Amazing Gift Ideas for Mermaid Lovers

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Amazing Gift Ideas for Mermaid Lovers

There’s something about mermaids that tugs at your heartstrings no matter what your age.  I was recently looking for a mermaid gift and the cutest things popped up.  Don’t worry; you won’t miss out – Amazing Gift Ideas for Mermaid Lovers will show you all the latest and greatest items to remind you of the sea.

“I just love mermaids. I was a mermaid in my past life. I just feel it when I go into the sea. I feel a connection there between me, and the water, and the fish. They speak to me – and the shells – they ring out to me.” – Ella Henderson

I think we love mermaids because of how they evoke the feeling of freedom and spending your life at the beach.  Plus everyone loves magical tales…and the stories of mermaids definitely fit the bill.

Here’s Amazing Gift Ideas for Mermaid Lovers:

1) Cozy mermaid.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that mermaid blankets are all the rage. I love this one not only because it’s blue, but because it has scales too!

Fadyshow Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket

U-Miss Mermaid Crochet Blanket comes in pretty teal color

2) Magical rugs.  

A mermaid below your feet will remind you that the sea is calling your name.

Earth Rugs Mermaid Design

3) Mermaid wisdom.

Sometimes you need advice. Who better than a mermaid to take your cues from?

TreasureGurus – Advice from a Mermaid Blue Canvas

4) Under the sea cupcakes.

You can even bling out your cupcakes with these cute picks.

48 Blue Glitter Mermaid Cupcake Toppers

5) Curtain love.

These gorgeous curtains bring the water to you.

Deluxe Draperies Set of Two Teal Curtains

6) Living with a Pirate.

The perfect kitchen towel if your love is a bit of a salty character.

Primitives by Kathy Beautiful Mermaid

Or how about this one:

C&F Embroidered Kitchen Dishtowel

7) Cleaning just got easier.

This cast iron paper towel holder will make spills much more enjoyable to clean up.

Cast Iron Mermaid Paper Towel Holder

8) Mermaids drink coffee too.

Just because you’re really a mermaid, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your morning ritual.

Primitives by Kathy Morning Coffee Mugs

9) Resting place.

Here’s a little something to park your new coffee mugs on.

Beach Stone Coasters

10) Under the sea silhouette.

She will dress up any space in your home.

Primitives by Kathy Mermaid Silhouette.

11) Measuring salt water.

Baking just got a whole lot easier when you have these measuring spoons to use.

Ganz Mermaid Measuring Spoon Set

12) For when you miss the sea.

Bring the ocean overhead as you sleep with this handy item.

SyndeRay Ocean Wave Night Light Projector

13) Miniature welcome.

Here’s a little sign to add to your fairy garden:

Miniature Fairy Garden Mermaid Sign

14) Wave your tail.

This adorable garden flag will show your affinity to your secret self.

BreezeArt Mermaid Garden Flag

15) Weather the sea.

This copper weathervane will keep you pointed in the right direction of your heart.

Good Directions Mermaid with Starfish Copper Weathervane

16) Fellow mermaids.

All other mermaids are welcome to your home.

Ailovyo A Mermaid Lives Here Welcome Mat

Or how about this one?

Midwest Mermaids Welcome Fringed Rug

17) Shower power.

Because you never get tired of the sparkle of your tail.

Ambesonne Turquoise Shower Curtain

18) More fun.

Just a little reminder to enjoy life.

Peking Handicraft More Fun Pillow

19) Part time mermaid.

Mothering takes center stage, but you’ll never give up your calling.

MamaTeez Mermaid T-Shirt

Well, this explains it!

I Can’t Run T-Shirt

20) Time for yourself.

Because even mermaids need a break.

Mermaid Off Duty Trucker Hat

21) Crafty mermaids.

This silicone mold lets you create homemade soap with style

Grainrain Mermaid Soap Mold

22) Scentsational home.

Bring the sea to your home with this mermaid candle.

Bubble & Geek Mermaid Candle

23) Sweet Starfish.

Snacking just got a lot cuter with these adorable Starfish.

Gummy Starfish candy

24) Jewels of the sea.

Keep the treasures of the ocean close with this bracelet

Pandahall Sea Shell Bracelet

25) A tall tale.

When you just can’t get enough.

Mermaids – The Myths, Legends, & Lore

26) Coloring outside the lines.

An adult coloring book might be just what your creative side needs.

Mermaids: Coloring Book for Adults and Kids

We’ve reached the end of Amazing Gift Ideas for Mermaid Lovers.  I hope you found a couple of things you just can’t live without.  I have the cute little fairy garden sign and the Advice from a Mermaid canvas print.

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