28 Grandma Approved Holiday Gifts

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28 Grandma Approved Holiday Gifts

Gifts are a wonderful way to express how much you love someone! Grandma knew the secret of how to add a pinch of love to everything she did. Here’s 28 Grandma Approved Holiday Gifts that brings a little bit of magic into the life of each person on your gift list.

“My grandmother, she’s been the positive portion of my life the entire time.” –  Curtis Jackson

I think we all crave a little bit more simplicity in our lives.  When you choose gifts that nurture that desire, you contribute to the well-being of your loved ones.  We forget that you don’t have to have the latest or greatest gift to make a big impact.

1) Homemade Butter.

Who doesn’t love butter? Do you have someone on your gift list that loves being in the kitchen?  If so, a butter churn might be the perfect gift for him or her.  You can find an old-fashioned butter churn here.

2) Budding Artist.

Is it time for someone in your life to get back in touch with his or her artistic side?  Here’s a fun way to nudge that loved one in the right direction.  You’re not going to believe the price of this art set, you can find it here.  

3) Sit a Spell.

Grandma always had those cute teacups ready for the perfect moment to relax and enjoy a good cup of tea.  How about a box of seasonal teas to give to that tea lover on your holiday list?  For more information on the teas featured in this box, click here.  

4) Morning Fashion.

What would Christmas morning be without wearing a brand new pair of pajamas?  Matching pajamas are the perfect gift for families on your list.  You can check out pricing here. 

5) Nature Beckons.

When I think of my grandparents, I remember camping trips.  Swimming in the lake, exploring in the forest and roasting S’mores over a fire are memories I will always treasure.  These marshmallow roasting sticks are the perfect gift for the camper in your life.  You can find them here.  

6) Sweet Memories.

What trip to grandma’s house wouldn’t be complete without a few cookies taken out of her cookie jar?  This adorable Mason cookie jar will bring back happy moments and can be found here.

7) Frozen Deliciousness.

Homemade ice cream means being able to create your own signature flavors will excite anyone on your gift list. You can find a nice ice cream maker here from Cuisinart. 

8) Fashionista.

Just because we all have chores to do, doesn’t mean we can’t do them in style.  Here’s a fun stocking stuffer for that elegant friend.  These gorgeous gloves can be found here.  

9) Cooking Up Fun.

If you have a little girl on your gift list, how about a sweet old-fashioned apron for her to wear as she sharpens her culinary skills?  You can find the price for this adorable apron here. 

10) Sweet Dreams.

For the little boy on your list, how about a folk art print for his room?  Here’s an adorable print that any little boy would love.  You can find this print here.  

11) Timeless Treasures.

Since we all loved grandma’s cooking, how about a cookbook featuring time-tested recipes to delight your gift recipient’s palate?  This cookbook has over 1400 pictures and feature recipes handed down generation to generation.  You can find this cookbook here. 

12) Culinary Delight.

Cheese lovers on your gift list will love to make his or her own cheese at home.  To start making cheese – check out this kit here. 

13) Future Saving.

What child wouldn’t love a shiny new piggy bank to learn how to save his or her money?  This pewter piggy bank can be found here. 

14) World Vision.

Does someone on your holiday list long to see the world?  How about an antique-looking globe to serve as a reminder of this goal?  To find out more about this gorgeous globe look here. 

15) Kitchen Charm.

Do you remember those cutting boards shaped like animals?  It’s a wonderful way to add a farmhouse touch to any kitchen.  You can find this adorable cow cutting board here.  

16) Enchanting Christmas.

I recall the magic of watching grandma’s bubble lights add holiday magic to her home.  Bring nostalgia back into the homes of your loved ones with a set of these beautiful lights.  You can find these gorgeous bulbs here. 

17) Green Thumb.

Eating snow pea pods fresh off the vine is a very special memory I hold dear.  Grandma loved to garden and she passed her love for growing food on to her grandchildren.  Here’s a great stocking stuffer for any gardener on your list.  You can find the plant markers here.  

18) Magical Place.

Do you remember when you were sure there were fairies in your garden?  Who doesn’t need a bit of magic dust back in her life?  Giving a fairy garden kit to a friend or family member is a sweet gift that will be remembered for a long time.  You can find this amazing kit here.  

19) Little Italy.

Homemade pasta is a delicious way to add a wonderful surprise to any meal.  Does someone on your gift list love Italian food?  If so, this might be the perfect gift for him or her.  For pricing you can find here. 

20) Always in Fashion.

Some things never go out of style.  There are so many different tennis shoes to choose from, but the classics are here forever.  You can find pricing for Converse sneakers here. 

21) Grill Ninja.

For the master griller in your life, here’s an apron to compliment his skill set.  You can find this cute apron here. 

22) Pieces of Love.

A warm fire, wingback chairs and a hot beverage are the ingredients for a perfect night in.  The only thing your friends are missing is a puzzle they can put together as a family.  This puzzle can be found here.  

23) Out in the Country.

I just love farms.  Grandma knew we all loved to ride on a tractor with grandpa, so she had a metal tractor that we could wheel around in when he wasn’t there. Here’s a modern version of that classic childhood  toy.  You can find it here.  

24) Bouquet of Friendship.

Why not give a gift that will continue bringing delight in the spring?  Who wouldn’t love to look out his or her window at some gorgeous wildflowers?  Better yet, how about flowers that attract honeybees? You can find them here. 

25) Seasonal Plans.

You can’t go wrong with The Old Farmer’s Almanac.  This year they have a special anniversary issue.  It’s a perfect stocking stuffer.  You can find it here.  

26) Days Gone By.

I bought a windmill for my yard earlier this year. Now my street is dotted with windmills because my neighbors loved mine so much. Grandma would be proud.  This fan is surprisingly inexpensive and makes a big statement.  You can find it here. 

27) Warm Thoughts.  

What would winter be without a cozy thick blanket to snuggle under? Everyone could use a new comfy blanket.  You can find it here.  

28) Go Fly A Kite.

We all know that flying a kite is a fun activity to do – so why not get that special someone on your list a big colorful one?

I hope you enjoyed the 28 Grandma Approved Holiday Gifts as much as I did putting it together.  Hopefully, it brought back many happy memories for you.

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