17 Awesome Home Garden Items You Can Buy Now

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17 Awesome Home Garden Items You Can Buy Now

Spring is in the air…finally.  Now I’m obsessed with all things garden related.  I can’t wait to get started on my vegetable garden, but what’s catching my eye is all the fun new ways to decorate my outdoor space.  I’ve made a commitment to spend more time outdoor this year, and the best way for me to do it is by expanding my living space to include my yard.  I wanted to share a 17 Awesome Home Garden Items You Can Buy Now because when you’re obsessed about gardening – looking at fun new garden stuff is better than eating chocolate…well, almost!  Click on the pictures below for more information about the products.

“I say, if your knees aren’t green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life.” – Bill Watterson, Calvin & Hobbes

Here are 17 Awesome Home Garden Items You Can Buy Now:

1) Glow-In-The-Dark Garden Pebbles.  Who the heck knew there were glow-in-the-dark garden pebbles and why aren’t they in my garden right now?  These pebbles are a simple way to add a magical touch to your outdoor space.  I think it’s time to plan a romantic evening with your significant other soon…what have you been waiting for?

2) Bistro Lights. To go with those amazing pebbles, you might want to add some bistro lights so you can drink in the night air with your honey. Don’t you find food tastes better when you’re dining alfresco? I know it does for me. Look how cute these lights are. Now you just need a cool patio table and chairs for a romantic dinner at home.

3) Dine in Elegance. Speaking of having an amazing outdoor dining experience, check out this set of furniture. I love the simplicity of the set and how it will blend in with the outdoors.

4) Tree Swing. Nothing says spring like being able to swing under a tree. This awesome tree swing will let you do just that. It holds up to 600 pounds, you can share your swing with one of your kids.

5) Welcome Spring. This interchangeable sign would make a welcoming accent to your garden. Who doesn’t love the look of chalkboard art?

6) Key Safe. Are you looking for a place to hide a copy of your key? Look no further than this cute cast iron turtle.

7) Enter if You Dare. Do you still believe in fairies? Yes? Good, me too. Add a whimsical touch to your yard with this handmade red fairy door.

8) Game Time. Sometimes you want to relax a bit and play a game. Well, you don’t see one of these too often now do you? You could host a neighborhood chess tournament all summer long.

9) Spectators. You’re going to need a few chairs to watch the chess tournament taking place. Check out these chairs:

10) Ball of Magic. There’s something magical about a garden that has a gazing ball. This Evergreen Garden Flower Petal Mosaic Gazing Ball is simply stunning:

11) Mushroom Love. I just love mushrooms. I especially love my divine mushroom soup that you must try – To-Die-For Rustic Hungarian Mushroom Soup. Growing mushrooms is definitely on my garden to-do list this year and this kit will help get me started:

12) Herbal Bliss. My herb garden was a fun project last year. Now I will be growing most of my herbs for the entire year in that space. Here’s an organic herb seed pack if you’re ready to do the same:

13) Rose Protection. Who knew that rose gardening gloves existed? Not me. You should see how many rose bushes I have in my front yard. These gloves are going to prevent painful scratches that I get every year.

14) Mini-Farming. If you’re planning to grow your own food, than Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 acre is the guidebook you need. I love this author! Even if you have a small space, you will learn how to optimize it for the best results.

15) Mini-Greenhouse. If you’re aching to start your garden now, even though there is a chill in the air – then you’re going to need a greenhouse. This tall mini greenhouse fits the bill at a really reasonable price:

16) Potting Table. A potting table is a must in every garden. This is a cute one:

17) Landscape Screens. I love when a garden is divided up in sections. These wooden landscape screens make that task easy:

That brings us to the end of 17 Awesome Home Garden Items You Can Buy Now. I hoped you enjoyed looking through these fun items. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite garden item is. Here’s to a very fruitful garden season in 2017!

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17 Awesome Home Garden Items to Buy


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