweet addition of maple syrup takes peas to a whole new level. “Mostly, I spend my time being a mother to my two children, working in… Read more >

Savory Tomato Blue Cheese Polenta

This dish is lick-your-plate clean delicious.  This side dish looks like a gourmet chef made it, but even if you lack expert cooking skills – this recipe will be a slam-dunk winner. When you start with polenta and then add cheese, well you know it’s going to be yummy. Tomato Blue Cheese Polenta is the perfect side… Read more >

2 Secrets How to Cook Perfect Rice

2 Secrets How to Cook Perfect Rice

Rice is such a wonderful food to add to your diet. Don’t you wish you knew how to cook perfect rice that you find in restaurants? I finally learned how by asking someone who owned a gourmet restaurant her secrets. She told me it only takes two simple steps to make your rice go from… Read more >

Valentine’s Day Dinner Amazing Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

Valentine's Day Amazing Turkey Meatloaf

Are you looking for the perfect recipe to make for your Valentine’s Day dinner?  Look no further than this heart-shaped Amazing Turkey Meatloaf.  It’s easy to make and tastes too yummy not to try. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu Okay, I admit… Read more >

Avocados with Warm Chutney Sauce – Easy & Delicious!

Avocados with Warm Chutney Sauce

A trip to the co-op wouldn’t be complete without throwing a couple avocados into the cart.  They are my go-to fruit for a snack in the afternoon.  I started making this recipes YEARS ago and I still love it.  I think you will too. “I do love my avocados, which are great for the skin…. Read more >