13 Dares to Jumpstart Your Life Now!

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Are you ready to make a few changes in your life? Sometimes playing it too safe leads to nowhere. 13 Dares to Jumpstart Your Life Now will help get you started on the adventurous life you were meant to live.

“The most important thing to remember is this: to be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you might become.” – W.E.B. Du Bois

When you have so much to do every day, it can be hard to accomplish all the things you want to do in this lifetime. Pretty soon, the years start stacking up, and you end up just getting by. Your dreams get put aside instead of thriving; you are simply in survival mode.

It’s time to shake things up. 13 Dares to Jumpstart Your Life Now! will help you get started building your dreams:

1) The Why?

Dare to ask why you do everything you do. Is it out of habit? Tradition? Lack of confidence? Getting down to the why of your actions will help transform decisions.

2) The Introduction.

Dare to introduce yourself to new people. You never know the connections you can make by putting yourself out there.

3) Lead the Way.

Dare to do something that no one that you know has ever done before. Will you be the first person you know to travel the world? Scale that mountain? Learn that skill? Set the example and lead the way.

4) Make Mistakes.

Dare yourself to make mistakes. If you give yourself the room to make mistakes, you’re more likely to create gold. Most people get so hung up on what went wrong, that they stop going forward until they hit upon that “right” idea or creation.

5) Believe in Yourself.

Who would you be if you 100% believed in yourself? How would your life change? It wouldn’t matter if you didn’t have anyone in the cheering section of the bleachers if you knew you had it in you.

6) Start Over.

Dare to start your life over if you’re not happy with the life you’re living right now. Move. Start a new career. Go to the gym and start working out. Become that person you always dreamed of becoming.

7) Be You.

Dare to be you. You know the one…the flawed, sometimes crazy and imperfect you. Let her or him out because there’s only one you and you are here for a reason.

8) Jump In.

Dare to go all-in on something you’ve always wanted to do. Don’t give yourself an escape hatch, just jump and learn as you go. Sometimes that’s the only way you will move forward on a dream.

9) Let Go.

Dare to give yourself the ability to fly. Holding on to the past and resentment are two anchors keeping you back from the life you should have. Release those weights and spread your wings. And fly.

10) Live with Honor.

Dare yourself to live the truth. Keep your word – even if that person is to yourself. When you live with honor, you never have to worry about anything coming back to you.

11) Love Yourself.

Dare to finally fall in love with yourself. Define what makes you unique and celebrate your gifts to the world.

12) Challenge Yourself.

Dare yourself to make full use of your body. Challenge your muscles by learning a new sport. Stretch your mind by learning a new language.

13) Grow.

Dare to live a life of constant growth. When you hit one goal, put a new one down. Goal setting is the one true way you will become the best version of yourself.

Are you ready to try one of the 13 Dares to Jumpstart Your Life Now?  Have you already transformed your life because of a dare?  If so, let me know in the comments below.  

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13 Dares to Jumpstart Your Life Now!



We are going on an adventure in May and can hardly wait. Hubby and I are doing some traveling and seeing some places we only dreamed about.


Living with honor I feel is this years life lesson for me! To be authentic is sooo hard, actually it is easy, but we are made to believe it is hard because we should be like “them” not ourselves! Thank you, love this! 🙂


I love this! I left my teaching career 3 1/2 years ago without a plan. I was miserable in my job and needed to find something that I was passionate about. I am fortunate to say that I have found it – creating recipes on my blog, and now working on making a living at it. Since we spend so much time working, we should be happy with what we do!


I needed this post! I always struggle to get outside of my comfort zone but it is always worth it.


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